Quick Saturday A.M. Training Camp Observations

True, training camp has started and the anticipation is high. Getting past the optimistic talk, this Browns team has improved its depth and athleticism.


It is rather amazing looking out onto the Browns training camp fields at the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio gearing up for yet another season of Cleveland Browns football.

The grass is rich and green, it is a beautiful site, but we are here for one thing and that is football.

It has become apparent that the talent level, the athleticism and energy of the Browns has greatly improved since Butch Davis arrived in 2000. Improved so much that some around the game believe that this could be a playoff team.

Through only a couple practice sessions, the practices have been upbeat and spirited. Barring some key injuries, this Browns team will be in the position to release/cut players from the roster that will play somewhere in the NFL.

Rookie wide receiver Andre Davis continues to make quite an impression on the coaching staff. It's not only his speed and quickness that have everyone within an eye-shot excited, but what has been called a "very good"  set of hands throughout the rookie camps, quarterback school and now the early days of training camp.

Again today, Davis hauled in everything thrown his way and looked crisp on his routes, sitting down between the linebackers and defensive backs on more than one occasion.

The Browns wide receiver position has become an athletic unit with size, speed and improved strength.

Veteran receiver Kevin Johnson made what could be called the play of camp to this point. Beating defensive back Lewis Sanders down the far sideline, Johnson made a acrobatic, tumbling one-handed grab of a pass while battling Sanders 40-yards downfield.

Second-year pro Quincy Morgan who vowed to work hard and improve his game in the off-season continues to impress. No longer letting every ball thrown his way to get to his body, the 2002 version of Morgan is a physically larger player that is using his hands to catch the ball. It is obvious that an off-season of working with receivers coach Terry Robiskie is paying off and Morgan can now hit his stride.

Surprise of the Day: The Browns were effective for the first-time in recent memory on the screen-pass. Jamel White followed his blockers and broke into the open near the far-sideline.

Quick Looks: Again today Shaun O'Hara lined up with the first-team offense at left guard, Jamel White at running back and Aaron Shea as the H-back.

The second-team unit lines up Roger Chanoine at left tackle, Barry Stokes at left guard and Gaylon Hyder at right tackle.

Hard-hits: Running back James Jackson and defensive end Kenard Lang met in the hole, with Lang ending up on the ground as Jackson burst through into the clear only to be 'popped' by safety Robert Griffith.

Jamel White meeting Jamir Miller at the line of scrimmage and sending Miller back on his heels.

On the Field, but Not Practicing: Linebacker Earl Holmes, tight-end Chris Eitzmann, Earthwind Moreland and Lamar Chapman did not practice.

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