OBR Q&A: Jason Wright

With some of the excitement about draft pick Jerome Harrison, it's often forgotten that he's fighting for a job that already has an owner. Namely, the Browns third-down back from 2005, Jason Wright. The Northwestern grad talks to the OBR about the challenge.

Q: How's camp going?

A: It's going well. It's camp, so it's a grind on you, but I feel it's going well. I feel like I'm improving, I feel like we're improving as a team. All in all, I think it's been good.

Q: Are these the toughest days of camp, with a game still a week away?

A: It's probably more of a mental grind for guys who are established players. For me it's not so much, because every day's a big opportunity for a guy like me who's trying to make a squad. For me it's less of a grind, but it still is. Because you're sick of playing against the same guys, sick of going against your own teammates and you're ready for somebody else. We're going to get there pretty soon.

Q: When you make a good run in camp, do you think the coaches notice?

A: Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. The mentality I take is to be very critical of myself and continue to try and improve myself. The coaches will notice sometimes when you make a great play, sometimes they won't, they'll be watching something else. So if you're doing it for the coaches totally, you can get really frustrated. So for me, I really kind of look intrinsically. Am I getting better? Was that run the best I could do on that? For me, did I make the right read, did I put my shoulders down, did I run like I'm supposed to?

Q: How's the running back competition shaping up?

A: It's all up in the air. Your guess is as good as ours. The good thing is we're going hard every day, and the good news is it's very competitive but the guys are really cool. We've become real close-knit real quick. We help each other out, talk each other through plays. It's not like withholding information to make somebody mess up. It makes it real enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing it shake out, because competition's fun.

Q: Do you see yourself as a fit for the third-down back?

A: Absolutely. That's my goal. I want to be that guy and that's what I'm working to be.

Q: Did you second-guess your decision to stay with the Browns after they drafted Jerome Harrison and signed Chris Barclay, two similar backs?

A: Not at all. If you're trying to play for the future, they're always going to bring someone in. That's the nature of the beast. You can't ever try to find the easy way out. That's not going to exist anywhere. You go somewhere where it looks like that, they're going to bring someone else in. Because for the team to improve, competition's going to improve every year.

Q: Could you talk about the sudden death of your former coach, Northwestern's Randy Walker?

A: That's exactly what it was: shocking. It happened out of nowhere. And for me, it's still taking time for it to settle in, because we were really close. I'm really going to miss him. Usually I talk to him during camp. It's very, very different. It's still kind of surreal to me. But I believe that Northwestern's going to be all right.

Q: It must have been hard to sing at the funeral.

A: It was. I didn't want to at all. Miss Walker asked me to and that's why I did it. Really for her.

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