Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

Another terrific chat appearance by Sirius Radio's national NFL reporter, who discussed Travis Wilson's (pictured) contract situation, where the Browns may need to get some more players, and more. Here's the transcript!

Adam Caplan: hi everyone

Guest75: update on Wilson?

Adam Caplan: Expect Wilson in 24-48 hours

Adam Caplan: That's it, great job by Trip McCracken

Adam Caplan: With Savage overlooking everything

Guest41: What's the hangup with Wilson?

Adam Caplan: 41: Incentives but that shouldn't be a big deal

ramllov: Adam. What is the percentage that Wimbley will be starting OLB for all three downs at teh beginning of the season?

Adam Caplan: Ram: Ask me by the end of camp... I have to see how he does first pads on.

ramllov: Ok, I'll try to remember

Adam Caplan: See how he moves etc.

ramllov: Adam, How impressed are you with all of these rookies in camp?

Adam Caplan: Ram: It's very impressive, I know there was some hesitation on Wimbley to be the next first round pick to sign. That took some guts on their part

dadaman: adam how much do think they will let k2 hit to start camp?

Adam Caplan: Da: Pretty much everything

since only wimbley and williams are signed how fast are we going to see other #1's sign

Adam Caplan: Pin: Most first day guys will be done by the weekend... expect for half of the 1st

ramllov: Adam, When does full contact start in training camp.?

Adam Caplan: Ram: usually second day of camp

When does Travis Wilson's deal get done?

Adam Caplan: TN: 24-48 hours

Ramsay: Adam - could you comment on the cap management method of making most of Wimbley's guarantee in the form of a roster bonus for next year ?? How do we use up some of the remaining $$$ for this year since the rookie pool is fixed ?

Adam Caplan: Ram: Too hard to explain in here... I like how year six, as we reported first, can void. He should be able to hit that.

Guest41: Browns were accused of overpaying Edwards last year - did they? Did they overpay to get Wimbley in?

Adam Caplan: 41: They did a fair deal with Wimbley

jdailey23: Adam, do you think Vickers will get much playing time with TSmith being the starter???

Adam Caplan: JD: A little short-yardage but he won't play much

Adam did Kam get roster or signing bounus?

Adam Caplan: DA: Roster, no signing bonuses this year becaue of the CBA

tndomer: Are the Browns interested in Lelie?

Adam Caplan: TN: Haven't heard

Adam Caplan: They could use another WR though

Guest41: Is the CBA going to be blown up by the owners in 2 years?

Adam Caplan: 41: Early word is no

Adam Caplan: Both sides are learning how is all works

BelieveInTheBrown: Don't know if this has been asked. Does Wimbley being in camp on time mean he's pretty much the starter come Game 1?

Adam Caplan: BTB: No, he has to earn it but he should

tutorofthestudents: adam, are there any rookie WR's you see making any sort of impact this year?

Adam Caplan:
TUT: Sinorice Moss should be very good

tndomer: I was trying to pick out the 53 man roster a while ago and to me it looks like guys like Nick Speagle and David McMillen might have a hard time making the squad. You can throw Perkins in on that as well. What do you think?

Adam Caplan: TN: We'll get a better idea as camp progresses

jdailey23: If Suggs stays healthy throughout Camp, can you see him staying on the roster and Green getting cut or traded...or has his shipped sailed and they are just staying face with him

Adam Caplan: JD: As I said last week, I expect Suggs to be traded by the end of Augst.

Guest67: Is it possible thompson will be moving inside and outside,,,,,,sorta like Brushi in NE?

Adam Caplan: 67: Possibly, that's the way that defense works - especially if DQ is good

Guest41: Who will be the next NFL commish?

Adam Caplan:
41: Roger Goddell

are the rams a trade target for suggs now that faulk is definitely out?

Adam Caplan: PLU: Could be if Bennett isn't traded there

ramllov: Adam, Do you foresee the Browns picking up another veteran WR, late in camp?

Adam Caplan: RAM: Probably so... I talked about that on Barry's show last week - Johnnie Morton type

Adam, where is Dwight Smith going to end up?

Adam Caplan: PIN: With the Bengals

Adam, do did you mention ,that Michael Bennett might come to Cleveland in a trade?

Adam Caplan: RAM: Bennett going to STL:
Adam Caplan: if he doesn't, Suggs could

Adam will we see more complex fronts on D in year 2?

Adam Caplan: DA: You could see them do more in year two

RonBurgundy: adam - an opening game roster of JJ and Northcutt and receiver scares me. How can we expect Frye to have any success the 1st half of the season without BE? Can we expected a heavy dose of KII? Will he play WR at all?

Adam Caplan:
RB: K2 has to be a huge factor

ramllov: What is the problem with Bush and his signing with New Orleans?

Adam Caplan: RAM: They claim the Saints told him he would be paid like the first pick overall

BelieveInTheBrown: I would think the Saints would keep Bennett as leverage against Reggie Bush holding out. Thus wouldn't they raise their asking price for Bennett if he has off the field value?

