Gameballs and Goats

Before watching the Ravens game, get the most honest fan reactions anywhere on the previous game...

The Week's Results: Gameballs and Goats was pretty popular this week as more than four hundred fans participated in the voting. At least the team's poor performance was fodder some amusing write-ins and comments. Week two is the earliest recorded use of someone's parents in the goathorn voting - it's pretty bad when handing the goathorns out isn't enough and fans have to reach out to the immediate families of the goathorn-earner. Ouch.

Player Gameballs
CB Leigh Bodden 259
P Dave Zastudil 144
LB Kamerion Wimbley 123
QB Charlie Frye 118
TE Kellen Winslow 86
S Brian Russell 66 

No one deserved a game ball (6), "Fans who still have hope. God bless you.", "Carson Palmer", "Lee High Bowden", "The long suffering fans.", The Cavaliers, "Browns Ball Boy, the kid gets embarrassed at school every Monday morning", "The Number One Pick in the 2007 Draft", LeBron James, "The Fans... if we're 0-16... I'll be here every week... and I know the rest of you all will too", "My cold (it woke me up in the middle of the night to catch the 2nd half of the game in Japan)", "The last page in the playbook, that apparently had "Braylon on a go route", Ralph Brown's Agent, "California Penal", "Fans For Putting Up With This Crap", "Whoever taught the Browns NOT to get penalties", "That lady who does those Mercury car advertisements", "Mike Brown", "Sweet, sweet beer", "Poppin' Johnson's head off", "Fans, for still being here", "All Browns fans for having to watch crap for 2 weeks in a row", "Pitbull Terrier", "Any fan that can actually watch that crap", "Tradermike(myself)", "The 11 Budweisers I drank while watching this mess on my Birthday!", John Collins, Brian "The Hammer" Russell, "Mrs. Winslow", "Michigan Wolverines!!" (ugh - ed.), "The Soldier", "Brian Russell's shoulder pad", "Me for watching the WHOLE game", "Pass Blocking", Plaxico Burgess.


Player Goathorns
DB Ralph Brown 250
Maurice Carthon (OC) 233
WR Braylon Edwards 145
CB Gary Baxter 96
Romeo Crennel (HC) 58
All Coaches 47

Entire Browns organization (4), Maurice Carthon's mother/parents (3), Terry Robiskie (2),  "(Phil) Savage, for giving us that crap about the fans being responsible for creating a real 'home field advantage' this year. How does he expect us to cheer for this?", "Fish rots from the head down", "Winslow's wife (where was she?!?)", "Braylon's hands...", "Our D-backs SUCK!!!!!!!!!", "Coaching staff with the exception of Todd Grantham", Front office, "The a$$ that stole that poor kids wheelchair last week", "Not throwing deep until fourth quarter", "Failing to score on Andra's pick", "Randy Lerner - a member of the Lucky Sperm Club who proves that he has not inherited his father's business acumen at all.", Butch Davis, "Lerner's office staff, Savage's scounting team, MO and Robo, Crennel", "AFN - I think the only Browns game they will air will be the Sunday nighter.", "Watersmeet Nimrods", "Grantham for calling zone defenses every time C.J. made a catch", Tim Couch, "The tipped ball demon", "Whoever is in charge of keeping Jerome Harrison on the sideline and putting Ralph Brown in", "Any offensive packages that have Winslow on the sidelines", "I forgot, Ralph Brown.", "Inside run defense...Hey Andra, try shedding a block this year.", "Not Playing Travis Wilson", God (what did we all do to him to face a wrath such as this?), Terry Robiskie, Bruce Arians, "The media", Ghoulardi and Captain Penny, "The Cincy Tailgate", "Phil Savage for not cutting Ralph Brown yet...", Frye's "quick reads", "Randy money bag$"


Fan Comments
naxos Hard to say anything good about this game but Wimbley deserves some credit as well as Sean Jones and Charlie can only do so much. Someone has to step up and catch the ball.
mxaxdxax Honestly, nobody really deserves one.
jdailey23 Wimbley and Bodden are the only playmakers we have on D
brownsbot Winslow shows a fire that the rest of the team still lacks. Bodden shut down Johnson when they tried to pass to him in man on man coverage. Russell gets one for his hit on Johnson at the end of the game... That redeemed his poor excuse of a tackle earlier.
sg2431 Leigh Bodden has "All Pro" written all over him
caryncbrownsbacker Have to go with the fans on this one ... because the product that is on the field cannot beat the Massillon Tigers
chico1227 Charlie lives!!!Thank you, o-line...
chad_611 It was great to see the O-line NOT give up a sack.
tribecadawg Congrats to Wimbley on his 1st sack, hopefully a sign of things to come
brownsbacker The OL allowed no sacks today at all but they also did not allow any running room.
