Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

David Carducci answered questions from Browns fans in the ClubChat room Wednesday night at 9PM. Get David's impressions of the rookies and veterans who have been at camp, as well as other highlights of the first two days.

DK So Dave - journalistic stuff aside when was the last time you were this excited for a season start?
DavidCarducci Probably 1988
DK ah yes............ just 40 + days :-)
DavidCarducci Of course, that was the year of Strock
DK LOL and every other QB you can name that year
Ramllov Dave how do you grade out the offensive line?
DavidCarducci Grade out, do you mean on a regular basis, how do I assign grades?
ArtBtz Ignore that bit I chewed on.
DavidCarducci Or so far in camp?
Ramllov yes, the second
KJ 45 days and a WAKE-UP
DavidCarducci Well, unfortunately we don't get to see all of practice, but from what I've watched so far I've been pretty impressed with Gonzalez. Mitchell has looked very good at times. Very strong, but also very inexperienced and prone to lapses and mistakes. But who isn't prone to mistakes as a rookie in his first couple days of camp
Grinch How much access have you guys had during the rookie portion of camp and how much are you limited to what the Browns say in their press conferences ?
DavidCarducci First 20 minutes, then kicked out for a while, then the last 20.
DavidCarducci Of course, the first 20 is mostly stretching and light individual work. The oklahoma drill was fun today, though
Ericthebrown What about Gonzo has you impressed?
newdawg what did gonzalez do that was so good?
DavidCarducci He looked good in one-on-one work. I remember him pushing around Arnold Miller and Tyrone Rogers at one point ... Then Davis let the D-line have it, yelling ""Come on, you guys are supposed to push those (explative deleted ... in fact three or four explatives deleted) backwards on their butts.
KJ Dave...does Lewis Sanders seem to be suffering any ill effects of the calcium deposit surgery? Speed wise?
DavidCarducci No KJ. Sanders seems to be fine. Some of us talked with him for an extended period of time today in the locker room. He is very confident that he will be 100-percent and have a chance to really show something special. I think he has a chance to be a very good cover corner with the way he uses his size
Grinch David - How much of Butch's comments yesterday about Alvin Morrow were puffery and does he really look like Mike Sellers (on the field) ? If he could come through in this position it would be a major bonus .
DavidCarducci Grinch, actually Morrow looked very good today in the Oklahoma drill. None of the linemen got by him, so I'm encouraged by his ability to pass protect, at least off the line should he line up at tight end. It's not really an indicator of his ability as an H-back, but it shows he is big, tough and physical
DavidCarducci I think they'll give Morrow a look. He is very inexperienced, though.
betterhands How does James Jackson look?
DavidCarducci Davis appears to be happy with Jackson, but so far I haven't seen anything that's really had me excited. He tends to run into the backs of the linemen a lot. Pearson stripped him of the ball at one point early in 11-on-11 today
ArtBtz ""Look Like Mike Sellers"" = ""Get ready to leave""
KJ I noticed he changed his # to 21...Another Sanders corner had that number!!!!!!
Ramllov What about the guy Dean, from Akron?
Ramllov What about Jamison? I heard he lost some speed?
KJ Coming from Maryland Sanders had all the top qualities of a Shutdown Corner in the NFL...
kabeee that's too bad that Jackson continues to run into line man, like he DID last year
DavidCarducci Sanders wore 21 in high school, and he said today that a big reason he did was Deion. He said ""everybody loved Deion back then.""
popuppy does davis like jackson only because he is oneof his guys
DavidCarducci popuppy, I think Davis believes Jackson can play and break a few big plays now and then. Jackson did that for him at Miami. In fact, Davis has told the story several times that he was often under fire for not playing jackson enough at Miami. People down there thought he should play ahead of Edgerrin for a very long time.
KJ I don't think Butch will EVER live that one down...
DavidCarducci Ramllov, I missed your question on Dean. He's looked OK at times. Hard to really know at this stage. he did have a nice block in 11-on-11 to spring Jackson for a what probably would have been a 10-yard gain in a game situation
Grinch Dvaid - How does Damien Gregory - the DT we picked up from the Dolphins look ? And is there any sign of inability to get along with the coaches that led to his exit in MIA ? (although from recent events he is not the only one)
DavidCarducci Gregory has not done anything while I've been watching to stand out, but again, when they break up into groups, etc., it's hard to see everything
betterhands Jamel White?
