Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Sirius Radio's NFL reporter Adam Caplan saw Lee Suggs as being the player the Browns would try to trade, and said so consistently over the last couple of months. What did he offer last night? Check the transcript to find out, as Adam failed to disappoint during another fast-paced chat on Monday night...

Adam Caplan hi everyone
Adam Caplan I have about 30 mins so lets have at it

Ramllov: Do you like the trade
Ramllov: Suggs for Strait?
Adam Caplan Ram: That's all they could get
Adam Caplan So that's fine

Wow, that sounds HORRIBLE, Adam.
Adam Caplan FOOSE: They could have waited until the end of the month but they got a player which they wanted
Adam Caplan Strait does have some upside

Adam, Do you think Northcutt is going to get traded?
Adam Caplan RAM: No

Adam - do you have a crystal ball - how did you know Suggs would be gone?
Adam Caplan GUEST: Call it informed speculation

What do you think of Strait as a corner?
Adam Caplan NJ: Hasn't lived up to his talent yet, needed a chance of scenery

Adam, will the Browns make another trade for a center or are they done?
Adam Caplan 36: No Cs avaiable now

Guest17: Carthon on a short leash..???
Adam Caplan 17: I wouldn't say that
Adam Caplan Look for Tucker to start this week's game or the next one and to be the starter this season

Hows the guards look.. Will Coleman be back next year?
Adam Caplan NY: Coleman has chance to be back again

adam will the browns stand pat at center?
Adam Caplan 28: I believe so

Adam, is there a good backup QB available from any team right now? A veteran that Savage and Crennel like?
Adam Caplan RAM: Not really yet, Vinny could get a call, not out of the question

is Tucker good enough Adam?
Adam Caplan Bent: Yes, better than anyone out there
Adam Caplan Good trade last week

What do you think is a realistic win total for the Browns this year?
Adam Caplan NJ: 7-9

Will the Patriots go after Vinnie?
Adam Caplan 9: They like Cassel more

adam do you think Braylon will play in the opener?
Adam Caplan YT: Less than likely
Adam Caplan I would say no right now
Adam Caplan but could be shortly after

Who will be the starting LB's on opening day for the Browns?
Adam Caplan 36: I'll know after their third game

Is the center for Philly on the market and what would his cost be? if not a veteran, what draft choice?
Adam Caplan RAM: Eagles have a hard time dealing him, he's on the last year of his contract

Baxter, Cutch injuriers - are they more serious than the Browns are letting on?
Adam Caplan 9: Not that I know of.
Adam Caplan But you have start to wonder on Baxter, they need him to be on the field

Would Philly give that center up for a fifth round draft choice?
Adam Caplan RAM: They'd take just about anything
Adam Caplan Teams don't want to take a player who is on the last year of his contract

So any trade rumors now that Suggs is gone?
Adam Caplan NY: Nothing imminent

What do you think of Frye's performance so far in camp?
Adam Caplan New: Up and down, game wasn't good last week though

If available, do you think the FO will have an interest in Brooks Bollinger?
Adam Caplan Th: He's a good one, Browns can get him at the end of the month if they want
Adam Caplan if Pennington is ok
Adam Caplan One of their QBs has to go

Is Cahun Thompson in danger of being cut?
Adam Caplan 9: No

Adam...NFL opinion holding our O back the most, OL, Frye, or Carthon?
Adam Caplan 216: Frye but if the running game is good and you have Edwards in there with Winslow, things will progress

Adam, is there any chance they could work an extension with Fraley before a trade?
Adam Caplan Pin: Doubt it

When will Carson Palmer play?
Adam Caplan 9: Third preseason game possibly

what has been your impression of Wimbley thus far? thanks
Adam Caplan George: Looks good in space, coverage is decent, needs to be more consistent

Is Phil Savage taking drugs? What is up with this trade. Strictly for depth?
Adam Caplan UA: They had to move a back at some point so as I called last month, Suggs had the most value

Adam, what is your opinion on Ross Tucker?
Adam Caplan PIN: Decent C or G, but can play C at a decent level

Do you like what you see in vickers?
Adam Caplan GAR: Vickers will see some time in certain situations, pushing Smith too

Do you think we could have gotten more for Suggs closer to Sept.?
Adam Caplan NJ: Possibly
Adam Caplan Hard to say though

Is Wimbley everything we think he is? Did we get this one right?
Adam Caplan OBR: Solid system fit, high character guy

Adam can Harrison be the man if Droughns goes down?
Adam Caplan THE: Too small
Adam Caplan but he's very fast and elusive

Too small like Barry Sanders or too small like Warrick Dunn?
Adam Caplan FOOSE: He wouldn't hold up getting a lot of carries

Moved Suggs before he got hurt again and lost all value
Adam Caplan 9: You would think they believe Droughns won't be suspended

What's Northcutt's trade value?
Adam Caplan BUTZ: Late second day pick

Adam, What does William Green have to do to be an effective running back in the NFL?
Adam Caplan Ram: Stop danacing with the Stars through the hole

Adam... just want to say love your website, recently subscribed and have not been disappointed! Also, love the show on Sirius Friday nights!
Adam Caplan NJ: Thanks, lots going on
Adam Caplan Sirius is great
Adam Caplan a must have

Adam; Suggs- Good value for trade?
Adam Caplan 23: They got what they could

Adam: What is the RB depth now? Droughns/Vickers/Green with Harrison as change of pace?
Adam Caplan The: Vickers can play in shortyardage, Harrison for speed
Adam Caplan Green you never know
Adam Caplan Trade just now: WAS WR Taylor Jacobs to SF for CB/S Mike Rumph

is Green tainted due to no holes being there during his NFL formative years?
Adam Caplan OBR: Green used to be a decent prospect but seems to really have lost a lot

