Video: The Ref Zone, Part One

This latest offering from the Browns fans at is probably too scary for you. Actually, on second thought, it definitely is too scary for you. Don't click it.


As SCTV's Count Floyd used to say: "Oooooo, you ready for some scary stuff? Eh, kids?".

Then he would howl like a werewolf, even though he was a vampire, and try not to look embarrassed.

Although Count Floyd is not here to introduce this latest clip, we'll try to sound a similar warning. Be prepared for scary stuff.

Namely, this latest effort from the investigative unit of SeriousFans reveals the true and frightening inner workings of the NFL's officiating crews, and provides proof of what Browns fans have always suspected.

What is that? Well, watch for yourselves.

All of the SeriousFans videos are available in the AFC North Truthcenter in the Muni Lot. You can also find them on the OBR's Myspace page.

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