Fanview: That's Entertainment!

Jeff Biletnikoff wonders if what we see in Cleveland Browns Stadium actually constitutes "fun"...

The value of NFL franchises has gone through the roof.  TV contracts, NFL trademark apparel, sky boxes, cost of concessions, season tickets and shared revenue.

What feeds the golden calf is obvious.

We do

Nothing happens until we pay and pay and pay and pay.

Without us there's no big signing bonuses and no lavish owner boxes.

It's because of you and me and all the rest of the fanatics, that pay for ticket packages, cable, jerseys and all the other extras.

Was is just my imagination or did half of Thursday night's crowd at Pittburgh have #7 jerseys on?  Wow.

Football is entertainment, we get that.  No one is forcing me to watch or pay for the (overpriced) stadium hot dogs, beer, parking etc.

However, if you're a Cleveland Brown fan, you have to be wondering what kind of bang you are getting for your entertainment buck.

The Lerner family has the worst record of any Cleveland ownership since their inception.

The reality is that even if the product on the field doesn't improve, the ownership will still expect us to support them.

If we don't, watch for the "maybe we need to move and start over" discussion.

Can't happen in Cleveland?


Then again, maybe what will happen is the Browns will become Arizona East- season after season of losing teams, while the owner rakes in the cash (Is Lerner the new Bidwell?).

If anyone doubts that Cleveland is fulfilling it's Arizona East destiny only needs to remember how overmatched they were at the point of attack against a New Orleans squad that is mediocre on their best day.

Like the song says, "that's entertainment."

Hot dog anyone?

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