DavidCarducci Jamel White is not in camp until Friday
popuppy so far i am not sold on jackson
Ramllov Who is the fifth Cornerback, Chapman? Is he any good if someone goes down?
DavidCarducci Chapman is still hurt, and we haven't had much of an opportunity to see what he can do
DavidCarducci He has looked good at times in the past
KJ Does Dudley seem to have all of his mobility back after the surgery?
DPG I'm curious to see how big a role TE plays in this ""Indy-style"" O. Dudley has Pollard-like ability WHEN Healthy
KJ Is he making SHARP cuts without pain?
DavidCarducci Dudley looks very good. He is getting downfield. He's making catches, and he has held his own in blocking drills
DavidCarducci Darnell Sanders has looked pretty good
popuppy thats good to hear
ArtBtz Pic of Dudley in training camp... haven't put it on the site yet:
ArtBtz Looks mobile to me.
KJ thanks ART
rockdawg thanks Art, bu the looks stoned
DavidCarducci Like I've said before, even with questionable hands, Dudley can be a really valuable weapon with his ability to get open deep over the middle. With his size and speed, teams have to account for him
DPG like Northcutt did without pads?
KJ We're in TROUBLE if Duds isn't 100%% all year IMO
DavidCarducci DPG, Dudley's best year has been high-40's. I think Davis would like to see him catch 50-plus, with maybe 800-plus yards
Ramllov Bentley is going to play the WSLB?
KJ How bout Holmes? How's he seem after the MINOR cut in the knee?
DavidCarducci I've been very impressed with Bentley's speed
DavidCarducci Bentley has been playing a lot of strongside so far
BrownsFEVA David: what's the early review on Ben Taylor?
KJ I agree Dave, we just can't rely on a rookie if he goes down again....STAY TUNED
DPG David what kind of #'s would you PROJECT for a healthy Dudley this year(catches/yards). Fantasy sleeper-he he
DavidCarducci Taylor looks good. He seems to have very good instincts. He's very intelligent. That has been obvious just from chatting with him. Very well spoken. Butch has said that Bentley and Taylor's intelligence off the field also translates onto the field
BrownsFEVA ty dave ...cant wait to see Taylor lay somebody out our special team package
DavidCarducci You know, Taylor's only actual invitation to visit a college campus was Kent State, and they wanted him as a wide receiver
Matthew How has Andre Davis looked catching the ball? The biggest question mark Ive read about him is his hands
DPG thanx
Ramllov Dave, they talk like Andre Davis may be a number two or three receiver, how much is dreaming vs. reality?
DavidCarducci I think Davis can eventually be a No.2 or 3. Maybe even a 1 at some point in his career. He has all the skill in the world. Some of us were talking today about Davis looking like he might have a tendancy of catching the ball against his body. Butch said he doesn't care, as long as he catches it. He also said he does that on certain catches, similar to Michael Irvin, but on others he will catch the ball with his hands away from the body. Just happens to be what we've seen
KJ who said that
KJ Dave you bring up a good question
DavidCarducci I do?
ArtBtz David do you think any of these guys can step up if KJ leaves next year?
DavidCarducci I'd like to think that won't happen AB. Davis seems to be a quick study. He's come a long way from being a high school soccer star
DavidCarducci what was the question KJ?
KJ Davis did not draft Johnson and he is NOT Davis' idea of a proto #1 receiver....Davis and Morgan are...Does this play into the extension $$$$$ KJ is looking for
Grinch David - I noticed Butch responded to a question about Andre catching with his body on the press conference and your recount of Butch's explanation seems accurate. The question I have is when you say ""some of us"" noticed a tendency -- how bad was it in your view and was he catching them cleanly against the body or juggling ?
KJ we need to be careful with him if one of the other two explode in a year or two...we don't want 12M sunk into 2 or 3 receivers
Ramllov Dave, I read today that Kevin Johnson wants about 26 million over 4 years is that accurate?
