OBR Q&A: Ralph Brown

The Browns injury-depleted defensive backfield may get a lift from the recent signing of five-year veteran Ralph Brown (Giants, Vikings). Scott Petrak spoke to the Browns newest cornerback...

Q: You got a lot of reps with the ones today. How do you think practice went?

A: I felt pretty good. I just want to go out there and show I can play and do a good job for the team. It felt good being back out there. With the group of ones there's a lot of veterans, so there's a lot of communication and there's less mental mistakes out there.

Q: How did you fit in with the ones?

A: I think I had a good practice today for my first time with them out there. I had fun. The veterans are more experienced, so it's more relaxed out there. No one's really uptight.

Q: Do you see the injuries to Gary Baxter and Daylon McCutcheon as your big break with the Browns?

A: That's what I think and I'm excited. They put me up there with the ones, so hopefully that makes me feel that the coaches have a little confidence in me to go out there and step up and do a job that they would do when they're out there.

Q: What were you doing when the Browns signed you?

A: I was at home on the couch. I was training, but I was basically at home. I didn't know if I'd be signed. I was out for eight months of football, so I was just training and keeping the hope alive to see if someone might go down or if someone might be interested in me.

Q: Were you confident you would land a job?

A: I stayed confident. I never let anything get me down, until if it got into the middle of the season or something, then I would've really started getting sad. A lot of people told me they have me on their short list and in high regard. I just had to wait. I know there's injuries and stuff that happen in football sooner or later. I didn't know it would be this soon, so I was happy for that.

Q: Where were you when the Browns called?

A: Rancho Cucamunga, Calif. That's Southern California. I was enjoying the sun, but I'd rather be in the heat and complaining about practice than being at home wishing I was playing.

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