Wednesday's Training Camp Notes

David Carducci reports from today's practice, which consisted largely of short-yardage and goal-line drills. Who's moving around on the depth charts, who made the big plays, and who looked for a moment like the big-play back the Browns have been hoping for? HINT: Look at the picture on the left.

BEREA - William Green opened with the No. 1 offense during Wednesday's afternoon practice, and offered a glimpse of what the Browns hope will be the norm in their first-round pick.

On the first play of full-speed inside run drills, White bolted up the middle, bounced off a tackle by Gerard Warren, then exploded through safety Robert Griffith. If the play had taken place during a game, Green would have broken it for a big run. When Green broke free in the secondary, it drew the day's largest cheers from another big crowd in Berea.

Green was still far from polished. The rookie running back looked lost as he was manhandled, first by Jamir Miller and then by Marquis Smith, during blitz drills. He admitted, he is still just trying to get his feet wet.

"I still have a long way to go," said Green. "I've got to get used to the speed-level here and the strength. I've got to get used to a lot of things that only time will help and a lot of hard work in practice."

He did admit that, breaking through the middle and busting a pair of tackles "felt really good."

While Green opened as the No. 1 running back on Wednesday, he is still splitting time with James Jackson on the first team. Both backs are also getting some reps with the second team, as is Jamel White.

HOLMES A HIT ... Green's run was not the only encouraging play to emerge from the short-yardage drill. Earl Holmes showed that he might just be able to help the Browns improve their defense against the run.

Holmes, who had offseason knee surgery, has practiced sparingly as the Browns have taken every precaution to make sure that he is 100-percent by the start of the season. He was in full pads on Wednesday, and early in the short-yardage drill, showed some quick feet in leaping over pulling guard Shaun O'Hara, who had gone to the ground while blocking Kenard Lang, and driving James Jackson back for a loss.

"That was just a terrific play," said Butch Davis. "It's the kind of play you like to see. (Holmes) was physical at the line of scrimmage. He stuck the ball carrier and drove him back. He did not allow the running back to fall forward and maybe gain the first down."

O'HARA SETTLING IN ... Davis continues to be impressed with the play of right guard Shaun O'Hara, who is starting to solidify himself at the left guard spot.

"I would say that quietly Shaun is doing extremely well," said Davis. "He is very athletic."

Part of the reason the Browns like O'Hara at left guard is his athleticism, especially with 3-4 taking over from the 4-3 as the in-vogue defense in the NFL.

"There has been a significant change in the NFL from two years ago when probably 26, 27 or 28 teams were 4-3 teams," said Davis. "A lot of teams had huge gigantic defensive tackles, and it forced people to try to get 320-to-340-pound offensive guards to prevent penetration. Now, probably half the teams in the league run some variation of the 3-4 defense, which means the guards are matched up against faster quicker linebackers."

IT'S ALL IN ... Butch Davis said the Browns had installed all of their offense after Tuesday's practice. That wasn't exactly true. They installed short-yardage and goal-line today.

The short-yardage and goal-line drills were some of the most competitive of training camp to date, with each offensive and defensive unit cheering loudly for their counterparts on the field.

"They were extremely physical drills," said Davis. "Our players kept practicing and challenging eachother ... The short-yardage and goal line, there is a winner and a loser. That's the way it is on Sunday, and those are the kind of drills I really like."

The winners and losers. According to Davis, the offense came out on top in short yardage. The defense dominated the goal line.

Jamir Miller, Kenard Lang, Gerard Warren, Marcus Spriggs, Orpheus Roye and Courtney Brown lined up along the line in the goal line, and pretty much had their way in a four-play stand against the first-team offense.

The play of the day was turned in by rookie Kevin Bentley, who collided with third-team running back Terry Fair, driving the running back for a 3-yard loss on the final play of the scrimmage. Bentley's hit opened the eyes of some of his veteran teammates. Miller and Dwayne Rudd raced across the field and jumped on Bentley in celebration.

LIGHT MORNING ... The Browns held a light special teams practice Wednesday morning.

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