Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Conquering connectivity probllems like the Browns want to conquer the AFC North, David Carducci answered questions from Browns fans last night in the chat room. Read the give-and-take in this week's Browns Uncensored chat transcript.

Guest280 dave, so is q catching the ball better this year?
DavidCarducci Q is catching the ball far better than last year at any time
Guest280 to what do you attribute this improvement and do you think he can be counted on in the clutch?
DavidCarducci We talked about Q earlier in the off-season, wondering if his added weight and improved speed would make a difference, but more importantly, how much he could improve his concentration. All of that seems to be coming together
newdawg Hey Dave. What's the word on Courtney. No one is mentioning him.
DavidCarducci I talked to Courtney the other day, newdawg, and he said he is going to try to play a little more free, a little more reckless. But that comes a bit later. This first part of the camp is for working on technique and getting back into a football mindset. Look for something different around the start of the Minnesota week
newdawg It seems that Holmes has missed more time than he has played. Did we just get damaged goods?
DavidCarducci I had been worried about that same thing ... there are some positive signs though (more coming)
DavidCarducci I think the Browns are just being very careful. The positive signs are these ...
DavidCarducci 1. Holmes seems very upbeat and loose, very different from a professional who is worried about a serious injury ...
DavidCarducci 2. On the first day he did practice (with the rookies), he looked a bit tentative ... When he's been on the field since, he's been very aggressive, for example ...
DavidCarducci today, he leaped over O'Hara, who was pulling on a sweep right by Jackson. O'Hara went to ground on a block of Lang, and Holmes leaped over, stuck JJ, and drove him backwards. A huge play, and it showed mobility I didn't see at times last year when he was in Pittsburgh
DavidCarducci I had been worried about him in a 4-3, as well. But he seems very confident in a 4-3. He told me the other day ""a 4-3 got me into the league, a 3-4 kept me in the league, and now going back to the 4-3 is going to take me even further
DavidCarducci Whatever the hell that means ...
DavidCarducci That statement does, however show he's confident
newdawg Of this year's rookies, who is looking best? except for green, who do you think will contribute most this year?
DavidCarducci I love Bentley. Love the way he plays. His speed is very noticeable. He had a great play today, driving Fair backwards 3 yards in goal line
DavidCarducci I told someone the other day that I've been pleasantly surprised by Darnell Sanders as well. I see some things in him that I had missed at OSU
DavidCarducci But Bentley so far is the guy who stands out.... I should also say Fowler. He impressed me with the ease in which he's taken to the guard spot
DavidCarducci He hasn't had much drop off switching back and forth between G and C
theGsmith First great job so far this season keep up the GREAT work Dave.
DavidCarducci Thanks Gsmith, I really appreciate
theGsmith I have been watching the TE's so far D. Sanders looks great do you think he can win the starters job?
DavidCarducci Maybe in a year or two. It is Dudley's job, no matter what. Davis loves what Dudley can bring, and today in the press conference, he challenged Dudley a bit, saying it is up to him if he is going to finally tap that ""extraordinary"" potential
DavidCarducci Sanders is impressive, though, especially considering all he missed this summer while finishing school. He has far better hands than I ever remembered at OSU. He is also a very big target and a very, very sound blocker
DavidCarducci He did a nice job today in the blitz drill
DavidCarducci The RB's, however, really struggled. Tim is in trouble if that doesn't improve
theGsmith Second I will end with this, I think all the RB's look better then last year is this just me?
theGsmith ty Dave
DavidCarducci It's not just you ...
DavidCarducci White is far, far better, and he continues to challenge himself. I think he is going to be a very special player. I still believe, if given the chance, he could be an every-down back in the NFL. He reminds me of James Brooks, only with maybe a bit more up side
DavidCarducci Jackson started out slow, but he has since started to find a little more power, he's falling forward, rather than backwards a bit more, finding the holes... A little more encouraging
Guest200 Dave, which of the younger O-linemen are making the best/worst impressions? Among Fowler, Mitchell, Gonzalez, Zuk, etc.?