c_gildas This team is on the same level as the Packers, Tenn., and the Raiders. It is quite pathetic that we've been in quick sand since 99'.
plumpgrizzlybear Bodden is a shut down corner, period. Why was there even a competition with Cutch? Baxter and Daylon should have been the competition to watch in camp. Todd Grantham, the Bengals should have only had seventeen points against us. They ran more than twenty plays over the average for a game. We tired out and gave up too much in the fourth, but I'll take seventeen points and the effort against the Bengals every time out. Sean Jones. You will get a gameball until you lose it. You were in position the whole game and tried to make a play every down. This is a testament to Russell too. He is in position on every single play too. His experience will pay off huge with Brodney and Sean.
dawg4l Nothing like a guy who can actually stop an elite receiver. As well as getting an interception. So who can stop number 85? that's right Lee High Bowden
vandalfan11 Wow, what a game...very disappointing performance from Carthon and Crew. TOTAL LACK OF IMAGINATION. Way to go Phil...he was pounding the ball on kickoff's...yay! Wimbley looked great, he should be in on every snap! Bodden did great against our Blonde Mohican friend. Just think if we still had Anthony Henry we could free up cap space by getting rid of Baxter
peltierm Anyone that would stick to the game plan and not go to a corner to make up their own offense. Seeing Willie MeGinest sitting on the sidelines towards the end of the game made you wonder what was going through his mind. He had to be thinking 'what was I thinking coming here? Are they going to let me try to make a difference or are they going to ruin these poor kids by fooling them into thinking that this is really the way football has to be played?'
brucek Brian Russell for the last hit on Johnson.
mistermagoo_21 These guys got sacks and interceptions at critical times. Davis had a TD stolen by the refs. This might be the most dominating offense in the NFL, and they did enough to turn it around.
bhaubert Boy, it's tough finding three worthwhile of any recognition.
chodan5 Russell if for nothing else than laying the wood on C.J. at the end of the game...but even that seems kinda' empty.
Another solid performance by Zastudil. Great signing by Savage.
gabrownsfan Good work by the O-line. Where were you guys last week? Hard for Frye to win games when the receivers can't hold onto the balls. More Winslow in the game plan. Zastudil is great.
mmmbrowns Brian Russell gets the game ball for making Chad Johnson bleed his own blood.
brinkcle This whole team blows goats....onto the Bengals bandwagon go I.
frankryan you cant be real if you give one gameball to anyone.
srunn49 Russell for hitting c. johnson in the mouth
dp10451 K2 was giving everything he had and could be a real force if they would just use him. Wimbley's got a motor that just won't quit. Bodden had a solid game and didn't give up the big play.
millh0use Leigh Bodden - Chad had decent numbers, but overall Bodden put him in his place. Brian Russell - Chad's chicken dance was weak...Russell's hit on him in the 4th quarter wasn't. That hit helped me not feel so bad after this game! Bet Chad thinks twice about running into our secondary again. Kamerion Wimbley - I still think he can do better, but he made his presence felt today.
mark zickefoose Zastudil for MVP! Wimbley brought some pressure finally, and Russell has to get one for decapitating Chad Johnson, even after the game was out of reach.
ktk Russell for tattooing Chad Johnson
katdawg Brian Russell should get a bonus for shutting Mr. Johnson up. Wimbley made some nice plays. The fans deserve the LARGEST of gameballs for putting up with this "game" we had to endure today.
number1brownsfan Leigh Bodden is just plain awesome! I'm so glad we have him signed for 4 more years. Almost all of Chad Johnsons catches were made in zone coverage, or against Gary Baxter, but he really had to work for the ones against Bodden. Pro Bowl, I'm telling you. The O-line look great in pass protection! I know they didn't open many holes for our RBs, but that's pretty impossible when the opposing Defense is putting 8 to 9 men "in the box".
Charlie Frye did the best he could with what little he had (bad play-calling, not being aloud to autible).
bigdaddy78 Leveling that talkaholic and getting blood, gives Russell a gameball, regardless of his play the rest of the game.
raine The Browns don't give gameballs away after they receive an ass whooping from their interstate rival, do they?
wholesaler1972 Russell deserves a gameball for the big pop he put on Chad Johnson. Frye and Bodden showed some heart.
spicydeigo another Sunday, another loss. but despite all the unhappy browns fans at the tap house, i am going to point out some of the positives. yes, there was a few, and no i am not drunk or on drugs. 1) only 2 penalties 2) Charlie was not sacked 3) we had 4 sacks, but we need to blitz more, still need more pressure on the qb. 4) Frye and the offense have improved from last week, but we need to spread the field and good down field more. for most of the day they stacked 9 guys in the box, so it makes it hard to run the ball, and the 3 yard pass plays over the middle in traffic are not going to get the job done. lets be honest, we have young players in important positions this is going to be a long season, and the bangles are one of if not the best offense in the nfl since the colts did lose "edge." but next weekend i will be at the game, and hopefully we can get our first win, if not at least i will be drunk. also b russell great hit on chad jonhson.
