Will Green Be Go?

Mike McLain updates us on William Green's injury in the very latest update from Rochester, hot off the email lines. This afternoon's practice is dissected including Dennis Northcutt's sudden replacement of drops with touchdowns.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - If there's a way William Green can be on the field for Saturday's scrimmage between the Browns and Bills, he plans to be.

The rookie running back left the locker room about half and hour following the afternoon session at St. John Fisher College without any protective device on his right shoulder. Green suffered a slight injury to the shoulder during 7-on-7 drills.

Green had little to say as he headed back to the team's dormitory. Asked if he will play in the scrimmage, he said, "I plan on it."

With Green missing most of the afternoon drills, James Jackson took advantage of the opportunity. Jackson ran the ball well and caught a pass from Josh Booty for a gain of about 30 yards.

Overall, the offense looked much better later in the day than it did during what was a poor morning effort. Receiver Quincy Morgan, who didn't distinguish himself in the morning, didn't have any drops, but there were a couple of times when he didn't shield the defender from the ball.

"I had a couple of routes that I didn't run that well. I let the DB (defensive back) get back up on me and break it up," Morgan said. "I had to come out in the afternoon and be more physical."

DEFENSE: While the offense didn't have one of its best days, the defense continued to look good. Drew Bledsoe found the going difficult against the secondary. He was picked off by Anthony Henry and Corey Fuller on the first possession of 11-on-11 drills. Michael Jameson also had an interception, and Henry added a second theft.

"We looked pretty good," Fuller said. "We're trying to come out and do our job. We have the talent."

WHAT'S UP?: Dennis Northcutt is serious about gaining a roster spot. He had a touchdown reception of about 60 yards in the morning, and he turned a Kelly Holcomb pass into a gain of more than 50 yards in the afternoon.

THAT HURTS: Without question, the most-violent collision of the day occurred early in the afternoon when Marquis Smith collided with Kendrick Office on a kick off. The sound of the impact could easily be heard from 50 yards away. Smith was knocked woozy on the play and spent the remainder of the practice watching from a first-aid area.

ON TRACK: There's no doubt that Kevin Johnson remains the Browns' go-to receiver. Morgan is struggling, JaJuan Dawsom has done little and Andre Davis is in the learning stages. Meanwhile, Johnson continues to be Tim Couch's security blanket.

"I know personally I'm just trying to go out there and do my part," Johnson said. "If we do our part and put our little bit of crumbs in the jar, hopefully it will fill up the jar. Hopefully, things will come together quicker rather than later."

ALMOST THERE: Bills middle linebacker London Fletcher said that he was contacted by the Browns on the same day that he signed a contract with Buffalo. Fletcher is a life-long Browns fans from his days at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School and John Carroll University.

"Things happen for a reason," Fletcher said after the Browns and Bills completed a morning practice Friday at St. John Fisher College. "I'm a huge Browns fan. When we're not playing, I'm watching what the Browns are doing. If we don't win it all, I hope the Browns win."

Butch Davis said that the Browns had an interest in Fletcher but they never seriously considered offering him a contract.

OUCH: Strong safety Robert Griffith had an aching back after the morning practice. He asked a member of the Bills front office to see if the team's chiropractor was on hand. The chiropractor wasn't in attendance. Griffith's back didn't hurt enough to keep him out of practice in the afternoon.

THAT'S ME?: Bledsoe was reminded that former Browns coach Chris Palmer once compared Couch to him. Palmer was the quarterbacks coach at New England when Bledsoe entered the league in 1993.

I don't want to sell the kid short," Bledsoe said. "He's progressing, and he looks like a guy who's going to be a solid quarterback for many years to come. He has all the physical tools, and he's a smart player."

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