Fanview: The Migration has Started Again

It's September in Cleveland, and now the stadium is completely infested. Dale Galbraith has the plan to rid the Stadium of these migratory noisemakers, however...

The Northern shores of Ohio has seen a most unusual phenomena since the fall of 1999. This phenomena starts around the last week of September or first weekend in October. It lasts until the end of the year. Most birds migrate south for the winter, but the Boo Bird migrates to the shores of Lake Erie. Many sightings can be seen on Sundays at Cleveland Brown Stadium.

The Boo Bird is a very passionate specimen. This is the same bird that made like a rabid dawg  during the final week of the 2005 season to help chase away those rival birds from Baltimore. The team needs to understand the intricate make up of the species.

The Boo Birds feel like they are part of the team, even though they don't suit up. Although, I once saw one dressed like Santa Claus in late December. The coaches and players need to be sensitive to this fact, so not to misunderstand the feathery ones' motives.

The Boo Bird is really a loyal loving creature. That are just voicing their displeasure and heartache in the only way they know. This love and loyalty is evident by the way they attack any invading species on Sunday. They can boo the Browns, but if you are a bird of different colors you better keep your peep-hole shut.

These birds with orange and brown feathers seem to multiply each and every Sunday.

Feeding on bad play calling, dropped balls, missed tackles, and bad execution. They seem like a frustrated breed. They actually look starved for some winning football.

They usually enter the stadium silently. They want to anticipate a winning performance, but recent memory hides those feelings deep inside. They want to hold their heads up in confidence but their necks are weak from watching other teams move up and down the field. They begin to expect the worst so not to be disappointed.

The migration will start again this Sunday when the Browns play host to the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns will try to protect individual players from hearing the dreaded  Boo Bird cackle. They may do this by introducing the whole team. There will be a few Boo Birds trying to be heard, but the meekest of the flock won't be able to boo the entire team.

As soon as the offense goes three and out the Boo Birds will start their chirping. If the Browns first half play is similar to the past two weeks. They will probably be serenaded off the field by a chorus of boos. If things don't improve in the second half it could get quite ugly. The Boo Birds will work themselves into a frenzy. Looking to feed on every little mistake. They've even been known to fight amongst themselves during this feeding frenzy.

How can the Browns prevent the Boo Birds from perching themselves on those very expensive stadium seats on Sundays?

The answers are simple:

Find a way to win consistently. Be respectable week in, and week out. Play hard up until the final whistle. Don't play not to loose. Leave it all on the field. Try everything to win. Play like every down is their last. Don't be towards the bottom of everyone's power rankings.

Or in the immortal words of Al Davis, "Just win baby."

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