DavidCarducci I'm not sure about that KJ. Johnson may not be an original pick of Davis, but it became pretty clear as 2001 wore on that Davis really seemed to warm to him. I think Davis respects what KJ brings to the team. He knows that KJ and Couch have a real connection, and that is very valuable and something Davis does not want to lose. KJ might not be the prototype No.1 in Davis' mind, but he is still a valuable part of this offense, and I think they want to find a way to keep him
DPG KJ's #'s are as good as the top WR's in the league=he IS a top wr in the league.Do you see the Rams trying to dumpoff I.Bruce 'cause Holt has stepped up???
KJ very good
KJ Now if he can get that same connection with Quincy...we're in there!!!!
DavidCarducci Grinch, it didn't seem to be a problem. As I remember, he juggled one, caught two others during one drill. I've also seen him make several very difficult catches as well. It probably is not a problem.
Matthew Is Lewis Sanders in camp yet? If so how has he looked. If this kid is healthy he can really play!
DavidCarducci Matthew, Lewis Sanders is in camp, and he's looked good. I love the way he uses his size, and I've always been impressed with the way he uses the sideline to his advantage. I think he can be a very good cover corner. Some of us talked at length with Sanders today, and he's very confident. When you talk to him, he's pretty impressive. One of those guys who tells you he's willing to do anything to help the team, and you believe
DavidCarducci him. It doesn't seem like he's just trying to say the right thing. As tough as it had to be for him last year, he said he was thrilled watching what Henry was able to accomplish as a rookie, and if you remember, in manny ways, he looked like a Henry a couple of years ago. I think he and Henry can be very good bookend corners one day
redright James Jackson---How does he look? Any improvement in his approach to the real game? How is he carrying and running the ball? Hopefully with justifiable confidence and abandonment.
DavidCarducci Redright, Jackson hasn't really shown anything special so far. Like I said earlier, he had a pretty ugly fumble when he was hit by Pearson today. Davis said he Jackson has shown no signs of getting tired being the only RB in camp and getting a significant number of reps, but I wonder.
KJ If JJ is getting tired after THAT we need to have him ridin' the pine...we have a 300+ carry back ready to take the reigns
redright Hope JJ is better than a practice back and ack-up
KJ When we picked up Green we SIGNIFICANTLY upraded our RB depth
redright Back-up
DavidCarducci Davis said Jackson is not tired. He has been getting a lot of work, though. According to Davis, Jackson did a lot of running in Miami to prepare for camp, and this shouldn't bother him. If that's the case, I'd like to see a bit more explosion. A bit more ability in finding the hole
harleyD David, do you have any preliminary impressions of Darnell Sanders. He is just awsome on paper and I would just love to see him step up as the surprise rookie.
DavidCarducci Hi harleyD. So far I've been pretty impressed with Sanders. He appears to have better hands than I remember him having at OSU. He looked very good during the Oklahoma drill today. He might be a real find.
harleyD Thanks, David. I'm done.
DavidCarducci I have to admit, by the way, that I was not high on the Sanders pick when it was made. After watching him for a while now up close, I can see why the Browns saw something in him
Grinch David - from the little reports I have heard Quasim has been up and down already. A physical speciment and very strong but some mental mistakes (jumping early - ok its enthusiasm) and getting chewed out for not going hard in 11 on 11 - okay its hot and he's huge -- Can you give us your impressions of Quasim so far.
DavidCarducci I remember Quasim going up against (and I'm pretty sure about this, I don't have my notes with me) Marcus Spriggs, and he manhandled Spriggs. THat was during the Oklahoma drill. I think his being chewed out in 11-on-11 was more a part of Zierlin trying to make a point. Mitchell seemed to give up on the end of a play after pulling on a sweep by Jackson. Nothing terribly important. The early jump was on day one, and like you said, I'm sure he was nervous
DavidCarducci Mitchell is impressive looking, though. I'd like to see the Browns keep him around, perhaps on the practice squad. He is a very interesting project
Grinch Manhandling Spriggs is impressive. Hope he either sticks or we can sneak him onto Practice Squad. Also Butch said Gonzo is almost not like a rookie because of his knowledge of the system -- how much does this help him shine early and does it make him look better than he really is long term ? BTW - I hope it doesn't mean he has topped out because I love the pick.
