Day After: Winslow a Bright Spot in Loss

Fred Greetham was in Berea for Romeo Crennel's Monday press conference, and here's his report...

By Fred Greetham

Berea – With all of the negatives coming out of the loss to the Saints, there was one major bright spot.

That was the return of Kellen Winslow.

Seeing his first action in nearly two years, Winslow caught eight passes for 63 yards, including an 18-yard touchdown pass from Charlie Frye.

"Kellen did some good things and made some plays," Crennel said.

Crennel thinks Winslow's play can help be a catalyst in the Browns improvement.

"He's a fiery guy and he can bring the level of the players around him up," he said.

Winslow was grateful to be back on the field.

"It was very emotional for me to get back on the field," he said after the game. "All of the time that (trainer) Marty (Lauzon) and I put in paid off."

Winslow was asked if he gave the ball he scored the touchdown on to the trainer.

"No, that's mine," he said. "But we'll be sharing it together."

Winslow almost made a sensational grab as he was held by Roman Harper and he still jumped high in the air and came down with the ball with one arm. When he hit the ground the ball trickled out and it was ruled incomplete. Harper was called for interference and the Browns scored on the next play on a one-yard run by Charlie Frye.

"I thought it was a great effort on (Winslow's) part but the official said he didn't think he had total control," Crennel said. "I think he can see his point of view because he's a competitor and he thought he had caught the ball."

Winslow entered the game with just five career catches and nearly doubled his output in the season opener.


Crennel Vows to Correct Problems: Crennel was asked about the poor performance of the Browns in the loss to the Saints.

"Tell the fans I'm going to coach them to be better," Crennel said. "We didn't play as well as we thought we could play, nor as well as we could've. We just didn't play very well, particularly in the first half."

Crennel wouldn't single out any one particular area.

"This is a team game," he said. "There's generally no one guy who broke down. If you look at the game, you see there were several breakdowns.

"We know all areas of the team we have to improve upon," he said. "We know that one game doesn't a season make.

"The outcome dictates my happiness and because we lost, I'm not happy," he said. "If the play is successful, we feel better about it. If the play is not successful, we're not happy."

On Play Calling: Crennel defended the call when he was asked about running rookie FB Lawrence Vickers twice on sweeps on third-and-one.

"We have been doing it all preseason," Crennel said. "If he makes it, you'd say Crennel you're a genius but because he didn't you're a dunce."

Jones Active: S Sean Jones made the most of his first pro start with three tackles, one interception, one fumble recovery and a pass defensed.

"He made some plays out there," Crennel said.

Jones was happy with his performance, but not that the team lost.

"The turnovers were big," he said. "But the bottom line is we didn't win. Individual stats don't matter if you don't win."

Injury Update: WR Joe Jurevicius seemed to be the most dinged up coming out of the game and some reports said he could miss four to six weeks with a rib injury. Crennel said that might be premature.

"They told me that he has an injury in the rib area and he might miss some time, but as of now, we don't know the extent," Crennel said. "He received an x-ray after the game, but will get an MRI today."

Other injuries were to TE Darnell Dinkins (hamstring) and DL Nick Eason (ankle). CB Daylon McCutcheon missed Sunday's game and Crennel didn't rule him out for this week's game with the Bengals.

"We'll have to look at Daylon on Wednesday and see where he is."

If Jurevicius is out for any length of time, Crennel said the plan would be to use Josh Cribbs and Travis Wilson.


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