OBR Q&A: Lawrence Vickers

Lawrence Vickers has made a quick impact in his first training camp as he looks to add depth to the Browns offensive backfield. Scott Petrak talked to Vickers about the last several weeks and adjusting to the NFL...

Q: How do you expect to be used this year?

A: Right now I just see myself ready anytime. When I study, I study all the positions. At anytime I'm ready to do whatever they want me to do, whether they want me at fullback or tailback or doing different little things and plays. I really don't know where I'm going to be at, I just have to be ready for everything.

Q: Do you think your versatility is an asset?

A: I think it helps me a lot, because I can do so many different things. You can't say we can take our eyes of him, because I feel I can hit them with a big play anytime, whether it's blocking or being a decoy or even catching the ball. I feel like I'm a threat on the field at any time.

Q: Where have you made the biggest improvement during camp?

A: My blocking. I'm a fullback, so of course I have to block. When I came in, I started to learn how to block -- not to say I started all over again, but I got taught a lot more details and a lot more technique that can make me a better blocker.

Q: How much tougher is being a fullback at this level?

A: I would say the guys are a lot more bigger at linebacker, but fullback in the NFL, you're hitting anybody. College, you're hitting anybody some of the time. But here, they'll put you on anybody. So you have to be mentally as well as physically tough. I just think most of the guys are a lot bigger here. It's football. You're going to have to hit someone. You can't take any play off. Your job as a fullback is to bang every play, so that's what you have to be ready to do.

Q: How was your first camp?

A: I thought it was cool. I like two-a-days, because we got out earlier. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be as far as the physical part of it. The mental part was more hard because they throw so much stuff at you. Camp was fun. I liked it.

Q: Do you want some more two-a-days?

A: Ah, no. I'm ready to go hit somebody else. When you first come out here and you're playing against the Willie McGinests and the Ted Washingtons and the Andra Davises -- people that last year I was sitting back and watching -- at first, it was like should I hit 'em, should I not hit 'em. You've got to feel and find your way. That's what I tell coach, I feel like I'm finding my way. And once I start finding my way, it all starts falling into place for me. It wasn't more of a mental part of it, because all you've got to do is put in a little time and study the playbook. It was more the physical aspect of me becoming a dominant blocker.

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