Grinch Thanks Dave -- I'll pass to the next person now.
DavidCarducci Gonzalez has looked good. He's playing right tackle right now, and he's holding his own. He's bigger than Davis remembers him. He's also working very hard. I think he has a chance down the road. ANyone who is willing to work that hard, and who is as bright as he is, has a chance
DavidCarducci sure thing Grinch. Thanks
ArtBtz You're up Seibu
DavidCarducci hello seibu
seibu1 Hey David
seibu1 David, anything to report on Fowler? Has he been splitting time at G or C or mainly one in particular?
DavidCarducci Fowler has been playing mostly center right now, simply because there are not many linemen in camp. He did a very nice job in the Oklahoma Drill today. Once the full squad gets to camp, Davis said he will rotate Fowler at both guard positions. If I remember right, he said Fowler would work two days, morning and afternoon, at center, then switch for two to guard, splitting time at both guard positions. I might be wrong about how it is being broken up, but he will get a chance to learn all three positions
seibu1 What is the OK drill?
seibu1 I don;t think I've heard of that
DavidCarducci It alternates between left side and right side with various offensive and defensive linemen going head to head individually
DavidCarducci Very high motor drill. Davis was very into it today, slapping butts, slapping heads. Shouting
seibu1 Oh,ok. One more quick one. Seen anything of Breedlove? Thanks David.
DavidCarducci He was working blue by the way ... Lots of cursing, but hey, that's football
DavidCarducci I can't say that I have
seibu1 cool thanks
DavidCarducci sure thing seibu
ArtBtz Go Matthew
Matthew if the only guys in camp now are rookies and IR - who the heck is playing on the defensive line?
DavidCarducci Hello Matthew
DavidCarducci Let's see. Spriggs is there, Tyrone Rogers, Arnold Miller, Mark Word (who by the way, received some high praise from Davis today), Michael Josiah, a few others.
Matthew ok - thanks thats all
DavidCarducci sure thing
Ramllov I would like to know about Jamison? Has he lost his speed since his last injury?
DavidCarducci Very good question Ramllov. I actually just happened to talk with Jameson 1-on-1 about that very thing today.
DavidCarducci According to Jameson, he is almost 100-pct. He has not timed himself yet, but he said he is close to the 4.4 speed he had when he arrived here
DavidCarducci I think he was feeling somewhat snakebit last year after suffering the injury. Jameson had been hurt for most of his final year at A&M, then was finally healthy before going down against the Redskins in the presesaon.
Ramllov I would also like to hear about Zukauskas? Would he play right guard?
DavidCarducci I think Zukauskas is a good bet to battle for the left guard spot, but he could play right guard. He's not here yet, so I haven't had a chance to watch him.
ArtBtz All set, Ram?
Ramllov Can Fowler start at Guard this year?
DavidCarducci Bedell is heree, and he's looked pretty good. Working hard.
ArtBtz KJ up, with BrownDawg and RedRight to follow.
KJ Dave...get yourself some sleep and get ready for the bombardment Friday...we all appreciate your thoughts and time...THANKS...and if Miller isn't in camp friday you will hear from me next week and I will NOT STOP until he is GONE...Thanks again, guys ROCK!!!!! Luv ya' man...{:]
DavidCarducci I think Fowler could eventually get a chance to start. It's a lot to ask for him to learn a new position and then start right away as a rookie. I'm counting on him more for next year
DavidCarducci Thanks KJ
ArtBtz Gawrsh... I'm blushing...
DavidCarducci I really appreciate it
KJ boy-boy
ArtBtz K
DavidCarducci take care KJ
ArtBtz Brownddawg is up
DavidCarducci Hello Brownddawg
ArtBtz Browndawg32 is up... Redright to follow...
Browndawg32 How about Audrey Denson in camp
Browndawg32 I heard he was being signed
DavidCarducci I have not heard anything about that.