Adam Caplan: BTB: They also have Aaron Stecker who isn't bad, but Bennett has the most value

dadaman: Adam do you think terrelle smith will make the cut?
Adam Caplan: Da: Why wouldn't he be there?
Adam Caplan: He's clearly one of the top blocking FBs in the league

Dawger: adam, speegle and mcmillan should be solid backups, do u agree? how's minter's knee?

Adam Caplan: Daw: I'll have an idea on Minter when camp starts

Adam Caplan: Daw: Speegle has some potential

tutorofthestudents: adam, do you see any defensive rookies making an impact this year similar to merriman's last year?

Adam Caplan: TUT: Wimbley, Hawk, Huff  come to mind

Adam Caplan: Wimbley, BTW, looked really good in early OTAs in coverage

BelieveInTheBrown: Pete Hunter, Minter, Perkins. We have three corners who are definite guys for the roster. But do you see any of the ones I mentioned getting cut before the season?

Adam Caplan: BTB: Too early to say. Hunter has upside potential, was really coming on a few years ago before he hurt his knee. Good size.

Which rookie are you most interested in following this year. I'm curious about Williams, he might not be much of a factor this year but he has the size to be a good LB in the future.

J. Harrison highlights on film look amazing - is this guy the real deal or another Jamel White?

Adam Caplan: RON: He impressed the hell out of me during Senior Bowl practices.

jdailey23: Adam, what do you think of Sean Jones and his potential???? Should we expect him to be a starter and can he cut it???

Adam Caplan: JG: Good camp battle there

Browns record in 2006 will be?

Adam Caplan:
41: as noted the last two chats, probably 7-9, 8-8

d'qwell jackson was the acc player of the year over guys like wimbley, mario williams and manny he more ready to play than those three?

Adam Caplan:
Plu: For an ilb, harder system to learn than DEs

Adam which rookie do you think will come out and look completely lost getting labeled a bust before its fair to do so? Please none of our guys -.o

Adam Caplan:
BTB: Too early to say, many of them will be lost the first week or so.

adam, do you have any comments to share on Nick Eason?

Adam Caplan:
TUT: Was a decent prospect before he walked out of DEN camp a few years ago

Charley Frye is most comparable to which NFL quarterback?

Adam Caplan: 41: Can't really say, he still needs a lot of work

Adam Caplan: I'll say this, he impressed me during Senior Bowl practices

Whats the deal with Bunkley??? Do you see a long holdout...i know a lot of browns fans liked him....but early reports i have read arent too promising

Adam Caplan: JD: I was told they haven't talked to his agent since last week

Adam Caplan: Eagles won't budge off of 6 years and they aren't giving a voidable at this point

Adam, are you buying or selling on the Ravens making the playoffs? I personally dont think it will happen.

Adam Caplan: PIN: 50-50

Guest41: How good will Ngata be?

Adam Caplan: 41: Very good run stuffer, but Bunkley is a better player

dawger: adam, who has more upside Bunkley or Ngata

Adam Caplan: DAW: Not even close, Bunkley.

RonBurgundy: is shaffer an upgrade over shelton? by how much? Were people around the league surprised by the contract we gave him?

Adam Caplan: Ron: Better technically

Sean Jones or Brodney Pool? I think Brodney will win the SS job but Jones will be gradually taking over Russell's job before season end. Agree?

Adam Caplan:
TN: Pool has the inside track but I can tell you before Jones blew his knee out he was a player with huge potential

dadaman: Adam what have you heard is Charlie's FBI( football intelligence)

Adam Caplan: DA: He has some. Needs a lot of work on mechanics

BelieveInTheBrown: Do you think Bodden beats McCutheon out for the starting job in TC / Preseason?

Adam Caplan: BTB: Would be surprise if he did

dadaman: Adam do the Browns have a good enough QB coach?

Adam Caplan: DA: They're ok there

jdailey23: Adam, what about Carson Palmer??? Will he be starting by the battle of Ohio??

Adam Caplan: JD: I believe better than 50-50

ramllov: Adam, How many years will it take Crennel to make this a top notch defense?

Adam Caplan: Ram: Top-10, 1-2 more years

Looks like next year is a very good qb draft - Quinn, Stanton, Brohm, Edwards, Smith - agree?

Adam Caplan: 41: Really not looking past this year... I'll look at 2007 draft in the fall

BelieveInTheBrown: If Droughns gets suspended what is the Browns backup plan? Do we go with Will Green?

Adam Caplan: BTB: Green and then Suggs will probably stay

dadaman: Should the Bengals play Carson if it's 50-50 going into week 1?

Adam Caplan: DA: I said he better than 50-50 to play, as weeks go bye, that could increase to 100

Adam Caplan: we'll see how camp goes

plumpgrizzlybear: will vinnie be brought in if dorsey doesnt cut it in camp? a vet qb would help charlie a ton

Adam Caplan: PLU: Could be because both sides know each other well

tndomer: To me it sounds like the Browns like Willie Green as Droughns backup. They tend to mention him whenever they talk of spelling Droughns comes up.

Adam Caplan: TN: He has the inside edge

RonBurgundy: Adam - old draft question but why did Max Jean-gilles fall so much? I was a bit disappointed we did not take him over Wilson in the 3rd. Did we try for the homerun there instead of trying to hit a single?