huppdawg Sean Jones led the NFL with tackles probably because He was on the field so much
nprdawg No bright spots for me. All aspects of this team looked horrible!
avicennasis Great effort by Bodden today, he only got victimized when they played zone on that side of the field. Awesome hit by Russell, and poor Charlie keeps getting victimized by what happens around him.
willy15 Wimbley was all over the field trying to make plays. Wish I could say that for the others.
indybones Winslow, Wimbley, & Jones are players.
marketing Zastudil for MVP!
glousterbrown Have to give the fans a gameball after watching this offense be so offensive two weeks in a row.
underdog71 Get the ball to Winslow!! Wimbley looked good.
dgjordan Winslow, he just play with energy, cockiness and attitude. Bodden is SOLID and Rocks!
lisbondawg they all played well
playbrowns Bodden played well, I don't recall CJ making any catches when Bodden had him in man coverage. Made several excellent plays on the ball. Gotta give the rookie his props for getting his first NFL sack, even if it was more of a coverage sack than anything else. Really freakin' pathetic that our punter gets a gameball, but at least he was better than he was last week. No more reminders of Frost, ok Dave?
kevinmrohr Wow, tough to come by many gameballs today. Bodden is great game in and game out, he might get a gameball for all 16 games considering his competition. It would be hard to imagine this team having three guys play better than him on any week.
gbeachy50310 NONE - no gameballs again this week for a loss, especially for a winnable game. Yet again, some faint glimmers of hope periodically, extinguished by more boneheaded mistakes, missed tackles, and bad play calling.
willedavis What a STUD. The man put the Browns on the sack board finally.
dandawg29 Nice hit Brian, I just hope it isn't the highlight play of this Browns Season
mweisenburger Bodden: Awesome tackler, knocks down passes, gets his hands on the ball all the time. All while covering the best. He can cover any receiver in the league, one on one.
muskiebuck I should get a game ball to replace the two that have been figuratively speaking been kicked in every time I try to watch these clowns play. They are the only team I know that can cause me to projectile vomit onto my wide screen TV when i watch their offense. Maybe the emergency room at the Cleveland Clinic can use replays of their games as an antidote against poisoning.
mweisenburger Russell- Did you see him almost rip Pepto's head off??? I ran it back in slow motion; the back of Pepto's head hit the '85' on the back of his jersey. New meaning for that '85' now, huh Pepto? Hardest hit I have ever seen. Hands down.
progrocker Frye because it ain't his fault. Us because we have to endure this sh*t. The Cavs because in the next 12-18 months, they're our only hope of redemption and joy as Cleveland sports fans.
aqib It was tough to find 3 guys to get gameballs today. But Dawson was 1-1 on FGs and hit both extra points. Zatstudil made some nice punts. I am reaching for a third so I have to give it to Pontbriand since all the long snaps got there.
donb20 where would we be without charlie
tecnodawg it'll take more than three or four guys to win a game. there should be a spot for the special teams on this list, but Kamerion played strong in his first start and deserves the ball.
myt5stang94 We all suck a$$
ricga no one
polluted At least Bodden made the highlights.
jimmccarthy73 Kellen Winslow is one of the rare people that the Browns have drafted that is clearly one of the best players on the field from either team.... it doesn't matter who we're playing. Charlie is getting better every game, 2 interceptions, and I'll say 50% of the first one was his fault... other than that all he needs to do is learn to read defenses better and he'll be a good QB.
chris5hollingsworth Can we bring back Tim and Butch? At least they seemed like they could lead us to the playoffs.
tomahawkdawg Bodden - another solid performance. So far the team's MVP. Frye - 2 Picks, but a good amount of yards and another running TD. Edwards - Had a lot of big drops, but still got over 100 yards.
tdh48 I know there are players who want to play and win, but they are few in number and cannot perform without team support. The best plays were mediocre so I stretched to give 2 gameballs and refuse to give more.
skat007 The fans should be gameball leaders this year if disgusting play like this keeps up. I was literally sick to my stomach watching this debacle. - Kamerion Wimbley was all over the field and he deserves props on his first sack and an all around impressive performance - Brian Russell was out of position a few times but he had the linebackers backs all day as they consistently got blown off of running plays. But the bottom line is that Russell's hit on Chad Johnson was one of the few things that made me smile yesterday.
