Know Where Reggie Is

The Browns aim be aware of Reggie Bush's every move on Sunday afternoon. Fred Greetham talked to Browns defenders about the challenge ahead of them as the Browns open the regular season.

BEREA – Browns defenders: Your mission should you choose to accept it is to know where No. 25 is all day Sunday.

Reggie Bush has a big target on him. The former Heisman Trophy winner is making his NFL debut on Sunday against the Browns—and don't think the Browns haven't noticed him.

They know he can break a play at any time.

"You know he has that kind of ability and capability," Romeo Crennel said. "We're getting ready for him to be anywhere. But, we cannot focus totally on Reggie."

However, if the Browns get too concerned with Bush, there are some other weapons on the Saints that can hurt them.

"They do have another running back (Deuce McAlister) who has run pretty well," Crennel said. "They have Joe Horn. You can't put all your eggs in one Bush basket."

The Saints are expected to use both McAlister and Bush in the backfield together. Bush has been used in running the ball and catching passes out of the backfield.

That's why the Browns defenders have to know where he is, so not to get caught by surprise.

"He's an explosive guy who can make big plays," Orpheus Roye said. "That's all you saw on ESPN during college, Reggie Bush this and that."

Crennel knows why he and his defense need to keep an eye on where Bush is.

"There are some matchup problems and it forces the defense how to treat the different backs," Crennel said. "

Bush creates some of the same problems Marshall Faulk did during his hey day with the Rams.

"I think he has some qualities of a Marshall Faulk," Crennel said. "I'm not saying he's a Marshall Faulk, but when you prepare for him you have to prepare that way."

The Browns know their defense will be tested on Sunday, they just hope to pass the test.

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