Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

Adam talked with Browns fans on Monday night. Here's the transcript. Check out the "prediction" on Travis Wilson and then look at today's OBR News and World Report. Can Adam Caplan see the future? Special Report at 11...

ramllov: Hello Adam
Adam Caplan: hi all

ramllov: Adam are there any offensive guards or centers out their in free agency that the Browns can approach or potential trades?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Kendyl Jacox is the best one out there
Adam Caplan: can play C or G

ramllov: Adam, second question, did Lincoln Kennedy sign with Dallas today, he had a tryout?
Adam Caplan: RAM: he hasn't signed
ramllov: Jacox, is he talking bigh money?
Adam Caplan: RAM: nope
Adam Caplan: Also, Ron Stone is a solid option for depth at Guard

ramllov: I know he wants to play for a playoff team, could the Browns sign him or will he go back to Oakland?
Adam Caplan: Ram: He's well out of shape
Adam Caplan: he'll need several weeks to get in shape

ramllov: Adam, The Browns draft choices on the second day, have you heard anything positive about them.
ramllov: It seems we are only hearing and reading about the first day draft choices?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Wimbley is good as adversised, Solid movement skills

Guest171: hows old willie green looking
Adam Caplan: 171: RB battle should be interesting
Adam Caplan: Too bad Tucker and McCutcheon will have surgery
Adam Caplan: Bodden will really get a hold of the job now
ramllov: Really surgury for both? I knew Tucker, Mc is new to me. I missed that, thanks
Adam Caplan: Ram: Yep,

Guest98: Hey Adam, welcome back. Now that McCutcheon is out a few weeks since he is getting his knee scoped, do you believe Perkins is in the drivers seat to be the #3 corner in camp?
Adam Caplan: 98: Lets not go that far with Perkins

ramllov: Specifically have you seen or heard anything about the Browns fourth round draft choice LB out of the Univ of Miami?
Adam Caplan: RAm: Nothing really much on Williams yet
Adam Caplan: he's not going to get enough reps to make an impact yet
Adam Caplan: I'll be at their preseason game at PHI next week, he shoudl be in there

ebonthug: Adam, is there any chance the Browns will sign someone decent for one year at C and keep Hallen as the backup
Adam Caplan: RBON: Jeff Mitchell is the best C

ramllov: Adam, thanks for coming to tonights chat, I am really enjoying them.
Adam Caplan: Ram: Thanks, you guys ask good qs

ebonthug: Adam, so any chance the Browns will sign Jeff Mitchell ?
Adam Caplan: Ebon: Sources say he's not sure if he still wants to play

Guest98: a week or so ago there was a rumor that we may be getting Lelie from Denver for Wille Green. Since BE is back, is that rumor pretty much squashed?
Adam Caplan: 98: Lelie has the Eagles' interested
Adam Caplan: Browns really haven't sent any signals out

bigdaytondave: anything about Travis, Adan?
Adam Caplan: Big: Wilson will make his move as time goes by, he signed late and has to get going
Adam Caplan: later this week he should start to make his move

Guest75: Do you still think Suggs is on his way out
Adam Caplan: 75: Suggs is the least likely of them all to be on the team in the fall

ramllov: Adam can you file this question for when you watch the Browns against Philly. Who is winning the war at SS. Pool or Jones? Second question could both these players be starting next year?
Adam Caplan: RAm: Too early to tell on the Ss but Pool entered camp with a small edge
Adam Caplan: GEtting back to the Ss, my pick was Jones weeks ago so I'll be interested to see who lines up with the starters in next weeks' game

fremontDawg: Adam, do you think the Browns intend on switching Vickers to RB in the mold of Droughns and Mike Anderson (other past FBs)?
Adam Caplan: Dawg: He's more athletic that Smith, that's why they drafted him

Pin: hey, adam, as an outsider do you think the players in the league are starting to look at Cleveland as a good place to go?
Adam Caplan: PIN: It comes down to money and CLE proved they''ll spend money, look at Baxter and Bentley

CaryNCBrownsBacker: Adam any chance we might see a three back set in short yardage situations?
Adam Caplan: CARY: Two TEs first, two Ts
Adam Caplan: is the other option

DawgzLife: I hear D'Quell is 'catching on'. Who will be the starter @ ILB Adam @ start of Reg season.
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Thompson and Davis are the starters

fremontDawg: Any chance in Hackney making the team over Dorsey and Anderson (assuming we still get a vet for 2nd string)?
Adam Caplan: FRE: No, and it's not close to 6'1 as listed either
Adam Caplan: He was terrible during Senior Bowl week, strong arm but erratic
Adam Caplan: Anderson is a better prospect

sipe: how's william green doing in this camp?
Adam Caplan: Sipe: he has the edge but Suggs could make it interesting
Adam Caplan: But still, Harrison is more of a Suggs clone which is why in the end he'll likely be gone
sipe: Green over Suggs....interesting
Adam Caplan: Sipe: Some team will need a RB at the end of August, that's when he could be moved
Adam Caplan: The Barclay kid will be on the practice squad if he continues to look good

