Day 2: David Carducci's Camp Notes

David Carducci offers his thoughts on the second day of Rookie Camp, provided here for all Bernie's Insiders visitors. Check out Butch's momentary burst of enthusiasm for people hitting each other. Who did well, who took a step back, who did both...

There was very little news from the second day of training camp for the 35 Browns rookies and selected veterans.

The highlight of the day was actually provided by Butch Davis, who was so anxious to see the offensive linemen go head-to-head with the defensive line that he forgot the schedule for the afternoon practice session.

After watching the players go through some light individual drills, stripping the ball from behind and recovering fumbles, Davis ran to the southwest corner of the practice field with the defensive linemen and started shouting for the offensive line and tight ends.

Those units, however, were on a different part of the field, waiting for Davis and the defensive linemen for practice on field-goal and punt formations.

When Davis realized he had jumped the gun, he sprinted across the field, yelling "dog gone it, I want to do Oklahoma drills."

When it was finally time for the defensive linemen to go head-to-head with the offensive linemen and tight ends, the drill featured some of the most spirited work of the first two days.

Rookie free-agent guard Qasim Mitchell and rookie tackle Joaquin Gonzalez stood out among the offensive linemen, although Mitchell later drew the ire of offensive line coach Larry Zierlein for not going full speed during 11-on-11 work.

With William Green still unsigned, James Jackson was once again the lone running back. Jackson fumbled on one of his first carries during 11-on-11 drills when he was hit by rookie free agent corner Kalvin Pearson. Davis said there is still no movement on contract talks with Green.

Second-year defensive end Mark Word stood out among the defensive players. Davis praised him for having outstanding technique.

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