DavidCarducci That rumor did not make its way through Berea when I was there today
DavidCarducci Where did you hear it?
Browndawg32 On the web Brown news
DavidCarducci which site? If there is any truth to it, I need to ask Butch tomorrow
ArtBtz Heh... I'll do some surfing, I guess.
DavidCarducci Denson last played in Miami, right?
Browndawg32 I'll get it now
DavidCarducci thanks
ArtBtz You can't trust anything you read on the web.
ArtBtz Doh!
Browndawg32 KFFL

Editors Note: The specific page being referenced is here on KFFL. Ryan from KFFL tells us that the story was not attributed because it came from an anonymous source. We will follow up with the team tomorrow.
Browndawg32 Remember him on the Eagles or Notre Dame
ArtBtz All set Browndawg?
DavidCarducci I think he was also with the phins for a while, but I'm not sure.
Browndawg32 Thats it Thx
ArtBtz You're up RR
redright What about the prospects for D-Line? Anybody looking like they want to stuff a runner? All the great Browns teams had great tackles. tough up the middle this year?
DavidCarducci Hello redright
DavidCarducci By the way guys, I have about 15 minutes left. I have to get up early tomorrow. 8 am practice
redright Curious about that missing link D-line
DavidCarducci who is that?
ArtBtz ArizonaBrownsFan will be the last one up tonight.
redright Any of the new guys look like they want to be a run stuffer
DavidCarducci To be honest, not really. Of the guys in camp right now, Spriggs is the most likely to have any impact. I haven't seen anything particularly impressive out of any of the DT's so far. Of the DE's, Mark Word is the only one to really show anything special, and the reason I mension him is in part because of one play today that stood out, and the fact that Davis has talked about being impressed by his technique
DavidCarducci So far, the D-line play has been nothing special to watch. That will change when the vets come in
redright Thanks I keep hoping I'm done
DavidCarducci Sure thing. Take care redright
DavidCarducci Hello Arizona
ArizonaBrownsFan I am one of the few people the actually liked the Chris Sanders signing, and I am curious as to where he stands on the depth chart and how did he look in mini camps
DavidCarducci Sanders hasn't really done anything so far while I've been watching. I don't think he's even had the ball thrown his way during any of the team drills. Playing against air, he's caught the ball well, but that's with a coach throwing him the ball, and again, with nobody defending him. Right now, I would guess he is the fourth receiver, behind KJ, Morgan and JaJuan Dawson.
ArtBtz All set Arizona?
DavidCarducci The first depth chart will be out in a week or so, we'll see then.
ArizonaBrownsFan Also is Tre Johnson 100%? I have heard a lot of talk about Dudley's health, but the key to the offensive line is Tre he ready?
ArizonaBrownsFan Oh yeah and the Indians need to send Ryan Drese packing.....that is all Im done:)
ArtBtz LOL... thanks Arizona.
DavidCarducci Everything I'm hearing is that Tre will be ready. I agree with you in that he is a huge key to the Browns hopes to running the football, and thus a key to the season. I know that he is much further along than he was at this point last season. MUCH FURTHER. And that is encouraging
DavidCarducci What. I haven't seen an Indians score tonight. Drese struggling again?
redright Thanks guys, we seem to be starting a new season
Grinch Is there any chance either Wholly, O'Hara or Fowler can long snap and we can save a roster spot ?
ArtBtz OHara has been practicing long snaps hasn't he David?
DavidCarducci No chance Grinch. Kuehl is too good at that. He's about as good a long snapper as there is. O'Hara is the backup long snapper, though
ArizonaBrownsFan I think Kuehl is the long snapper though, and he has done a pretty good job
DavidCarducci That's originially why O'Hara was brought in, if I remember right
ArtBtz I guess no blocked punts in a couple of years earns you some job security.
DavidCarducci Kuehl is too valuable
Piper Kuehl went to my buddies hIGH sCHOOL IN md
DavidCarducci He's a good guy.
DavidCarducci Thanks guys. Talk to you later. I'm off to bed
BryanK Dave, have fun tomorrow; we look forward to the updates
dabesst cya Dave, thanks for the info..
ArtBtz See ya David!

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