Adam Caplan Chat Transcript

Sirius Radio's Adam Caplan has quickly turned into one of the most popular chat guests at the OBR. Here's the transcript from another fast-paced chat with Adam from earlier this week...

nybrownie: Any scraps from other teams worth looking at?
Adam Caplan: NY: CLE may look to sign OL depth but they seem set in most places

donodawg: Adam: suggs and green is there any reason someone would trade for them? is there any reason not to just cut them and move on?
Adam Caplan: Don: Suggs could still be dealt
Adam Caplan: they have to try to, too much value
Adam Caplan: Green could be the #2, Harrison on third down and change of pace

Guest24: Any reent cuts going to the practice squad?
Adam Caplan: Saturday there will be when rosters are at 53

CharlieFryeFan: Adam: Would you say that the browns have something for opposing defenses to be afraid of with the offense we have this year?
Adam Caplan: Charlie: Not sure what you mean but Winslow has to be accounted for
Adam Caplan: at some point Edwards possible

Ramllov: Adam, any surprises in the Browns training camp, how do you like the third QB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes
Adam Caplan: He's going a fine job

ksik10: Adam, is there any good news on Cutch or Baxter? Is Ralph Brown really heading the depth chart with Bodden?
Adam Caplan: KS: Nothing new

LongLiveSipe: Adam, prediction for Browns v Saints?
Adam Caplan: LONG: Not in to making predictions yet, ask me wek one

Hound09: does wimbley have chance for Rook of year
Adam Caplan: Hound: Possibly defensive but there are others who are good

DawgPound13: Adam, how much do you expect Harrison to be involved with the offense this year?
Adam Caplan: Dawg: As noted before, passing downs and change of pace, nice compliment to Droughns

Ramllov: Adam, if Baxter and Bodden start at the corners, who will play the nickle if Mc can make it the first game?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Possibly Brown

georgeoscar: outside of losing LCB, how would describe the Browns TC and preseason?
Adam Caplan: GEO: Productive overall, we got to see some things develop.

guest: Who did you like better in the draft - Demeco Ryans or DQ Jackson?
Adam Caplan: GUEST: Can't really pick yet, lets see them in real games first

DawgPound13: How concerned are you with the play of Frye thus far as our QB?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: He is what he is, needs development but with Winslow there and possible Edwards, it's going to be better for him

donodawg: Adam: our backup offensive tackles are really, really bad any hope of help off the wire? Could Chambers be cut?
Adam Caplan: DON: I see them looking at a OL

Guest24: Adam, you sound rather tempered on we expect too much? Do you really think he can make a decent starting QB?
Adam Caplan: 24: We'll see, he needs a lot of work

guest: Carson Palmer looking healthy tonight - if so - are the Bengals the team to beat in the AFC North?
Adam Caplan: Guest: PIT then CIN

Hooper: Is the media bating Parcells hoping for a melt down?
Adam Caplan: Hoop: I was laughing today, unreal

nybrownie: Any rumored trades?
Adam Caplan: Donnie Edwards should go to NO by the end of the week
Adam Caplan: for a third
Adam Caplan: now that NO has an extra
Adam Caplan: Eagles will sign stallworth to an extension

ksik10: Adam, I didn't see much of Travis Wilson in the Buffalo game, any new developments?
Adam Caplan: KS: Nothing new there

guest: What's the deal on Clinton Portis' injury?
Adam Caplan: Guest: They think he can play week one but how much is the issue

Ramllov: NO got a LB from Phjilly for Stallworth
Adam Caplan: RAM: And a pick which could be a third rounder

DawgMtn: What are your concerns about Frye?
Adam Caplan: Daw: Recognition of schemes and what he's seeing
Adam Caplan: decision making

guest: How do you view Pittsburgh's RB situation?
Adam Caplan: GUE: Staley is odd man out
Adam Caplan: He's overweight and is at the end

guest: Do the Steelers have enough at RB?
Adam Caplan: Guest: Yes
Adam Caplan: even without him
Adam Caplan: Haynes third down and #2
Adam Caplan: Humes