stammi Winslow again was one of the few on offense who seemed to bring a passion to the offense. Wimbley made some nice plays throughout the game. He's still learning the position but he's already an upgrade over Stewart due to his playmaking ability. I'd say Bodden played Johnson to a draw. An entertaining match up
shrooney Bodden is an all-pro and the effort he puts in he deserves better. Frye and Winslow look like the only two on offense that give a damn
eck951 How could you give a game ball to anyone on this under motivated team?
clevelandfan Andra Davis - Nice pick. Phil Dawson - Phil gets a gameball, primarily because he consistently does what he is supposed to if the rest of the team could just do the same.
pissonpitt KW2 is the only one showing any consistency catching the ball. Time for pass catching drills this week.
mjo7777777 I'm only giving one, even though he is not really that deserving of one. The reason he gets one is because he finally got the stones to stretch the field. Granted it was in the fourth quarter and when we were already out of the game, but he threw a pass that was more than ten yards down field. On top of that, it was actually caught! It's about time we opened things up a bit because any corner in the league can jump a route when he knows you won't throw down field and your RB averages 2.2 yards per carry.
cashmoney216 I have to choose Russell for that decapitating hit on Chad Johnson near the end of the game. He hit him so hard I that this gold mohawk might fall off. That was the best hit I've seen in years!
schehlk Give the ball to Winslow
tmhart Game ball for the fans! We deserve so much better. I can't believe we still root for this team. Loyalty and our love for the Browns!!!!
mgrizut K2 only caught four balls, but in a game with few bright spots, he was one of them. Again. Good job sitting him out on those third downs, Mo. Wimbley looks good. Great to have him on the team. He's only going to get better. Bodden wasn't all-world, but he hung with one of the game's best and got his first pick. "Lee-high" has clearly been our best defensive player so far this year.
ngbrownie It looks like Zastudil may give Dawson a run for team MVP this year!!
muddydawg67 Get well soon Cutch.
ffas23 Fans are the only ones who deserve a gameball for putting up with the Browns.
froggy60 Very nice good Improving but. still some to go Made some very nice and sure tackles.
bfan99 Wimbley because he got his first sack, Northcutt caught everything thrown to him and Bodden continues to be our best player.
glennchannell Russell gets avote for one play: that beautiful hit on Chad Johnson on the Bodden interception.
deathbyeagle Gameball??...hmmmmmmmmmmm.....Gameball goes to the NFL for 60 minutes games as opposed to anything longer.
hanleyj2002 Z is gonna get a lot of punts this year.
rottnmoore For hiring Marvin Lewis and then staying out of things
jdavis Despite a pathetic effort, KW still shows heart and fights for every yard; Brian Russell for knocking the sh*t out of Chad Johnson; we deserve a gameball for watching this steaming pile of monkey crap they call a football team.
gregtng Winslow KNOWS his Miami team was better than this and Bodden likely is beginning to think his Duquesne team was as well...
hollywooddawg Good on Winslow for bringing Attention to Bodden! He deserves it. His name is now known on NFL it should be.
sakjdk the only two that showed anything on the field.
sfratianne Winslow deserves a gameball for the lip service he gave to Crennel. Winslow has passion where as the rest of the team doesn't. The fans deserve a gameball for having to sit through another pathetic showing!
srqdawg Russell gets the Game ball for making a bad game worth watching by creaming Chad Johnson with a good LEGAL hit. No one hope for any player to be injured but at least Chad might have a bit of respect for us now. CHarlie would have had a great game if not for all the dropped passes. Th O-Line gets one for dramatic improvement from last week - no sacks. They still have a long way to go but they're headed in the right direction.
hounddog409 Gameball to the fans. Why? because we continue to endure and support this piece of crap team. Embarrassing
dboots There were a few bright spots, but not many.
youngtmac21 Nice to see some safeties laying wood in the secondary...great job Sean Jones.
gingerdeadman Bodden was great again in Man Coverage...Winslow gets another ball for being the only player that seems to care.
kooz67 Leigh was awesome, Brian Russell..THANK YOU for putting some pads in that stupid grill of that mohawked dope. Kellen - Please try to give the rest of the team some of that fire and passion....
bleming Bodden is the real deal. Zastudil can punt. It's too bad he'll probably be our MVP (as was Gardocki because we don't have an offense). Davis' interception was sweet as well as his play overall, though the second missed interception really hurt.
dixiedawg Bodden came to play, Winslow gets a ball because he at least acts like he wants to win and the fans get a gameball because we don't get s$@# else from this team.
dirtydave98 Bodden did a good job on Chad "Mouth" Johnson, Russell for the hit on Johnson, & Frye has been solid
jonnyrockit Russell gets a game ball for the lickin he put on C. Johnson...bout time someone shut him up, only wish that it was in the 1st qtr. Bodden stepped up and answered C. Johnson. Kamerion showed his intensity...he looks like the real deal.
