Edwards Explains the Drops

Braylon Edwards talked to reporters on Thursday about his dropped passes in the team's first two games. Here's what he had to say...

Braylon Edwards knows he was drafted to be a playmaker in the Browns' offense, but through two games he's missed as many plays as he's made.

The problem: Edwards said he is overanxious after coming back so quickly from reconstructive knee surgery.

"I'm trying to make plays before I have the ball," he said. "I see a little opening and I'm so excited to go in a forward direction that I'm not doing the easy things. One, two, three -- catch the ball, tuck it and take off."

Edwards has had at least three dropped passes in two games, all of them vital. He left Michigan with the reputation of a player who sometimes dropped throws, but in the pros the stakes are higher.

One drop led to a game-ending interception against New Orleans. Two of them against Cincinnati ended or stalled drives.

One could have been a big play, and the ball was right in Edwards' hands.. It wound up on the ground. Though he did come back to make a 75-yard catch, Edwards knows a drop each game does not help the team.

Edwards is aware, and not short on confidence. He insists he'll get it right, but if the problem persists the pressure will increase as well.

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