Fanview: Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale Galbraith has returned to share his wasted mind following the Saints game. Another perspective straight from the Dawg Pound, from the only major Browns site that puts fans front and center...

No favors please

Cost of a Dawg Pound ticket: $40

Cost for parking: $15

Cost for Browns gear: $48

Price for a dog and a few beers, I lost count at $25.

Value of watching the Browns home opener with 73,000 of my closest acquaintances: 


The Browns have played the first week of the season at home every year sine returning to the gridiron in 1999. Of the eight games only the slimy Jeff Garcia and his weasel of a coach were able to send the crowd home happy by plucking the Ratbirds 20-3 1in 2004.

The NFL powers must think they owe Browns fans the favor of a home opener every year for letting Modell get out of Cleveland alive. We'll if they really want to do us a favor, give us a home opener in October, that way we can be properly medicated for our depression.

Give the Browns time

Here is a summary of the analyses by the so-called football experts for reasons why the Browns lost to the Saints. It has also been said that the fans need to give this team time to develop before jumping off a bridge.

  • The offensive line hasn't had time to gel. Center Hank Fraley is new, right tackle Ryan Tucker missed a great deal of time in training camp due to a knee injury.

  • The injuries in the defensive backfield have been too numerous to list.
  • It was only Charlie Frye's sixth start in the NFL.
  • Reuben Droughns has the distraction of a future court date in Colorado.
  • The Browns didn't have enough film on the newly rebuilt Saints, led by first year coach Sean Payton, to properly devise a game plan.
  • On the other hand, Sean Payton was very familiar with Browns coordinator Maurice Carthon's offensive mind set,  having worked under him for two years (2003-04) with the Cowboys.
  • The rookies were not prepared for the speed of a regular season game.
  • Braylon Edwards wasn't expected to be back until October. So we should give him a break for letting the ball hit his pads resulting in a game ending interception.


I am sick of hearing excuses. The Saints won because they wanted it more, they played with more emotion. When execution failed them, they made up for it with intensity.

Give the team time. Bull. I'll give them until Sunday at 1PM.

After review  

I always record the game and watch it again, when the emotions are gone, before forming my opinion on the team's performance.

Here are some thoughts I came away with:

  • Other than Ryan Tucker, the offensive line looked like Phil Savage went into a local pub and gave the four biggest guys uniforms. They were slow of foot. There were many plays when they were standing around looking for someone to hit, while Saints defenders put a licking on Frye and the running backs.
  • Charlie Frye really showed his inexperience. Several times he held onto the ball too long. A few times when he had a pocket he didn't take his time and look at the whole field. He went to the wrong guy more than a couple of times.
  • Frye's legs are a blessing. He'll need them to avoid being killed if this line doesn't improve. Hopefully he will look to pass first and not be conditioned to take off and run, if and when the line gets it fixed.
  • I do like Frye and Winslow's intensity. They almost willed a victory on Sunday. 
  • Braylon Edwards has to catch that pass at the end. With his personality he better produce or the fans will only remember he was a Wolverine and that could get ugly.
  • The Browns nickel and dime defensive packages should be referred to as the 5 and 10 discount packages, especially with the play of defensive back Ralph Brown. Changes have to come here or it will be a long season because the Browns can't shoot it out with anybody.
  • Ted Washington is a big target but he doesn't deserve all the criticism he is receiving for the Browns trouble with run defense. 
  • The linebackers did not attack the line of scrimmage.
  • If Leigh Bodden and Gary Baxter stay healthy, they could end up being better than Dixon and Minnifield.
  • Whatever Crennel did at halftime, it worked. The team held the Saints to a three and out, then marched in to score with the first possession.
  • The Browns still have punting woes.
  • I think we'll see that the Browns did a good job of containing Reggie Bush as the season progresses. Keeping him out of the end zone was a feat in itself. This kid is the real deal. What were the Texans thinking?


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