Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

Another fantastic chat with Adam Caplan of Sirius Radio last evening on the OBR chat room. Among other things, Adam brought the latest exclusive news on Kamerion Wimbley's contract negotiations to the OBR chat room Monday...

NOTE: Prior to the chat, Adam relayed to the following regarding the Browns continuing talks with representatives for LB Kamerion Wimbley:

Both sides talked today (Monday) and discussions are expected to continue as the week progresses. Both sides seem anxious to get a deal done whether it's a five or six-year deal.

The options look to be: five years with a club option for a buy back for a six season or five years plus an option for the sixth season (similar to Mario Williams' deal). Six year deal which voids to five. This would be based on Wimbley meeting certain incentives in the contract.

The bonus money doesn't seem to be an obstacle at this point though the numbers still have to be worked out.

Elsewhere, after talking to various league sources (agents and club personnel), it seems that it's not just agents who are waiting to see what the players above and below their own player(s) are signing for. Apparently there are various teams waiting to see what the other teams are signing players for above and below their selections (Falcons and Raiders in particular). The phrase "putting both oars in the water" applies here. Meaning some clubs are concerned about being the first one in to sign so to speak.

adamcaplan: Hi everyone

Guest56: any news on Wimbley being close to signing

adamcaplan: I have a detailed update for premium subs which will be added to the transcript later, too long to type in here

adamcaplan: both sides talked today

adamcaplan: progress is ongoing

adamcaplan: I wouldn't say they're any closer but talks are positive

Butch: positive is good

ramllov: Any information is always good information

Guest56: have any news on the rest of our picks

adamcaplan: I expect the rest of their picks to be done by the weekend or shortly there after

dadaman: adam what do you think about charlie?

adamcaplan: Dada: Frye has upside but needs a lot of work

adamcaplan: Winslow will help tremendously

adamcaplan: and all indications are that he's really going to be ready

adamcaplan: He's got a never say die attitude which will really help things

adamcaplan: A ball controlled offense will really help Frye to take pressure off of him

Guest46: adam what is your take on mckinley???

46: Serviceable for a 3-4, nothing special.

ramllov: Adam, If Washington is going to play 20 to 25 defensive plays, who is going to play the other 40?

adamcaplan: Ram: Osho and they'll rotate others in there

ramllov: Will they put a heavy DE for a pass rush on third and long?

adamcaplan: Ram: They really don't have a pass rushing DE

Guest25: Will Vinnie Testaverde be signed by the Browns?

adamcaplan: 25: Not now, possibly as August progresses

Guest25: How soon will Edwards be ready?

25: I expect him to be on PUP which means he'll miss at least the first six games

Butch: Adam should we put Wimbley in a padded room until the season starts

adamcaplan: Butch: He'll be in by next week.

ramllov: Adam, So the team will play a special two TE offense about 40%% prior to the return of Edwards?

adamcaplan: Ram: Not sure what you're talking about

adamcaplan: Jackson, Wilson, Northcutt will all fill in for Edwards.

ramllov: Winslow being a primary receiver with our other TE as the TE position.

adamcaplan: They'll go two TEs as well when needed

adamcaplan: Heiden is an excellent #2 TE

adamcaplan: very underrated

daydawg: Adam- what's the word on leigh bodden around the league? how good is this kid?

adamcaplan: Day: Nice story as a UDFA

adamcaplan: decent backup CB

Butch: Another ward are recieving core is in trouble until Edwards is back

dadaman1: adam if braylon is on pup he can't practice with team correct?

artbtz: He can attend meetings, I believe, dadaman

adamcaplan: Dada: He has to come off the PUP list to be with the team

dadaman1: adam/art wouldn't it be better to put minter or someone else on pup so braylon could practice?

adamcaplan: Da: You can't do that

adamcaplan: player has to be hurt to be on PUP

daydawg: adam - do you believe palmer is going to start game 2 against the browns?

adamcaplan: Day: Yes

BigPerm: Thanks Adam - would it be improable for us to suprise and go 10-6?

adamcaplan: Big: Not improbable but not likely

artbtz: My guess is that Minter will be put on the shelf for the season

Guest242: I heard Jackson's contract has been hard to get done.... When do you see him arriving??