DawgPound13: Do you expect the Browns to get a QB after cuts? How much interest do we have in Henson?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Veteran possibly if the right one is available

newdawg: What has happenned to Perkins?
Adam Caplan: As for as Perkins, had some nagging injuries if that's what you're reffering to

Ramllov: Adam, Does pittsburgh like Humes. Is he a goal line type of runner or is there more to him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: At some point, they would like to pound the ball with him and Parker

DawgPound13: Who is more likely to get signed - Vinnie or Drew Henson?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Henson
Adam Caplan: But both could
Adam Caplan: AJ Feeley was cut
Adam Caplan: that just came down
Adam Caplan: he could be signed somewhere this week
Adam Caplan: Feeley is better than what they have
Adam Caplan: CLE

nybrownie: Do we have any trade bait other than Suggs/Green?
Adam Caplan: NY: Probably not

Hoops: Henson? Why?
Adam Caplan: On Henson, developmental type, needs to get more work in, Parcells wouldn't let him do anything

DawgMtn: How do you like Jerome? Who is the odd man out among our backs?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Love Harrison, check the old transcripts, was great when I saw him in person at the Senior Bowl

Hoops: do we really need another project?
Adam Caplan: HOOPS: AGreed

Ramllov: Is Henson still classified as a project?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Totally

Guest530: carolina needs running back
Adam Caplan: GUEST: CAR is trying to trade RB, not get one
Adam Caplan: Shelton could be dealt

guest: Will the NFL ever cut back on pre-season games? They are becoming more of a joke each year.
Adam Caplan: GUEST: No

DawgPound13: Is Feeley going to get much attention? Do you see us going after Feeley over Henson? Curious about our uncertain QB situation!
Adam Caplan: DAWG: He will
Adam Caplan: the QBS out there aren't very good

donodawg: Adam: in case you havent noticed, we're in love with our fifth round draft pick
Adam Caplan: DON: I have a NSA for him, non sexual crush
Adam Caplan: Great value for Savage with Harrison

georgeoscar: hey, i'm loving Wimbley right now
Adam Caplan: George: Great fit for the scheme
Adam Caplan: is Wimbley

Bigperm: Does Wshington still need a RB - they seem to be willing to give up draft picks for nothing :)
Adam Caplan: BIG: Nope

Ramllov: Adam how do you rate Savages draft this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I don't rate drafts for three years but based on value, he did a good job

georgeoscar: whats Savage's rep around the league?
Adam Caplan: GEO: Depends who you talk to
georgeoscar: sorry, what do you mean by that?
Adam Caplan: Geo: Some like Phil some don't, typically that's the way it is with most GMs
Adam Caplan: Next time I'm on Barry's radio show, I'll be sure to talk about that

DawgPound13: Adam - who would you prefer - Feeley or Henson?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Short term Feeley, long term Henson

guest: If Frye goes down we're not going anywhere - play Anderson, not some washed up vet
Adam Caplan: Agreed on Anderson, I told you guys several weeks ago he was much better than Dorsey

donodawg: Green Bay is gonna make a lot of teams look great this year
Adam Caplan: Don: There may be 7-8 teams 4-12 this year

Hoops: Why is Ken Dorsey still on our roster?
Adam Caplan: HOOPS: Ask RAC
Adam Caplan:
Makes no sense
Adam Caplan: he can't play

DawgMtn: Do you see a Nortcutt trade as a possibility?
Adam Caplan: DAW: Doubt it

Adam Caplan: And they have to be careful with Edwards, no one can say how long he can go for if he plays week one
Adam Caplan: It was great to see him out there against BUF

Hoops: its like why doesn't dallas just cut TO
Adam Caplan: HOOP: Could happen
Adam Caplan: before week 2

Guest530: K2 is not getting alot of balls
Adam Caplan: 530: Watch week one of the season
Adam Caplan: teams don't show their hand

Guest326: do you think Travis Wilson challenges Northcut for the third slot?
Adam Caplan: 326: #4
Adam Caplan: Then next year #3

teco: What's your take on Anderson as QB Adam?
Adam Caplan: TECO; Decent #2 QB prospect, good arm, just needs to keep his mechanics in line

guest: How about Cribbs?
Adam Caplan: GUEST: KR and will see time as a situational WR possible