DavidCarducci Of the young O-linemen, Fowler is clearly the most interesting. He has more power than I ever thought ... (more coming)
DavidCarducci He manhandled Warren on a couple of plays, and that was while working at guard. I am amazed by the way he's adjusted to the position.
DavidCarducci In my opinion, he could be a very good starting guard and center in the NFL
DavidCarducci or center, I should say. Tough to play both positions at the same time.
DavidCarducci Hard to say about Gonzalez and Mitchell. Both show some flashes. Both struggle at times. They are young, and very good options for the practice squad. I've been impressed with Konrad Dean at times, as well
DavidCarducci Zukauskas probably had his best practice, from what I've noticed, today. He had a few very nice blocks in short yardage. Cleared the way for White on one big run
Guest200 How about our new RT? I seem to hear almost nothing about him. Is he a measureable improvement over what we had?
DavidCarducci It's hard to say on Tucker. He does seem to have more power and a bit more of a mean streak than past RT's. Not the same as Zeus once had, but at least he seems to fit the part of a RT. I think it might take a while for him to really gel with Tre. But he could be a good fit
DavidCarducci I'm anxious to see him in Buffalo. THat will be the first real opportunity to see what we have in the No. 1 line
ArtBtz Go over to and ask them what they think of losing Tucker. They're not happy.
DavidCarducci Hi DPG
DPG Hi Dawgs! David, are you concerned at the OL seeming vast INFERIORITY VS our D line. I know the learning curve is longer at this stage. But talent/potential-wise? We have to face some OTHER talented D-lines(eg Tampa).
DavidCarducci I'm not concerned by that. I think it is a great test. This is one of the best D-line's in the league, both in personnel and in scheme, and that can only make the Browns' linemen better. I'll say this, Tre Johnson and Ryan Tucker are not the types to get an inferiority complex over anything.
DavidCarducci What better way to prepare for a Warren Sapp, by the way, then by working every day against a Gerard Warren? It's a good situation. Verba is only going to get better by working against Courtney Brown.
DPG Last question can you say this year Couch the weapons he's been promised? Thanx David Good work as ALWAYS
DavidCarducci Thanks DPG ... I think the weapons are in place. They may not be completely ready to fire, though. We'll see a lot of improvement, and hopefully by the end of the year, it will be a very solid offense. I'm looking forward to seeing KJ and Quincy this year, then next year with the addition of a more experienced Green and Andre Davis.... now those are weapons.
redright Back to the O-line how is O'Hara? In the drills do you see them getting a sense of team? continuity? Saw Bud Carson O-lines and they were never on the same field together. Your thoughts please.
redright Will Brown get better working against Verba? :-) What about the D tackles? BAckups?
DavidCarducci Hi Redright ... They are starting to gel. That's still something that will take time.... I like O'Hara, and Butch Davis and Larry Zierlein seem to love him.
DavidCarducci O'Hara is very athletic, and Davis said today that his taking over as a starter is an attempt to get more athletic in anticipation of seeing even more 3-4 defenses
DavidCarducci In the copy-cat NFL, with the success of the Steelers and the Patriots (who used several 3-4 elements), most teams are switching
DavidCarducci or several are taking on the 3-4 as a bigger part of their defensive scheme
redright Is Gregory doing anything? Who is going to make it as back up DT? Will there be 9 DL's so that there are 5 DT's?
redright Thanks Dave Enjoy your work!
DavidCarducci Thanks redright ... on Gregory, hard to say.... Spriggs is looking pretty good, especially as an extra DT iin short yardage
Greg Dave- what's the mood of the vets in the locker room in general? Not when you're asking 'em questions because they'll put the best light on everything then... Confident? Cocky? Are Tucker, Verba... guys that have been to the Super Bowl taking a leadership role in that area?