242: I expect his to get done before Wimbley's not the other way around.

Guest25: Culpepper and Palmer had more extensive knee injuries than Edwards and they are suppposed to ready by opening day - what is the story?

adamcaplan: Edwards had his surgery delayed for almost a month.

adam- how short a leash is carthon on this year?

adamcaplan: Day: None really. He has RAC's backing

adamcaplan: That said, he needs to do a better job

ramllov: Adam, What do you think of the Bengal defense, they had two rookie LBs last year. Will the Browns defense parellel theirs as the two rookie LBs mature?

adamcaplan: Ram: I like the Browns rookies better

adamcaplan: Thurman was vastly overrated

adamcaplan: look at their run defense numbers

adamcaplan: DQ is a player, could be better than Thurman

Will Harrison push the other backs for playing time this year?

adamcaplan: CD: Only if Suggs is gone which is a possilbity

Guest242: I know this is mainly a Browns chat, however, I am friends with Jerrious Norwood (RB) taken by Atlanta in the 3rd Round. I had lunch with him today and he looks great. What kind of impact will he have for the Falcons?

adamcaplan: 242: Good change of pace back, good Senior Bowl week

Do you see DQ starting at the beginning of the season?

adamcaplan: Ram: Probably not, Chaun T should be good for a year until DQ is ready

Other: The Bengals seem to be collecting lots of potential problem players -- what's the chance of a major blow-up down there?

Other: Could be

daydawg: adam - do you believe the browns shouls have looked at brooks in the supplemental?

adamcaplan: Day: No, they're set inside and they don't need a guy with questionable character

Guest351: whats update on wimbley

adamcaplan: 351: Already posted plenty, talks continued today, progress is ongoing

SamAtlanta: Adam...Will Suggs and William green be on the roster opening day?

adamcaplan: Sam: Green yes, Suggs traded

adamcaplan: by end of August

What do you think the Browns realistic record should be this year? Do you think the playoffs are a given for next year?

adamcaplan: 242: 7-9, 8-8ish

can frye take us to the promised land adam?

adamcaplan: 103: Too early to say

Adam, the OT from Indiana, how good of an NFL guard will he be and could he be ready in November?

Ram: Sowells isn't going to be ready to play

adamcaplan: developmental prospect

Houston could be a destination for Suggs

adamcaplan: Ram: Can't see it

adamcaplan: They need someone who can actually stay on the field

adamcaplan: They have DDavis who can't

Adam, what value does Suggs have? We saw a rumor that the Broncos turned down a trade of Lelie for a 4th round RB who had been injured a lot.

adamcaplan: Sam: Conditional 6th maybe

adamcaplan: based on PT

adamcaplan: has to be with him

ramllov: Adam, I keep reading how these two starting guards are fragile. Who will step up. ?

adamcaplan: Ram: they don't have anyone who is ready behind Coleman and Andruzzi

TheRabidDawg: Adam, where do you think our Defense will rank this year?

adamcaplan: The: As noted in last week's chat, probably 12-15

dadaman1: adam what about bob Hallen as a backup?

adamcaplan: dada: Versatile, can play C or G

real journeyman

Other: Have the Ravens shored up the O-Line enough to keep McNair healthy?

adamcaplan: Other: They had some injuries, should be better

Guest351: will wimbley be a hold out

adamcaplan: 351: 70-30 he signs by the weekend

can we compete for aplayoff spot 06???

adamcaplan: 103: I don't see it

SamAtlanta: Adam, what are your thoughts on Babtunde Oshinowo?

adamcaplan: Sam: Upside player, good developmetal prospect, will have to play as a rookie too

Guest131: YSU here. How do you rank the AFC it the toughest division in football the year...the AFC??

adamcaplan: 131: NFC East is best

dadaman1: Do you think TO will have a big year?

adamcaplan: Dada: Yep until he implodes

Guest167: How good can Justin Hamilton be?

adamcaplan: 167: Big size but how well he can move in camp will determine if he makes the team

adam what about savage saying pool could be an ed reed type

adamcaplan: Dada: Not sure about that but Pool's talented

Adam how good can this Def be 16th in the league last year and with the additions and extra year I think we can be really good!

