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I have conclusive proof that the Browns front office, as much as we love the team, is completely evil. I'll explain later. Anyhow, the team (as expected) signed Melvin Fowler and Andre Davis to contracts today, leaving only William Green among the unsigned.

The Browns tonight announced the signings of Melvin Fowler and Andre Davis to contracts in time for both to participate in training camp starting tomorrow. The signings, which were expected and predicted, were announced this evening through the team's official channels.

The tipline hummed with the following links:

Associated Press Story on the Signings
Official Site Official Story

It is obvious to me now that the team has the Bietz Estates under 24-hour survelliance. This story hit our HotNews with the Fowler signing, and 20 minutes later the tips started hitting the tipline from AP and Official Site stories. It is clear that they saw me leave my domicile at 7:30 and noted that this would be their chance, because the story hit at that precise moment. Evil, evil, evil. There's no sleep for the webmangler, I guess. I need to be at the center of the Bernie's Insiders command central 24x7 now. That's really going to irritate the wife. No matter.

Anyhow, details of the contracts weren't released, because teams don't like to do that I guess, other than they admitted that Davis has a four-year deal and Fowler has a three-year deal. Sooner or later, we'll get the real scoop on the contracts, even if it means we need to set up the microwave transmitters inside the the Berea cones of silence. Again. Call us nosey.

This, naturally, leaves William Green at the center of attention. We've heard from the team that they're "progressing", which ties to what we've been saying on the HotNews, but we also heard from Tony Grossi that he claims that it may take the better part of this week.

We'll see... stay tuned. Just don't make my mistake and leave your PC for a minute.

- AB


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