Fanview: Injuries, Browns and Bad Luck

Jeff Biletnikoff talks about the snake that bit the Browns...

I know.
I know.
You hear it all the time:  "The good teams overcome injuries and continue to find a way to win."
There are injuries and then there are injuries.
All the teams that had "dynasties"- Browns of the 50's, Packers, 60's, Steelers, 70's, 49ers, 80's, Dallas, 90's and New England, 00's.
What did they have in common?
The same QB started every world championship game.
Graham, 50's.  Starr, 60's.  Bradshaw, 70's.  Montana, 80's.  Aikman, 90's and Brady, 00's.*
Would these teams have won as much as they did without these great players? 
The people that own, coach and play in the NFL know how quick their fortunes change from good to bad.
When you lose your top pick in the draft a couple years in a row to season-ending injuries or a top free agent that was going to anchor your line goes down for the year and his backup suffers a potentially season ending injury, do you think maybe your team is having a bit of bad luck?
Just like in the real world- one guy wins the lottery.  Another guy loses his job, his wife leaves him and the house catches on fire.
Injuries/Browns= Bad luck.
They're snake bit.
By the way, the Steelers would have won Super Bowl 40 with Tommy Maddox, right?
*I know a lot of you will argue that New England suffered a lot of injuries in championship years, and that's true to a certain extent but they retained enough key players like Brady to elevate their team.  Cleveland never seems to be able to keep any player with Pro Bowl potential healthy.

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