FanView: Keeping Your Spirits Up

Jeff Biletnikoff discusses the top non-alcoholic ways to continue to enjoy NFL football in 2006...

Being a Cleveland Browns fan is a challenge.

How do you keep you spirits up while watching the 2006 Browns?

If the team is heading for another losing campaign, I want at least the following to happen:

  • Beat the Steelers and Ravens both times.
  • The Steelers losses against the Browns cause them to miss the playoffs.
  • The Ravens losses against the Browns get the smug, arrogant Billick fired.
  • The Dallas Cowboys go 1-15 and Bill Parcells announces his retirement at an empty press conference.  By then no one will care to hear this arrogant and over-hyped coach.  By the way, without Lawrence Taylor, the bleach blonde starlet wannabe coach would be another Marty Schottenheimer.
  • Jerry Jones announces he's selling the Cowboys for financial reasons to the Tom Landry family.
  • Less of the Manning family.  PLEASE.  Especially those stupid, condescending commercials with Peyton cheering people on their way to do their jobs
  • No more lame Sean Salisbury-John Clayton ESPN exchanges.  Enough already!
  • Ex-players defending poor play during color commentary.  If you or I don't do our jobs properly, what happens?
  • I welcome any press conference where Bill Cowher is explaining a loss.
  • Ditto for Billick.
  • Ditto for Parcells.

My spirits are improving just thinking about these items.  I know I can't have the entire list but if the football gods will just give me a lot of Ravens and Steelers losses, especially to the Browns, I'll feel pretty good.

Just A Thought

Andra Davis has been saying recently that the players are 10 times more upset than the fans about the losses.  Great.  We don't care to have upset players, Mr. Davis.  We want better players so the best fans on the planet don't have to suffer mediocrity any longer.

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