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Brian Brennan to Visit Wednesday

We remember Brian Brennan as he was in the picture at left: making a key catch in an important game (in this case the AFC Championship game). Now Brian will visit us Wednesday as part of our live Browns Uncensored chat. Talk Browns with Lane and Dave at 9PM and Brian will join us around 9:30.<P>To get the new TheInsiders new <I>Total Access Pass</I> and join us Wednesday, <A HREF="">click here!</A> More...

Brian Brennan had a 10-year NFL career, the first nine of which were with the Cleveland Browns. Brennan was a key part of the Browns team with Bernie Kosar who went to the AFC Championship in 1986, 1987, and 1989. Brian's best year was 1986, when he nabbed 55 passes for 838 yards and a 15.2 yard-per-reception average. All told, Brian played 126 games as a Cleveland Browns and caught over 300 passes for the team.

Join us to catch up with Brian this Wednesday!

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