* adamcaplan:
MOTIONS/smile.gif Butch: Other Ds got good too

daydawg: adam- In the off season we heard a lot about Savage's comments about faith and character, and how these guys with faith are generally more productive. How much damage if any did he do to the team and his reputation?

adamcaplan: Day: it got some curious comments from NFL people but it's forgotten by now

dadaman1: Adam do you think mcnair will play all 16 games?

adamcaplan: dada: 14

Butch: Adam whats up with your fellow serius guys saying we will go 2-14

adamcaplan: Butchie: Not me

adamcaplan: the D and running game is the reason why they'll be 7-9 or 8-8

adamcaplan: they could really use one more veteran NT

How good of a prospect is J'Vonne Parker?

adamcaplan: 167: Practice squad most likely but they need depth at DT so anything is possible

dadaman1: Adam can the D be in the top 10?

adamcaplan: dada: Anything is possible and the coaching is good on D

adam, given romeo's reluctance to play rookies, what chances do you give Wimbley to start against the saints?

adamcaplan: Day: 65-35

artbtz: When will Frank Gore be the #1 back in San Fran?

adamcaplan: Art: I would say RBBC there

Gore is a high upside RB though

Guest163: when do you think when all the rookies be in

adamcaplan: 163: By Sunday mostly

adamcaplan: for CLE

adamcaplan: Wimbley's deal still needs some work

what about Mike Robinson out in SF...heard he might be the shock of the year at RB??!!

adamcaplan: 131: #4 on their depth chart

dadaman1: Adam if alex smith struggles will nolan play trent

adamcaplan: dada: Nope

adamcaplan: They will win or lose with Smith

adamcaplan: that's the same way the Browns will go with Frye

dadaman1: even if he the only reason they are losing games

adamcaplan: dada: It would have to be an extreme circumstance for smith not to start

SamAtlanta: Adam, are there any viable options out there for veteran backup QBs?

adamcaplan: Sam: Very weak list

adamcaplan: Maddox, Collins is the best

Guest25: When will the NFL stop ripping off fans by charging full price for the preseason games and forcing season tix holder to buy preseason tix?

adamcaplan: 25: I agree, it's a joke

dadaman1: do you agree with Pat Kirwan that if the browns go 6-10 it would be a better team?

adamcaplan: da: makes no sense

adamcaplan: they were 6-10 last season

I agree - Collins and Maddox, but Collins would want to start.

adamcaplan: sam: Not totally correct

adamcaplan: he knows his days starting are pretty much over
adamcaplan: he'll need a team to loser a starter

SamAtlanta: He's not just waiting for someone to go down in camp?

adamcaplan: Sam: That's the only way he'll get a starting job

Guest124: Bodden was probably the Browns' best surprise last year. Who might it be this year?

adamcaplan: Guest: Oshsho

can we competre with squeelers

adamcaplan: 103: Not yet

adamcaplan: getting closer though

What's Butch Davis coaching future - college or NFL - or does he have a coaching future?

adamcaplan: 25: College or NFL assistant

adamcaplan: Though he did interview well with KC

Adam, Is Lee Suggs in the Browns Plans?

adamcaplan: 431: Not for the future, could be dealt by the end of next month

daydawg: adam - did the Browns overpay for gary baxter?

adamcaplan: day: I was never a fan but when he's on his game he's tough beause he's so big for a CB

What college coach is next to jump up to the NFL?

adamcaplan: 25: Ferenz finally

tutorofthestudents: who starts at the two safety positions?

adamcaplan: Russell and Pool to start

Guest103: are we a .500 team ADAM/

adamcaplan: 103: I've noted about 4-5 times so far tonight, 7-9 or 8-8

ramllov: Adam, Pool aand Jones can play both safety position in the Browns defense, true?