DavidCarducci It's always hard to get a real feel for offensive linemen. They are their own little clique, and they are not always around when we are. With most of the veterans, there is a real loose feeling. They are having fun, all the time. In the locker room, on the practice field. There is a sense that they are a part of something special, or at least have the chance to be a part of something special. Davis has also created an atmosphere that is very positive. The real leaders though ... I would have to say Miller, Warren, Fuller, Kevin Johnson.... Those are the real leaders on this team ... And of course Couch
DavidCarducci Everything you hear about these guys believing in Couch is true.
DavidCarducci Except in the 2-minute drill .... sort of kidding
Greg Interesting that KJ is listed as a leader... when did he start rising to that role?
DavidCarducci I think in the last year or so... He is the leader of the receivers. They follow his example (even with the young receivers trying to catch everything one-handed ... and KJ does catch EVERYTHING one handed in practice
Greg I personally have zero doubts in Couch... so I believe 'em.. :-)
Greg and I'm finished, AB...
Guest64 Looking into your crystal ball - who will be the most surprising cut and who will be the most surprising player to make the team?
DavidCarducci Surprising cut ... Hmmm ... I hate to say that because the players do read these things. I really don't want to make any enemies. It's counter productive
DavidCarducci Most surprising guy to make the team ... How about Emmanuel McDaniel, possibly as an extra DB, or even Konrad Dean
Guest64 Interesting what you said about TC and the 2 minute drill. That's where football instincts really take over. And that I believe is Couch's biggest weakness.
DavidCarducci Actually I think he has pretty good instincts. I think he's fallen into some bad habits, and a lot of that is from trying to do too much with substandard talent around him in the first three years
Greg (amen!)
DavidCarducci That's what happens when you have a competitor out there
Guest64 I guess we'll find out for sure this year. How will we match up against the Steelers? Will Couch et al be able to move the ball at all against them? Will our D be able to stuff their running game?
ArtBtz Is that it 64?
Guest64 That's it. Keep up the great work!
DavidCarducci I think the Steelers are probably the Browns' worst matchup, unfortunately. When I tried to pick every game this year, I came up with 10-6 and that's with two losses to Pittsburgh.
DavidCarducci I hate to say that
DavidCarducci I think they will continue to struggle with the 3-4, and I'm still worried about defensing their run with so many backs they throw at you with so many styles
BrownsBacker Hi David, you and the rest of the staff are all doing a tremendous job. I look forward to reading you articles on training camp every day. Keep up the Great Work.
BrownsBacker I'm gonna be brief. If you had to pick 1 person on each side of the ball who was the most surprising or the most exciting to watch who would it be and why?
DavidCarducci Thanks BrownsBacker. I really appreciate it
BrownsBacker that is in training camp
DavidCarducci Most exciting so far has to be Quincy Morgan, and I don't mean that in terms of exciting plays (although I love watching him run the slant), but because I can see what I think he could be this year, and I can guess what that will mean for KJ. I see KJ going up against lesser, smaller corners eventually. As Quincy becomes a force, using his size and speed, teams will have to counter with their bigger, cover corners. That opens things up for KJ, and also forces safeties to worry about providing help over the top. That opens up things all over the place
DavidCarducci Defensively, I am most excited about Gerard Warren. I think he will be in Hawaii at the end of the year. He is going to be a force.
BrownsBacker I would definetely agree that the Steelers will be one of our biggest tests.
ArtBtz Anything else, BrownsBacker?
BrownsBacker Thats it for me Art. Thanks
DavidCarducci Thanks BrownsBacker
BrownsBacker Thanks David
Guest6 David, how is C. Brown and northcutt doing so far
DavidCarducci Courtney looks fine. I'm really looking forward to seeing him against Minnesota, and maybe even Buffalo this weekend. He's still working on techinque, as I said earlier. That's what he feels is most important for this stage of camp... but he has promised to play with a little more freedom
Guest6 That is my last question
DavidCarducci Northcutt is better than I had expected. He struggled in the first couple of days with a few things that I expected him to struggle with ... like getting off the line. I remember Lewis Sanders jamming him and throwing off his rhythm a few times... but of late, he is looking better. Playing with a bit more confidence. His attitude has come back a bit. He thinks people have written him off too quickly, and the good thing is he doesn't care. he doesn't think he has to prove it to himself that he really can play in this league. He has to prove it to himself. 
