Quincy Morgan's struggles and reports on the requisite scuffles."> Quincy Morgan's struggles and reports on the requisite scuffles.">

Rochester Morning Practice Report

Straight from the practice field, Dave Carducci reports from Rochester on the Browns morning practice with the Bills. Lots of notes on how the players looked this morning, including <A HREF="http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=149&p=8&c=1&nid=293324&yr=2002">Quincy Morgan</A>'s struggles and reports on the requisite scuffles.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Quincy Morgan would probably like to forget the Cleveland Browns first practice with the Buffalo Bills at St. John Fisher College in suburban Rochester.

After a consistent and encouraging first week of training camp in Berea, Morgan appeared to regress in a Friday morning practice that saw the second-year receiver struggle with the same lapses in concentration that plagued his rookie season.

The most noticeable lapse came on the first play of 5-on-7 drills with Buffalo's first-team defense. Racing across the middle, Morgan allowed a Tim Couch pass to carom off his hands and right into the waiting arms of Bills linebacker London Fletcher. If the interception had taken place in a game, Fletcher's return would have gone for a touchdown.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians often barked at Morgan after a sloppy route. While running with second-team quarterback Kelly Holcomb, Morgan ran the wrong route, resulting in an incompletion and near interception. Arians was also visibly upset after Morgan failed to get separation on a pattern against Bills' receiver Kevin Thomas.

Morgan did show his speed and athleticism in beating Bills rookie Daaryon Brutley on a 1-on-1 drill, but dropped a bomb from Couch in the end zone.

GOOD NEWS-BAD NEWS ... The Browns escaped their first head-to-head practice with the Bills without suffering an injury. The Bills were not quite so lucky.

Bills guard Ruben Brown suffered a knee injury in a collision with a Browns defensive lineman. Second-year linebacker Brandon Spoon had to be carted from the field with a potentially serious bicep injury.

OTHER MORNING NOTES ... James Jackson ran hard behind the first-string offensive line on the inside-run drills. Even when hit at or behind the line, Jackson kept driving and managed to fall forward for the extra yard ... Jackson did struggle to pick up the blitz, missing Bills linebacker Keith Newman as he came off the weak-side edge on an 11-on-11 play. Newman forced Couch to throw the ball into the ground ... The Browns second-team offensive line performed well during the inside-run drill. Barry Stokes and Gaylon Hyder had their way with Bills linemen Justin Bannan and Ryan Denney, opening a big hole for Jamel White ... White continued to impress in full-team drills, showing speed, power and quickness back-to-back on an inside run for 10-plus yards and turning a short pass play over the middle into a gain of more than 20 yards ... Ryan Tucker worked well in pass protection with a perfect blitz pick up on Newman. Tucker's pick up allowed Couch to complete a 15-yard pass to Rickey Dudley ... Aaron Shea was involved in the first scuffle with Bills players. The scuffle with several Buffalo linebackers started after Newman blew up a William Green run at the line of scrimmage during 11-on-11 ... Dennis Northcutt continues to look better. Northcutt blew past Bills defensive backs Travares Tillman and Jykine Bradley on a 60-yard touchdown pass.

NOTE ... With the Browns and Bills working on two fields, Friday morning was spent watching the Browns offense working against the Bills defense. Look for more on the Browns defense in the afternoon.

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