adamcaplan: ram: Ss are generally interchangeable in the CLE version of the NE D

Guest431: I've heard a couple guys on Sirius pick the Browns as a possible sleeper this year.Do you agree?

adamcaplan: 431: Depends on what you mean by sleeper

adamcaplan: I call them an improved team

tutorofthestudents: will we ever see a jones pool safety lineup?

artbtz: It's inevitable IF Crennel is confident that either can QB the defense. That's why Russell will start game one.

adamcaplan: Art: Russell has good veteran savvy but he's slow

Guest295: When's Bernie joining the organazation ?

artbtz: 295 - Lane Adkins is trying to talk to Bernie about that this week

adamcaplan: 295: Has to be the right deal

adamcaplan: and I would imagine he would want to be more than a front office type

Guest103: is our defensive coridnator on his way up???????

adamcaplan: 103: two more good seasons


adamcaplan: 103: I like TG

adamcaplan: and he understands the system that RAC has

Guest334: Adam, sorry if you already answered this, but do you think Winslow's health will hold up

adamcaplan: 334: I think he'll be ok, so far so good and they really need him to pick up the slack for Edwards

Guest40: Adam, do you envision Wimbley and D. Jackson both starting by the end of the season?

adamcaplan: 40: KW early on, no on DQ but he'll push Thompson for playing time

adam who do you work for???

adamcaplan: 103: sirius,

Is there any pressure on our old pal Marty Schottenheimer to produce-or-else this year?

adamcaplan: art: Yes, he could be gone by mid season

adamcaplan: if they're 3-5 or so

Adam if northcutt has big year like 4 punts for TD's will he be back next year

adamcaplan: dada: I can't see it

adamcaplan: he's never lived up to the contract extension

adamcaplan: and he's really a situational WR

plumpgrizzlybear: is dave zastudil are biggest upgrade this year?

Plum: No but he's good

Guest40: I just don't understand why we wouldn't start Thompson, D. Jackson, Davis, McGinest, and then play Wimbley on passing situations to rush the passer.

adamcaplan: 40: They want Thompson inside

daydawg: adam - is there a real danger of the bungles imploding with all of these character issues hanging over the team?

adamcaplan: Day: I did say earlier possibly

adamcaplan: you have to wonder what is going on there

adamcaplan: they have no GM remember

Guest103: adam i live in the home town of K j DO YOU SEE HIM SIGNING WITH THE PATRIOTS??

adamcaplan: 103: Nothing new on KJ

Guest25: How long will Cowher stay with the Steelers?

adamcaplan: 25: Two more years

Guest334: Adam, do you think Andruzzi's and Coleman's health is a really big concern for Frye? I mean do you see them getting injured early on?

adamcaplan: 334: Not at this time but if they get hurt, that's a problem

ramllov: Adam, what about the idea of the Browns signing a President. IGM? guy? sp?

adamcaplan: Ram: That's not what they need, they need a football person to oversee the operations

adamcaplan: IMG dropped all sports anyway

adamcaplan: I just think the team president should have a football background

adamcaplan: collins had none

Guest103: can travis wilson start?

adamcaplan: 103: I think it's a very big risk, we'll see what happens in camp but I really like him

ramllov: Adam what is the deal with Perkins, was that a Savage mistake?

adamcaplan: Ram: rth round pick, not a big deal.

Guest334: Adam, do you think Cribbs will be on the field as a receiver at all?

adamcaplan: 334: Could be because they could be short on numbers on Sunday

Guest295: Adam, Is Jim Browns presence all that its cracked up to be ???

adamcaplan: 295: Not sure how much of an impact but he's good at counselling players

Guest40: Adam, what do you think about Frye as the Browns starting QB?

adamcaplan: 40: Two more years away from being solid

Guest334: Adam, do you see Frye ever passing for 3000 yards?

adamcaplan: 334: With BE and KW healthy, yes

Guest103: thanks adam and art

adamcaplan: we'll do this again next week

adamcaplan: later folks

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