Browns Scuttlebutt: 8/22

John Taylor provides subscribers with their regular dose of "stuff nobody else knows about". Today that includes the state of Browns trade talks with the Lions and the resolution of Pat McManamon's status with the Akron Beacon-Journal.

Over the weekend, word came out of Detroit that the Browns had an interest in Lions center Brock GutierrezThe OBR has confirmed that interest but, as of yesterday evening, nothing was imminent on the Gutierrez trade front.

The two sides continued talks over the weekend but were not able to gain any ground on closing out a deal.

One twist to this rumored trade is that, given the steady play of rookie Fred Matua, there is a possibility that Gutierrez could be released at some point in the next week or two.  That possibility has allowed the Browns—who are not prone to giving up draft picks for any position, let alone potentially two for the center position in less than two weeks—to be somewhat cautious in their dealings with Detroit.

A source close to Gutierrez tells The OBR that, should the 11-year veteran be released in the next week or two, the Browns would be an attractive destination as "it would give him an excellent opportunity to see significant playing time and potentially start."

However, the Browns view Gutierrez as insurance against an injury to current starter Ross Tucker and would not view him as a threat to Tucker's starting job "at this time".

The reason for that line of thinking is that the Browns have been more than presently surprised with Tucker's play and view him as a viable option for "both the short- and long-term efforts to build a playoff-caliber offensive line", a source said.


In spite of the best efforts of Browns fans, the Pat McManamon Era at the Akron Beacon Journal will officially come to an end this afternoon, The OBR has learned.

As this space reported earlier this month, Knight Ridder—owner of the ABJ as well as thirty other newspapers—sold their holdings to the McClatchy group in June.  McClatchy later sold the ABJ and several other papers to a Canadian media conglomerate.

As part of the takeover, the ABJ was hit with a wave of layoffs, which was expected to include McManamon.  Due to union rules, McManamon lost his seniority when he left the paper for a short stint with the Cleveland Browns most official of officialest websites last year.

The Browns beat writer will officially be given the layoff notice at a 2 p.m. meeting at ABJ headquarters today. 

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