pitbullterrier Give the ball to Wimbley, Winslow, and Bodden. There wasn't too many choices for giving out gameballs, but these players deserve them most of all. Thanks for having guts. Too bad the rest of the team doesn't. Also, that Pitbull Terrier should get a gameball for tuning in the whole time during this debacle and not falling asleep.
browns1974 Sean Jones and Leigh Bodden are NFL caliber players and are showing it on the field. The punting is way better than the last 2 years.
grinquisit Russell drew blood from Johnson's face. A bit too late, but at least he gave us some sense of passion beyond the Browns' High School level of play.
three sewers gone Where was Mrs Winslow?
tradermike I deserve something for suffering through that abomination.
coxdaddy it was nice to see a few players who really gave a damn
Dawgalong Brian gets one for handing Chud his lunch. If only his head stayed in the helmet. LeeHigh gets one for playing tough. Charlie also hung in there again. Don't anybody loose faith in him yet. KW gets an honorary GB for fussing with any coach. If he knocks Mo out, he gets ALL my Gameballs for the rest of the year.
redright TWO GAMEBALLS: one for the fans that stuck it out; one for the fans that said they'll never get better if we keep giving them our money for this!
clayrocks RUSSELL Just for the HIT on Johnson alone. Bodden for the int. Winslow for speaking up about the offense.
reddawgonbtng Sean Jones for punishing Wesley Snipes Wannabe...Chad Johnson. Bodden because he's clearly the best DB, maybe player on the whole team.
apvic nobody deserves a gameball on offense!!
pincushion Zastudil was the MVP of the game. The punt that went out of bounds at the 1 was a thing of beauty. The only reason I gave a gameball to the O Line when we couldn't run for squat is the fact that they kept Charlie sack-free against a good D. I gave Baxter a gameball as well for sacking up and playing hurt when other players wont do it.
k2scar I have a new found respect for my former least favorite player in the secondary.
markfranzen I would feel more satisfied if they just kept a camera on her for 4 qtrs. It's not pride I would be swollen with it's know where I'm going with this.
oldeguard Leigh Bodden is the man!!!
i4browns991 how long can we keep Winslow here like this
dazedawg If there's an "after game ball", it goes to Winslow for telling the offensive coaches to get a clue.
section 527 dawg Michigan 47, Domers 21 - Only thing to salvage my football weekend. WOOHOO!! GO BLUE!! We are coming for the LUCKeyes!! F*** Notre Dame!!
mastilak I was at the game -- I saw Phil Dawson, Dave Zastudil and the ST coach working all game long, always warmed up (although Zastudil always HAS to be warmed up) and always working on something. And what do you know -- our special teams played well. Even the Dawson pooch punt worked. Romeo on the other hand just stood there and watched like he had no idea what to do. He's over his head and must go.
rutger No body gets a game ball in a losing effort but Frye and Droughns do get my sympathy. Usually don't like players talking especially about their coaches but props to Winslow here for just saying what every Browns fan, sports writer and who knows maybe even a GM and a couple of the coaches as well were saying.
shostetler3 The only guys who know how to do their jobs are the punter, kicker, and long-snapper. Maybe they should play QB, RB, and WR.
tellimad Blocks well, runs nice routes, but it doesn't matter because Mo thinks Josh Cribbs is a better option.
brownsman2002 Those three guys plus Russell's HUGE hit on Chad "the mouth" Johnson were the only highlights of the game. Winslow needs to be the field at every down.
clevelandcraig The O-line did a better job of protecting Charlie, Leigh Bodden has hart and skills, and KWII has hart and fire I only wish it was contagious.
tutorofthestudents Most physical play from the secondary we've seen in a while.
vick Brian Russell RULES
rfmc02 MORE LEON!!!



Fan Comments
naxos Braylon catch a ball already. MO you still have no clue and what the heck happened to our defense as a whole today?
jdailey23 Ralph Brown Sucks...he should be cut! The entire offensive gameplan is horrible, it would be wise to throw the ball downfield, the one time we tried we had a 75 yard play! BE shouldn't be used in short yardage pass situations, he isn't Kevin Johnson, he needs to be used more in long yardage plays
brownsbot CATCH THE DAMN BALL EDWARDS! Defense? Hello? Defense? Are you there? Ralph... Brown... I've seen better coverage in skimpiest bikini competitions.
theoz Carthon has the imagination of a 6 month old fetus. Soon we will have to point the finger at Crennel and Lerner for keeping this douche bag around.
sg2431 Ted Washington has been a huge disappointment. Somebody should tell Carthon its not the 1920's any longer. Its ok to throw the ball down field more than 8 yards.