DavidCarducci I have my doubts with Northcutt, but at least he appears to have the right attitude, and hopefully I've been wrong
Guest6 your thoughts on J. Dawson?
DavidCarducci Anyway.... Dawson looks very good. He's in as the 3rd receiver on passing downs ..
DavidCarducci I like that Davis has reconsidered his evaluation on Dawson.
DavidCarducci I think he was looking so much for team speed in a team that had very little speed when (he being Davis) he first took over as coach ... and he overlooked some guys, like Dawson
ericthebrown How is our kicking game looking? Is Dawson's leg looking that much stronger? Can we expect longer kickoffs? And Gardocki seems to be getting up there in age, is he looking a little less powerful?
ericthebrown Thats all for me by the way, thanks and keep up what you've been doing Dave. Its been appreciated
DavidCarducci Dawson's leg is stronger, at least according to Davis and Dawson. He's been consistent as ever. They are saying his kickoffs are longer, but that's hard to tell sometimes in camp ... His 54-yard field goal is encouraging.
DavidCarducci Gardocki keeps himslef in very good shape. He shows no signs of going on the decline anytime soon.
DavidCarducci To be honest, I have not spent much time watching Gardocki. I consider what he brings a given.
DavidCarducci If there is any falloff with Gardocki, I'll be surprised
DavidCarducci Thanks eric
fishwater David does it really look like Tim is working the other WR's...I say BS to this locking on.
fishwater Do you see chemistry developing with the other WR and TE's
DavidCarducci Hi fishwater, in practice Tim is spreading it around, but we'll see what happens when it really matters, and I don't think that is in Buffalo.
DavidCarducci Or even in the preseason.
DavidCarducci I think it's been easy for Tim to rely on KJ because they've been together and he knows he can depend on him. At some point, though, Tim has to find that same kind of chemistry with his other receivers. With what Quincy can bring this team, I'm sure Tim will find him.
DavidCarducci I talked to Tim about Quincy the other day, and he said that he really loves what Quincy is doing, and he's excited to have that big receiver to look for when things break down.
DavidCarducci When a quarterback is in trouble, having a guy who can out-muscle a corner for the ball as a safety valve is extremely valuable
z David, 2 questions. First, I've been reading that the CB race has been heating up. How do you see it playing out? (sorry if it's been asked before!)
DavidCarducci I think they'll still open with Fuller and McCutcheon as the starters, but I think Henry will be used in the rotation even more. They have to get him on the field more... Sanders is still trying to work his way back. He's healthy, but he's been out of the game for a while. I really like what I've seen from McDaniel and Pearson as well. Those two really compete.
DavidCarducci In the long run, though, I see Henry and Sanders as bookend corners of the future.... I've said that before, and I really hope that comes true. If Sanders can stay healthy, what a combination of speed and size at both corners, then addd a perfect nickel back in McCutchoen. Hard to argue with that group
z Thanks David! Last one, AB... David, do you think that Q. Mitchell has any legitimate shot at making the club? Will he clear waivers if not?
ArtBtz Good questions Z
DavidCarducci I think Mitchell has some real potential. I think a lot of it depends, obviously, on the preseason, and how guys like Zukauskas play. If Zukauskas shows he is ready, he probably makes the team because he's more polished than Mitchell. Then, if Mitchell really shows something in the preseason, then it's going to be tough to sneak him onto the practice squad. My hope is that Mitchell does make it to the practice squad, that teams will not want to give him that guaranteed roster spot. Right now, though, with Fowler and Stokes locks to be backups at guard, and Zukauskas a probable, I think it's going to be tough for Qasim to make it out of camp and onto the final 53
DavidCarducci Thanks Z. Very good questions.
ArtBtz Thanks David!
DavidCarducci Thanks AB
DavidCarducci Thanks everyone
DavidCarducci Hope to see some of you in Rochester
DavidCarducci Good night

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