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Cornerbacks Featured in New Issue

The new Bernie's Insiders magazine hits the streets today, August 5th. One of the team's deepest areas, cornerback, is featured with Corey Fuller, Daylon McCutcheon, Anthony Henry, and Lewis Sanders on the cover. <A HREF="">Click here to subscribe</A>, and open this article to read more.

Jeff Schudel looks at the Browns deep corps of cornerbacks in the cover article of the new Bernie's Insiders magazine. Jeff talks to Butch Davis and all of the cornerbacks in putting together the in-depth article which is the centerpiece of the new issue.

But there's a lot more than that:

  • Bernie writes about the importance of the occasion of one of his closest friends, Jim Kelly, getting admitted to the Hall of Fame.
  • Who better than Eddie Johnson to talk about Earl Holmes adjustment to the 4-3 defense? That's the subject of his article this week. (Get well, 51)
  • We look back at the incredible Jim Brown, thought by many to be the greatest running back to ever play the game.
  • Reggie Langhorne offers his insight into the value that pre-season games have for rookies and veterans.
  • Insider Lane Adkins provides his print-only "Inside Scoop"

Plus, lots more such as Chuck Murr's trivia, a Jim Brown poster, our camp diary, Frank Derry's Frankly Speaking, and all the stats, schedules, pics and other great stuff you expect from Bernie's Insiders magazine.

Plus, congratulations to Hoolihan for having his Huge Post reprinted in Bernie's Insiders Magazine. Way to go!

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