Andra Davis: "We are a Playoff Team"

The Browns veteran linebacker believes that the team has the talent to compete in the touch AFC North. Plus, Lennie Friedman arrives in town and is excited about an opportunity to play...

Davis dashed off the field Thursday on the final day of training camp talking positive about the season ahead. The Browns had to endure injuries, but he says that is part of football.

"I think we are a playoff team," he said. "Every one of the guys on the team believes we can compete. The players believe in ourselves. We aren't going through training camp to shoot for .500. We're definitely going to shoot for more.

"We have a lot of weapons on offense. We have a lot of running back depth. Reuben is the starter, but Lee Suggs, Will (Green) and Jerome Harrison can run it.

"We have Kellen back. Darnell Dinkins can run and Steve Heiden is going to get us those first downs. Our receiving corps with Joe Jurevicius and Braylon and Frisman Jackson… it's going to be hard for our general manager and coaches on cut day."

Davis is particularly encouraged by the improvement of the run defense. The Browns allowed three yards on nine carries against the Lions last week.

New Center in Town

The Browns newest center, Lennie Friedman, is eager to get going on his competition with Ross Tucker.

The Browns got Friedman from the Bears for what is believed to be a sixth- or seventh-round draft choice next year.

"I'm going to have to put in a lot of overtime to catch up to everybody else," Friedman said after his first practice with the Browns. "This is an exciting opportunity. Any time a team trades for you it says they want you. They could have gone after anybody in the league."

Friedman played for the Broncos, Redskins and Bears over the first seven years of his career.

Former Browns coach Sam Rutigliano, who coached Friedman in NFL Europe, believes  Friedman will help.

"He's perfect for what they're looking for," Rutigliano said. "He'll adjust to everything and he's a great kid. My feeling is he'll push to start. He's very smart and very savvy. They're not going to get another LeCharles Bentley.

"Friedman is going to connect and not make mistakes. I think that's very important for Charlie Frye."

Friedman, 6-3, 295 pounds, has more experience but Tucker is bigger at 6-4, 316 pounds.

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