Guest181: Winslow going to be all he's cracked up to be this year, or is it going to be a wait and see kind of thing for years to come?
Adam Caplan: 181: He'll be decent, lets see if he can get his speed back

howldawg: Adam do you think Wilson would have been our #2 WR had he been in camp on time?
Adam Caplan:
HOW: Possibly until Edwards got back

Guest530: Is there any OL that the Browns can pick up from recent cuts?
Adam Caplan: 530: IF Adam Goldberg is cut by MIN, he could have some interest from CLE, he can play all OL positions and has started some games

DawgPound13: Do you think Cutt will be around next year with the relationship he & Frye have developed, or is he a goner as everyone is marking him to be?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: In real games, Northcutt isn't going to be getting the ball that much, he's not worth paying as a slot WR
Adam Caplan: Wilson has more upside

DawgPound13: Great pickup for Philly!!!
Adam Caplan: DAWG: BRanch would have been better. Stallworth isn't always motivated to practice hard but he has a ton of talent

DawgPound13: Adam - who wins the ILB battle - does DQ get the spot?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: I can't see how he doesn't start
guest: Are Miami or Jax looking to trade for a RB?
Adam Caplan: GUEST: JAX could be, MIA for sure
Adam Caplan: Suggs to MIN makes a lot of sense

Ramllov: Northcutt could have a shot as the middle or slot receiver. I hope they finally use him right
Adam Caplan: RAM: Cutt can only play slot
Adam Caplan: and be effective

teco: do the browns have enough on offense to prevent defenses from pinning back the ears and trying to kill charlie?
teco: stacking the box?
Adam Caplan: Teco: With all of their WRs and Winslow back, they shoudl be ok there

Guest530: Can we expect to see Rueb & Harrison together in the backfield?
Adam Caplan: 530: JH is more of a change of pace to RDs speed
Adam Caplan: great 1-2 punch

DawgPound13: Does MO finally open things up this year with his weapons? Will Frye get a chance to audible plays?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: They'll open it up if Edwards is playing
Adam Caplan: and Cutt is in the slot
Adam Caplan: And Winslow is there

donodawg: Our new starting OLT looks pretty bad in pass protection Is that why Atlanta let him go? Will he get Frye killed?
Adam Caplan: DON: Shaffer is a decent LT, not great

Guest181: The way Cinci looks, we may have to ""open it up"" just to have a chance of keeping up.
Adam Caplan: GUEST: The way you beat CIN is by running all day and keeping their offense off of the field

RonBurgandy: Adam - do you think Wimbley starts game one? Im tired if seeing Stewart make tackles 5 yards down field and ""missing"" the QB on a blitz.
Adam Caplan: RON: Starting isn't a big deal, it's how many plays he's on the field and I see Wimbley on the field more
Adam Caplan: All starting means is who is on the field for the first play of the game

Guest179: adam, who do u like saints or browns?
Adam Caplan: 179: CLE, NO is expansion like
Adam Caplan: garbage
Adam Caplan: 2-14

DC: Since Greg Jones is out for the Season, any chance for a trade with Jacksonville?
Adam Caplan: DC: Possibly
Adam Caplan: MIA makes more sense

OBR-80sBoy: will our success against the run so far this preseason carry over against Reggie Bush?
Adam Caplan: Bush tries to break everything outside so they need to box him in

Guest181: As long as you have the line to do that, yes... Do we have that though?
RonBurgandy: agreed - would just like to see wimbley out there in 1st/2nd down more

georgeoscar: Green or Suggs in Miami
Adam Caplan: GEO: Green most likely will stay
georgeoscar: sigh
Adam Caplan: they need a big back to sub for Droughns

Ramllov: Adam when you talk about our rookie LBs, these guys could both be starting by the third week?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Wimbley for sure

DC: Teams just waitng for Suggs to be cut?
Adam Caplan: DC: They'd like to see him cut but Browns will try to the end to deal him

newdawg: Why keep Green? He has shown nothing in preseason.
Adam Caplan: Guys That's all the time I have
Adam Caplan: If I have time, welll go it again next week

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