daydawg: acaplan- what are you hearing about bentley's injury? Is it a 2 year recovery as some are saying?
Adam Caplan: Day: Patella for an OL is 12 months or even less if rehab is good
Adam Caplan: Much worse for WR

pbgolpher: Adam - Any other worthwhile OL out there via camp cuts- soon?
Adam Caplan: Other Cs out there are Cory Raymer and Cory Withrow who is too small to start

sipe: how's WR wilson looking?
fremontDawg: What's your impression of travis wilson? Was he a reach for the 3rd round?
YSUagain: WR Wilson is BIG....I thought he was Winslow when I first saw him
Adam Caplan: One thing about Wilson is he can catch the ball in traffic
Adam Caplan: he did well with that in the Senior Bowl practices

ramllov: Adam, What have you heard about J. Cribbs? Crennel says he is a football player. Can he become a good WR?
Adam Caplan: RAm: I don't see him being a WR though they'll continue to look at him there, better KR

DawgzLife: How has Kellen Winslows blocking been Adam? I know he's primarily a receiver but we need blocking too.
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Tenacious one guy told me tonight
Adam Caplan: Working very hard and will be very big in the passing game
Adam Caplan: having him and Heiden is important
Adam Caplan: Winslow even at 90%% is a top-10 TE
Adam Caplan: and he won't be denied

ramllov: It is starting to sound like B. EDwards could start the second, third or fourth game this year. Which will be great
Adam Caplan: RAm: If all goes well, they won't put him on PUP
Adam Caplan: But lets not carried away, until he gets knocked around in practice and in preseason games, they won't know when he'll be ready

sipe: Is this D-Line any better than last year?
Adam Caplan: Sipe: Big Ted helps a lot

DawgzLife: Is Thompson looking lost at all in the ILB role? That's been his knock since he was drafted, too slow...mentally
Adam Caplan: The thing about Thompson is he's not an instinctive ILB in this scheme, that's why long-term DQ will be the guy
Adam Caplan: Thompson is a better 4-3 LB

fremontDawg: How does Wimbley do against the run. He seemed to get hung up in traffic from the video i've seen.
Adam Caplan: FRE: IF he has a weakness, it's against the run but that will come with time
Adam Caplan: He has good lateral movement against the pass which is big

Guest98: adam, has charlie frye silenced his critics about not having decent arm strength? The reports from camp have him being very accurate on the longer throws without much ""fluttering"".
Adam Caplan: 98: Not even close, he needs to prove it in more than one week of practices

Guest66: Will be good enough to do the job at center?
Adam Caplan: 66: No but they don't have a choice, better at G
Adam Caplan: serviceable but will be exposed long term at C

fremontDawg: What's your take on Maurice Carthon? And do you think he's putting too many eggs in one basket with Winslow?
Adam Caplan: FRE: Didn't do well last year but he also didn't have a lot of help
Adam Caplan: losing BE and not having Winslow

RonBurgandy: Adam - thoughts on Faine compared to Hallen? are we now worse off than last year?
Adam Caplan: Ron: Faine isn't strong enough to be a solid C long term, still, he's more athletic than Hallen and a better player
Adam Caplan: Yovanovitz is a solid backup but couldn't start at this point

Guest66: What is your advice for the Browns at center?
Adam Caplan: Best C out there is Mitchell but no one knows if he wants to play
Adam Caplan: there are plenty of guards out there

ramllov: Adam, Could the Browns move Andruzzi to Center and sign a good LG?
Adam Caplan: Ram: I talked to his agent about that, he could do it but all season might be a stretch

sipe: Yes Dorsey. What's up with him?
Adam Caplan: I think Anderson will be better than Dorsey
Adam Caplan: long term

ramllov: I am surprised that Nat Dorsey is on the left side instead of the right and visa versa for Chambers. What is up?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Chambers now you'll really see if he can play
Adam Caplan: I'm very interested to see him next week

DawgzLife: If Mitchell DOES have drug issues we better sign him quick...before the Bengals get him! :-)
Adam Caplan: Dawg: He was named in the roids scandal but that was a while back

Adam Caplan: YSU: Not a natural WR but he can run
Adam Caplan: what they need isn't a developmental WR
Adam Caplan: they need a WR that can play now
Adam Caplan: like Wilson

Adam Caplan: Hackney really isn't going to ""Hack"" it when the bullets fly
DawgzLife: Adam, someone totally trached Anderson's passing skills on the boards today, do you think he really could be an adequate #2?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Yes and I know others around the league believe that as well

BODawg: Is Dorsey worthwhile keeping as the #2 QB?
Adam Caplan: Bo: I'd rather develop Anderson but they want the safer route with Dorsey
Adam Caplan: Honestly, Anderson has much more upside

Guest523: do you think wimbley and co will improve the poor pass rush??
Adam Caplan: 253: Wimbley will be an impact player with sacks
Adam Caplan: he can get off the edge
Adam Caplan: and has great feet
Adam Caplan: he's just a little light
Adam Caplan: which is why teams saw him as a 3-4 OLBN

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, see you later this month

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