caryncbrownsbacker So much for coaching up these lame arse over paid players. Both sides of the ball need LOTS of practice and LOTS of so called "Coaching Up" ... perhaps the coaching staff needs to be COACHED up!
chico1227 Does Ralph Brown receive a better paycheck from whatever team we're up against?
chad_611 Braylon has to learn how to catch!
tribecadawg Brutal performance by Ralph Brown, makes you realize how bad Antonio Perkins must be. Baxter was beaten early and often, and on the offensive side of the ball its apparent Mo must go.
brownsbacker For not showing any freakin emotions. Maurice Carthon has no imagination whatsoever.
c_gildas They should be ashamed. What a terrible team. We are making the Bengals of the 90's look not so bad. Our talent is really weak.
zigzag420 Where the hell was our "improved offensive line"? Where the hell was our "coaches with a year under their belt"? Where the hell were you "Willie"? Why the hell do I "keep using quotes unnecessarily"? Please, please "stop me!"
plumpgrizzlybear Braylon was a drive killer. You can't be playmaker when you drop that many balls. The long pass was great, but one pass you fumbled was intercepted and one of the others should have been. Catch the darned ball and help Charlie out. The O line actually played the pass pretty well, but the run was terrible today. I'm gonna blame you because I need a third goat, but it could be all the dropped passes. You can't run if you can't pass. I had hopes for Baxter to be the shut down corner we needed. I know you are wearing that weird harness, but it doesn't explain why your legs don't work as well as the receivers. You play the ball after the WR catches it. You aren't even assigned the number one receiver and you give up huge plays to a drunk pothead rapist.
dawg4l Just plain fire his @$$
vandalfan11 So sad, Gary Baxter looked like a rookie, Willie McGinest couldn't man-up enough to play ONE FREAKING SNAP! RALPH BROWN SHOULD BE RUN OUT OF TOWN...if you can't cover a 2nd and 3rd TE on a 5 yard pass, let alone turn that 5 yard pass into a 20 yd gain!???? Who the hell is this guy? What is wrong with Perkins? Is he WORSE than RALPH FREAKIN' BROWN????? Carthon- looks like the Kelly Holcomb offense today! WTF?
peltierm My Grandma could call a better game than that and she never sat down and watched a football game in her life! Romeo will definitely be on this list next week if he doesn't do something about Maurice Carthon as it is his responsibility as head coach to oversee his coaching staff.
ddhohenshil What kind of offense are the Browns running?? Come on, quit the constant 3 yard passes. Throw some intermediate passes
mistermagoo_21 More screen passes, quit ignoring Harrison and Heiden (a POSSESSION GUY?), and hook these guys up with Kevin Johnson so he can teach them how to CATCH! Charlie came through in the crunch....but....
bhaubert Offense still offensive/td>
cchodan5 Horrible all around. This team was not prepared to play for a second week in a row. That's inexcusable at this level./td>
ggabrownsfan This passive defense is horrible. Bend but don't break? Well, if you bend enough, you might as well break. Carthon has to go go go go. He's a bum. He sucks and my cats could call a better game. Romeo, the clock is ticking. You look like a deer caught in the headlights. If he can't handle the job, let's get Ferentz. Baxter is average at best. We need a better running back. Droughns won't repeat what he did last year. Braylon, try holding onto the ball more often, thanks # 3 overall pick. Another year of incredibly crappy football. Too much talent on this team to look this horrible. This keeps up, we're going to win four games. We're not even competitive. Nice job, Romeo. I hope you and Mo get canned. Note to Phil: draft some #$#$#$ O and D linemen next year with a first day picks.
mmmbrowns Braylon -- 3 Dropped Passes? Are you kidding me?? I think the Browns had better 3rd down conversion rates with 3Rd and 8+ to go instead of 3rd and 1. Have they converted any of these all season??? I guess, it could be worse ... TB has only scored 3 points all season./td>
losangelesdawg Maybe someone should tell Carthon that it would help the running game if he had Frye throw the frickin' ball over 10 yards.....someone PLEASE!
grouse TThere probably is not a high school coach in Ohio that couldn't be more creative!!!!!!! This guy has to go
brinkcle This poor excuse of a franchise will be lucky to win three games.....what a joke this team has become!!!!
frankryan Once again this team played like there just going thru the motions. no one seems to care. We have no game plan. Are oL hase more holes than a screen door. They cant run block or pass block. Our DBs couldn't cover me, they are terrible. Who is Ralph Brown? Must be the worst DB in the NFL. Edwards hands have turned to stone. R D cant run up the middle for anything. MC hast to be the worst OC in the NFL, he has no game plan at all. Like I said last week,i have been watching the Browns since 1959 and this years team is by far the worst ever. If we are going to win one game there must be changes made from the top down, we are that bad.
srunn49 Carthon couldn't call a pee wee game where they always run
dp10451 Mo gotta go! His learning curve just isn't steep enough. Who the hell told Brown he could play? See ya! Braylon, quit talkin' and catch the damn ball. Looks like you were playing against the Buckeyes.
millh0use/td> RRalph Brown - Burned every week. Braylon Edwards - I think Braylon will get better with time...but any WR drafted in the first round should be able to catch balls that hit them in the hands or chest!
