New Vids from Browns Fans

The Muni Lot has six new videos in the last week, and lots more...

It's the evening before an away game, but things are already hopping in the Muni Lot, or at least in the OBR's virtual version of it.

Our free home for blogs, videos, podcasts and more has a number of new items in it that you might want to check out as you await kickoff on Sunday.

For starters, tdc productions has kicked in three new videos on Saturday. Road Trips 2006 looks at the eight different venues that the Browns will play in during the 2006 season, while Life is a Highway is a light-hearted look at Ben Roethlisberger's helmet-free motorcycle riding obsession, with visuals courtesy of OBR forum photoshop artists. Finally, my personal favorite, is More than a Fridge, a wide-angle lens view of the Browns new nose tackle.

The new videos from tdc aren't the only fan-driven productions to appear in the Video Library in the last week. SeriousFans also has posted some video taken last week down in the Muni Lot, where they talk to fans, chronicle the usual craziness, and "help out" our ol' pal Art Modell.

If you're looking for more serious fare from Browns fans, scope out Ace Davis' most recent Trivia Contest, a well as other recent posts from both Ace and the Dawghouse Blog looking back at the Browns disappointing opening game.

Tomorrow, keep an eye open for Barry's Game Blog, with posts throughout the Browns game against the Cincinnati Bengals, with constant updates and thoughts from the OBR founder and webmangler as the game goes on.

See you there!


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