OBR Daily News and World Report: 9/12

After a game like Sunday's affair, it's tough to read the news reports from around the web without gagging once or twice. To help things, John Taylor has applied his special blend of post-loss air freshener to the news of the day, and presents it now, relatively stench-free...

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While it was mostly putrid news emanating from Cleveland Browns Stadium following the embarrassing season-opening loss to the Saints, not all of the tidbits reeked of land fill.

In his first regular-season action since blowing out his knee Dec. 4 versus Jacksonville, wide receiver Braylon Edwards returned and showed no ill effects from his January reconstructive surgery.

While the receiver was held to two receptions and 23 yards, the stats, at least for this game, were meaningless as Edwards came out of the game no worse for wear.  Most importantly, there was very little swelling in the surgically-repaired knee.

"He moved around well and didn't seem to have any problems with his movement. He was able to get away on the touchdown that got called back. It's unfortunate that the one that got away was a critical play," head coach Romeo Crennel told reporters at his Monday press conference.


After watching Charlie Frye sacked five times and forced to run on six other occasions, and seeing the running backs total 41 yards on 16 carries (2.6 avg.), offensive tackle Ryan Tucker knows right where to place the blame for the loss.

Squarely on his unit's shoulders.

"Put it all on us," Tucker said.

"That's what we're here for. We know when we play this game that games are won or lost on the offensive line and the defensive line. If we had played better as a group and taken control of the game, things could have been different. We had a lot of mistakes. We have to clean it up."


While some fans are looking for an overhaul of the offensive line, Crennel does not see that happening.  In fact, he would view changing multiple personnel at this point in the season as a step in the wrong direction.

"The problem is not because the center is new," Crennel said. "(Fraley) does not have to block everybody. You want me to get a whole new line? We're talking about the newness of one guy. The newness of five new guys can really disrupt you."

For his part, Crennel seemingly has a solution to the OL woes.

"Tell the fans I'm going to coach the line better and try to make them better. That's all that they can bank on. Whether that's good enough or not, I don't know. We'll have to wait until the end of the season to see. Hopefully, we'll be better next week than we were this week."


That being said, Crennel would not rule out tweaks of the offensive line—Lennie Friedman replacing Joe Andruzzi, for example—or any other position for that matter.  Then again, he didn't rule any changes in, either.

"Without making knee-jerk reactions, I won't say whether I will or won't right now," Crennel said when asked about potential shakeups in the starting lineups.


There is a chance that, for the first time since undergoing knee surgery in early August, cornerback Daylon McCutcheon will resume practicing this week.

McCutcheon's return cannot come soon enough after watching Ralph Brown get torched by rookie and/or inexperienced wide receivers on nearly a play-by-play basis during Sunday's loss.  Brown has replaced McCutcheon as the team's nickel back.


The Browns have until 4 p.m. today to make a decision on the status of cornerback Devan Holly, who was suspended for the first game of the season for on-the-field conduct during the club's pre-season finale.  If Holly is reinstated to the active roster, a roster spot will need to be opened up by either releasing a player or placing someone on injured reserve.


The early Vegas lines have the Bengals favored by as few as 10-1/2 points and by as many as 12 over the Browns.  Wow, that's it?

This Sunday's game will be Cincinnati's home opener.


Here's a list of recent Browns cuts and where they have been for workouts: QB Darrell Hackney (Bills), WR Frisman Jackson (Saints, Chiefs), Lang Campbell (Jets).  Additionally, former Browns and Steelers wide receiver Quincy Morgan received a work out with the Vikings late last week.


FAST FACT: For only the 14th weekend in the last 33 years, there were no blackouts of NFL games in a home team's market.  This was the second consecutive year that the NFL's Opening Weekend has been sold out.

FAST FACT, PART II: During the 2005 season, players listed as the number three quarterback appeared in just six regular-season games.

FAST FACT, ONE THAT GIVES BROWNS FANS HOPE: In each of the last three seasons, there have been three teams who have gone from last place in their division to first the next.

FAST FACT, ONE THAT GIVES BROWNS FANS INDIGESTION: In the eight season openers since their return, the Browns have started six different quarterbacks.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I would like to believe that. In that belief, though, sometimes you get a false sense. We are only as good as we are, and we aren't very good right now."—head coach Romeo Crennel, on whether the Browns are a better team than what they showed on Sunday.

QUOTE OF THE DAY, THE SEQUEL: "You guys always want me to pinpoint a particular area or spot where there's a breakdown. This is a team game and there's no one individual that's the reason for the bad play. Generally it takes everybody. It was several different people who were involved in the breakdowns."—Crennel, assigning blame for Sunday's debacle.

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