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So, tight end Kellen Winslow has decided to stir things up and throw some smack in the direction of Bengals Pro Bowl wide receiver Chad Johnson, eh?


Get back to me when the player involved has played more than three games in a little over two years and the team said player is a part of is not the worst in the entire NFL over the last seven years.

I'm officially from Missouri.

Stop telling me what you or your teammates are going to do. 

Show me.


A healthy portion of the beating Charlie Frye took in Sunday's season-opening loss seemed to be caused by the young quarterback holding onto the ball a bit too long on several occasions.

Whether that was due to receivers being covered down the field or Frye simply not recognizing coverages—or a combination of both—doesn't matter.

What does matter is getting rid of the ball a tick quicker, especially this week against the Bengals.

Cincinnati opened the season by sacking Kansas City quarterbacks a total of seven times.  The "why's" as to how the Bengals were able to get to the QB so often doesn't bode well for the Browns' inexperienced signal caller.

"We did a good job in coverage," Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said. "(The Chiefs) held the ball a count longer. We made some individual rushes during that very good coverage."

It was that count longer that helped lead to Frye getting abused last week.  For the sake of his own health and well being, he—and his receivers—needs to make sure that doesn't happen this week.


Continuing on the Frye theme, the Willard native has been lauded in the past for the toughness he brings to the position.  That was never more evident than last Sunday, when he continually popped up after getting hit in the mouth.

Despite taking the self-proclaimed "worst beating" of his life last week—and in spite of the hit delivered by this week's opponent on Trent Green that nearly gave the Kansas City QB the lead in any new movie with a headless horseman character—Frye has no plans to change his linebacker style of play.

"Unless a linebacker is coming at me full speed, I'm not going to hit the deck," Frye said. "If you put that in your mind to do things like that, that's kind of like a give-up play. I'm not saying Trent Green was giving up, but that's my mentality. So that's the way I approach things."


In the wake of Joe Jurevicius' rib injury that will keep him out of the Cincinnati game, second-year wide out Josh Cribbs is expected to receive the lion's share of time as the third receiver. Rookie Travis Wilson, who was inactive for the season opener, could also see significant action.

Additionally, head coach Romeo Crennel told reporters yesterday that the club may split Winslow out wide more than normal.


For the first time since late July, Daylon McCutcheon has returned to the practice.

Crennel told reporters that the defensive back is making progress, but "he's not where he needs to be."

The cornerback underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee on July 1 and has been sidelined since.  His availability for this Sunday's game will likely be a game-time decision.

(As an aside, did McCutcheon get his knee completely rebuilt, or was it a simple ‘scope job in order to clean up the joint?  I could've sworn it was the latter, but the length of time he's been out is suggesting the former.)


During Phil Savage's speech to the Massillon Touchdown Club on Tuesday, the general manager revealed that he will be a very busy man in the coming weeks.

And the scouting itinerary is impressive to say the least.

Over the next 25 days, Savage will take in practices at the following colleges and universities: Ohio State, USC, Auburn, Georgia, UCLA and Georgia Tech.

In addition to visiting those schools, he will also take in such games as Ohio State/Penn State, Miami/Louisville, North Carolina State/Florida State and Maryland/West Virginia.


Brian Tarcy, an old (odd?) friend from my NFLtalk days and a current contributor to The OBR magazine, has created an offshoot to his official website called WhatZgonnahappen.com.

As evidenced by the letter "Z" replacing "S" at the end of the word "What", Tarcy's newest creation is a very hip, urban, metrosexual look at what may or may not happen in the upcoming slate of NFL games.

Tarcy's brand of humor and style will leave you some of the time scratching your head—and regions further south—and most of the time with a nervous smile on your face.

So, check him out www.WhatZgonnahappen.com.

(And I accept PayPal as well as cash, checkz or money orderz, Brian.)


Browns rookie linebacker Kamerion Wimbley has launched a new website as well, and, while it's still in the infant stages of development, it's worth a look.

Click HERE for a peek at the first-round pick's new digs. 


QUOTE OF THE DAY: "They look pretty good, to tell you the truth. I'm sorry to have to tell you that."—head coach Romeo Crennel, on a Bengals defense that sacked Chiefs quarterbacks seven times in their season-opening win.

QUOTE OF THE DAY, THE SEQUEL: "It doesn't matter what (the fans) say or what the media says. It's all about the guys in this locker room and the guys upstairs. That's all that matters. It's not always the game plan. You've got to execute. You can draw up a million plays, but you've got to catch the ball, hit the right hole, get the first down."—tight end Kellen Winslow, showing his support for embattled offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon.

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