Adam Caplan: RB: Fat, good very much so by the combine

Adam Caplan: Eagles did a good job of getting value for him and Justice

Guest366: which receiver, if any, do you see getting cut? Rideau, Jackson, Cribbs, other?

Adam Caplan:
366: Too early to say... I need to see how camp develops first. They need the numbers at WR because of Edwards being out.
Eagle had a decent draft

Adam Caplan: PB: Very solid based on value... best they've had in years. They still need help at WR though.

Is the plan at WR throw everything at the wall till something sticks? Till Edwards returns?

Adam Caplan: BTB: I would expect a veteran in there by the end of August

dadaman: Adam Rich Eisen was on local Radio and said he talked Braylon. BE told him he would be ready week 1.

Adam Caplan: DA: I'll believe it when I see it

BelieveInTheBrown: Any veterans in mind Adam?

Adam Caplan: BTB: A possession type such as Johnnie Morton is what they need. We'll get a better idea as August progresses

dawger: suggs has tons of talent, it would suck to see him healthy w/ another team

Adam Caplan: DAW: Totally agree, big time upside and downside

is DJ going to be able to stand the beating as in ILB in the 3-4?

Adam Caplan: RB: He should be around 235 range now

Do you expect ""fast willie parker"" to have the same type of year as he did last year??? Esp. w/o the Bus

Adam Caplan: JD: They need to protect him with a big back

Who wins the AFC North?

Adam Caplan: 41: PIT

Adam. I'm curious on a player outside of the Browns hemisphere currently. Any word on the Odell suspension and what it really is?

Adam Caplan: SOBO: 4 games means substance abuse or roids

how much will losing Randle El hurt their special teams and ""special"" plays that always kicked our butt

Adam Caplan: JD: His ability to stretch the field is going to be missed

Shakadawg: Is Big Bent? really gonna be 100%% opening day? Or are they hiding something?

Adam Caplan: SHAK: He expects to be ready

What are your thoughts on Ethan Kelley or Eason being a surprise player on the D-line for us?

Adam Caplan:
PB: I can see both getting more PT than expected... they need their depth in the rotation

Adam do you see the browns extending any vets durning camp?

Adam Caplan: Da: The time to do it is before the season starts
Adam Caplan: harder after it starts

Do you think the Bengals will get enough bail money together to field a team come Gameday?

Adam Caplan: BTB: They may need a get out of jail card from monopoly

pbgolfer: I think they have all average players on the D-line - but if they can rotate, that would work pretty well

Adam Caplan: PB: Exactly my point

Are the Lewis gang healthy enough and young enough to lead there teams to the playoffs, and are you buying the Mcnair hype, cause im not...

Adam Caplan: JD: They should be around 10-6

Read yesterday where Big Ben was puking up blood and has paraylizes (sp) in his face

Adam Caplan: YS: He did have facial surgery

dadaman: Adam will Marvin have make an example an cut one of these guys?

Adam Caplan: DA: Chris Henry could be it

Who will be the most dissappointing team this year?

Adam Caplan: 41: SD could be - a lot of talent but new QB

YSU: speaking of Henry: Travis, Brown, or White gonna open up in Tenn?

Adam Caplan: YS: Brown is the starter for now

dawger: adam, would u agree that the trade of fisk, taylor, lang and crocker for wash. thomp/dq, mcg. and pool/jones huge upgrade at their respected positions?

Adam Caplan: DAW: They did a good job of replacing the vets, too bad they tried Lang at OLB, bad mistake

adam do you know who is this years Ngata and Bunkley that we can keep our eye on for the college season?

Adam Caplan:
RB: I'm really only looking to the NFL side now... I don't start looking at college players until the fall

Adam, did you lose your luggage on your way to the chatroom? And is Mike Degory going to start any time soon?

Adam Caplan: SOB: Cromagna man quit, teaching somewhere

What do you think of Manny Lawson?

Adam Caplan:
41: Should work well in their system

jdailey23: What ever happened to the Campbell guy drafted by the skins in the 1st a couple years ago?

Adam Caplan:
JD: #3 there - Todd Collins is the likely #2...knows the system well

Campell is trying to learn Saunders system. Give him a break though

Adam Caplan:
BTB: 6th system in 6 years for Campbell

BelieveInTheBrown: Adam what do you think of Dorsey. I have a bit more faith in him as a backup than most considering he only slightly bad on a very very bad team
Adam Caplan: BTB: Nice story, can't play though. He surprised a lot of people by making SF, put on weight, but if he had to start more than 2-3 games, it would be a bad situation.

I;m only asking about him as a backup though Adam. If he comes in late in a game or for 2 games I think we would be fine. If he plays a whole season? I think we go 1-15 at best

Adam Caplan: BTB: Backup needs to be able to handle it well for how long they need him to play

Adam Caplan: yyou can see where I'm going

ruining my fun is where your going

Adam Caplan: I'm always honest... I like the Browns as an up and coming team. They're finally on the right track

Thanks Adam, another fun and informative chat br>
Adam Caplan: Enjoyed it see you next time everyone.

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