Hank Fraley - I give you goathorns only because of the play that you allowed a blitzer to make it to Charlie before he could even make a handoff. You may have noticed that I didn't give Mo Carthon goathorns...I should have...but think that he'll get enough votes without mine. Why is it that we pass on 3rd & 1, but try to run a draw on 3rd & 8?????????
mark zickefoose The team was unenthusiastic and unprepared. The Bengals ran or passed at will, and all those linebackers we signed and drafted LET THEM. I believe Willie McGinest could have played, but CHOSE not to. And that's all on the coaching staff - each and every one of them failed miserably this week./td>
kktk Ralph Brown is the worst DB I've ever seen - it figures he'd be playing on this time. When is Crennel going to show some emotion - Some of these guys need to be dressed down on national T.V.
katdawg I picked Mo Carthon for all three slots. A sweep on 3rd and 9. A pass on 3rd and 1. Mo Carthon, I have made a voodoo doll or your sorry butt and I will not only pick you each week until you are fired to receive a goat, I will stick pins in my voodoo doll that is made in your likeness. /td>
phelix17 RRalph Brown wouldn't start on our flag team. Mo must go!
number1brownsfan/td> MMaurice Carthon NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!! I was at the game, and almost all the routes were designed for 5 yards or less, this even though the defense was playing 8 to 9 men "in the box". They were practically DARING the Browns to pass. Gary Baxter is the highest paid "toast" in the NFL! He can't cover or tackle! He needs to be released after this season! Braylon Edwards had over 100 receiving, but that doesn't make up for the three CRITICAL drops on 3rd down.
bigdaddy78/td> RRalph Brown is NOT a Professional football player, imagine if he had to cover a #1 receiver. Andra Davis, despite having an INT, is a complete waste as a linebacker, pushed out of the play time and time again. At one point in the first drive of the game, he flat out gave up. We don't need Linbackers waiting for others to make the play. All coaches get the horns. They once again had an unprepared team. Romeo is fast becoming a dismal coach, unable to motivate, and evidently, unable to coach in-game.
raine This organization is heading in the wrong direction... From the owner, to the GM, to the head coach, coaching staff, the QB all the way down to the waterboy- we are the laughingstock of the NFL. Maybe John Collins was right.
brownsfanmn13 Again, Carthon showing now imagination on offense. I just want to know WHY we aren't playing to any of our strengths, like why was Winslow not called on until later in the game (when the other team will start to expect it)? I knew we were in trouble when we tried to fake a pass throw and run (which was stuffed) and the announce said "By the way the offense lined up, they knew right away they would run." That shows me that Carthon doesn't understand how to hide ANYTHING. This is going to be a long season, we need to draft nothing but OL & DL. Anything else will be a slap in our faces.
wholesaler1972 one word for Maurice.....DOWNFIELD! are we sure that wasn't Quincy Morgan wearing the #17 jersey? Romeo will continue to get goathorns until the offensive play calling improves.
spicydeigo poor offense play calling, we need to go down field more to open up the running game, its hard to run with nine guys in the box. on defense we need to blitz more, got 4 sacks but besides that palmer had all day and pick us apart. were are our middle linebackers, they need to be in better positions and learn to get off their blockers giving up 150 yard on the ground equals not many wins in the nfl.
huppdawg This coaching staff sucks from top to bottom Time for some heads to fly I would have fired Carthon at Halftime of last week and it's not gettin any better
nprdawg Last week you could blame the o-line. This week the play calling was really the problem. I think a coffee cup has more imagination than Carthon.
avicennasis Another day of bad playcalling, dropped balls that got intercepted, and being mauled up front on both sides./td>
willy15 OOffensive Line was "Touch", "Stand", and "Look". It looked like they should have paid for a ticket to watch, because that's what they did.
indybones We need better from Baxter. This O-line is bad.
marketing Play calling is pathetic. Ralph Brown gets burned so much its amazing he hasn't gone up in flames yet.
glousterbrown Mo Carthon sucked again, but so did our D. I guess we need to "coach em up". Oh thats right, we did that this week
underdog71/td> Catch the ball Braylon!! Defense, stop the run... Please.
ejbiv68 II can't give Carthon any sort of vote or blame, cause until Charlie gets a real line to block for him, we are going to keep seeing the chuck n' duck Offense.
dgjordan Baxter looked like Brown, absolutely terrible!