Who do you think will win the S battle, Jones or Pool?
Adam Caplan NJ: Jones is looking better than Pool so far

Could Vickers back up Rueben D?
Adam Caplan BUTZ: Nah, he can get shortyardage stuff though

Wsh/SF trade makes sense for both, similarto our trade.
Adam Caplan NK: AGreed

Are pool and Jones showing enough to take Russell's position?
Adam Caplan Ram: Russell is ok

when the season starts do you see the WR's as Edwards, Jurevicius, Northcutt, Wilson, Cribbs? Is Frisman Jackson & Rideau going to be gone?
Adam Caplan COR: Frisman should make it

Has anyone already asked about Ross Tucker? Do you think he will win the starting job?
Adam Caplan AVI: Yes, he should start opening day

would you want Carthon as an OC?
Adam Caplan GEO: Nope
Adam Caplan Problem with OC is he needs to be more imaginative
Adam Caplan Now if he has a full deck, we'll see

Adam: Do you see any more roster moves before opening day?
Adam Caplan THE: Other than cuts, they'll look to move anyone they think has value they plan on cutting

do you think this offense will score consistant points?
Adam Caplan 459: Probably not until Frye improves

Adam - who would you rather have at Qb, Charlie Frye or Jason Campbell (Was)?
Adam Caplan BOBB: Campbell

Adam, do you think there is any way we salvage this season after the injuries and at least make a run?
Adam Caplan PIN: With Bentley, could be 8-8, now best 7-9
Adam Caplan if Frye surprises, then maybe better

Do you think the FO regrets trading Dilfer?
Adam Caplan NJ: No, he had to go, bad situation

How bad is Portis' injury?
Adam Caplan 9: Has a chance to be ready for the start ofthe regular season

wow, I though 8-8 with Bentley, but I see 6-10 without strength in the middle to help the short yardage running game
Adam Caplan THE: Bentley needs that much to the run and passing game

Do you see RAC pulling a Joe Gibbs and severely limiting the playing time of the starters the rest of the preseason?
Adam Caplan 455: No because they have to evaluate a lot of them

Alex Smith QB - stud or dud?
Adam Caplan 9: I was there last week, DUD

Who will be the Browns suprise player this year, similar to how Bodden stepped up for us last year.
Adam Caplan NJ: Fraser

Adam: Do you have confidence in the Browns organization? That they have the savvy to do something special given another year or three?
Adam Caplan THE: Phil needs a football person to report to
Adam Caplan I've felt that since last season

Can you elaborate please
Adam Caplan 9: Phil needs some supervision, that's about as clear as I can make it

Hunter's done, don't think he makes th 53 man roster
Adam Caplan NJ: Yep

Adam: any candidates you'd suggest for the football person for Savage to report to?
Adam Caplan THE: Not that come to mind as of now

Are you saying Phil is in over his head?
Adam Caplan 9: Nope, I'm saying he needs someone to confer with

adam, how worried is our FO about the injuries, enough to pull starters early from the rest of the games?
Adam Caplan PIN: Veterans that don't need a lot of PT won't see a lot of time

Adam: what is your take on Collins?
Adam Caplan THE: Bone head

I saw Collins as a suit sucking up to Skippy
Adam Caplan THE: Business end he could do but needed to stay out of football issues

No, ""report to"" means he needs to be UNDER someone else. Which means you think he cant'; handle being GM...
Adam Caplan FOOSE: Nope, he can handle the football part as far as personnel, it's some of the other things that are issues

is mcginhest going to play at all in the preseason?
Adam Caplan 313: Should see a little PT

so whats the vibe with Shaffer?
Adam Caplan GEORGE: He'll be fine

I think Hallen blind sided Phil
Adam Caplan RAM: Savage didn't handle the Hallen stuff well at all
Adam Caplan no way to defend it
Adam Caplan Now hopefully he'll learn from it
Adam Caplan The woe is me stuff doesn't cut it, period

A learning experience for Phil
Adam Caplan 9: Exactly

Why the lack of urgency at the backup QB spot? I have visions of Cribbs taking snaps by game 12
Adam Caplan SWEE: They should have more of one
Adam Caplan they should be able to get one by the start of the season
Adam Caplan TB may have one-Rattay
Adam Caplan he's a decent backup

Do you expect Chris Simms to get a new contract done or does he plan on testing the FA waters?
Adam Caplan TH: Yes, they really like him there

Isnt Rattay a shorter version of Dorsey?
Adam Caplan Geo: Rattay can actually play, that's the difference

Adam, What are your thoughts regarding our d-line?
Adam Caplan BAR: Looking better, Washington will help

Adam are they still shopping Willie Green?
Adam Caplan DA: Don't think so now
Adam Caplan they actually need him

should we be worried if the offense looks bad in preseason game 2 or wait until 3 or 4?
Adam Caplan YT: give it a few more games
Adam Caplan QBs need to be better, that's for sure and protection too
Adam Caplan Eagle DL really got after them
Adam Caplan You can't panic after one game, jeez

Will Lang Campbell get a shot to work with the 2's if he keeps playing well?
Adam Caplan MIS: You know what, if he keeps playing well and those other two don't get it done, don't count him out

How do people around the NFL view Frye as a starting QB in this league?
Adam Caplan NJ: Needs seasoning but a good running game and help at WR etc he can make it

browns going to trade for another center
Adam Caplan 86: Doubt it, from what I'm hearing, Tucker will probably be the starter

Adam what about Wilie and do thing Braylon will play in the preseason?
Adam Caplan DA: Unless Edwards plays in the preseason for at least a quarter, I can't see him playing week one
Adam Caplan of the regular season

Adam Caplan
Guys: I have to run, we'll do this again before the season starts

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