lisbondawg they all sucked bad
playbrowns Carthon's gameplan is...welll... I don't have the words to describe it. 5 runs to start the game. I like trying to establish the run, but if you don't stretch the field at all and get breathing room you aren't going anywhere. The entire offense looked bad again. Droughns looks like he has Willie Green disease, and also shares the dropsies with Braylon. Bad gameplan + bad execution = suck. Ralph Brown should get a job at Petland.
kevinmrohr I'd like to put Frye on there because he had some time today and I'd like to assume our receivers are getting open, but rarely get a view of what's going on in coverage. Since I can't prove that he just isn't finding open men, he gets a pass this week./td>
cchrismunche Mo needs to be more aggressive and not all these little dump off plays/td>
gbeachy50310 CCARTHON: Craptastic! Pathetic play calling again this week. Please do the right thing and resign. Immediately. WR UNIT: Drop...drop...drop...drop. RALPH BROWN: Torched yet again. Changing your number after preseason has made no difference. We still know who are you, and still cannot figure out why are you taking up valuable space on our roster.
willedavis BE was always known to drop the ball in big games. I guess he is dropping balls in every game now./td>
mmweisenburger 3rd and 8 on the Bengals' 48? Let's run up the middle to set up a nice punt. That's Carthon. When will the BROWNS get tired of him making us look like losers and finally fire him?
muskiebuck Lerner, Savage, Crennel and Carthon are at collectively at the root of this nightmare. Two years of coach hirings, FA signings and drafts and this is what we have? C'mon, guys, there is no excuse for this pathetic effort. By the way-where are McGinest and Wilson-are you saving them for the stretch run? Or are Savage and Crennel on different pages here?

Say-can we trade teams with the Raiders?/td>
jjdiscerni Unbelievable. What AFL2 team did Ralph Brown play for? Seven years in the NFL?He's the worst tackler since Deion Sanders! He COULD NOT play any poorer than today! Why not play Daven Holly? What do we have to lose?
progrocker FIRE CARTHON! Put a foot in Grantham's ass! And since it's his fault for hiring these deadbeats. "Man-Boobs" Crennel gets goat horns.
aqib Other than our punter, kicker, and long snapper no one played well today. Frye did not look good. He missed open receivers all day, but he was also victimized by drops. Yeah Braylon I am talking to you. I can't even blame Carthon. He calls a play that has receivers open and the QB misses them or its dropped.
donb20 Braylon needs to learn to catch ball before he thinks hes one of the elites. quit celebrating before you win games. Braylon is no better than A Bryant
tecnodawg Wish there were more spots on this list. like Ralph Brown, the D line, Ruben Droughns, Charlie Frye...just to name a few. But we all know this list could go on/td>
ggobrowns Way to establish the run Mo.... If we run it the first 6 plays... and every first down, they'll never know!
dogguitars Three choices are not enough. Please add 20 more or make Lerner the only choice.
myt5stang94 Carthon for being such a big piece of s**t.
gregoryljohnson The worst defense and the worst play calling since the new Browns arrived.
When is it going to end?
dwatkins Do we even need to mention Mo?/td>
jjimmccarthy73 I don't care if Braylon can catch an 80 yard pass.... show me a 15 yard first down when it counts!!! The most frustrating part is they show us that they can be good and then the inconsistency just consistently kills us!
tomahawkdawg Brown - You are bush league. If we had an AA team, you would deserve to be demoted straight to it.
MoC - Another predictable, not exciting, less than average performance. You are walking a thin line.
D Line - (might as well throw the OL in there too.) Got dominated. I an't say much more. 350 yards passing by a QB, and 140 yards rushing by the RB. Time to pick it up ladies.
tdh48/td> II really don't know what is wrong with this team, but nothing is going well. In this instance, it would seem that everyone involved in the organization deserves goathorns. They weren't listed or I would have given one to the team secretaries.
flathunter Crennel does not have the courage to fire him.
skat007 All the players on both sides of the ball should be ashamed for coming out 2 weeks in a row and showing no fire. They just sat there yesterday and took their beating. - The coaches share some of the blame for that as well. But the bottom line is the gameplan was...well, was there even a gameplan yesterday? Does Maurice Carthon realize that there are more than 2 running plays (straight up the middle or long-developing toss sweep)? - Gary Baxter had better start earning his money. Cincy threw at him all day long and he got schooled by a second year receiver/criminal. Ralph Brown deserves honorable mention for being especially sucky too.
stammi Looked like Brown slipped and feel on the Kelley Washington touchdown and was exploited regularly by the Bengals. Baxter is overpaid and overrated. He is a weak tackler who often just throws is body at a player rather than using good technique. He was also beat regularly by Chris Henry who is normally the Bengals 3rd receiver. Edwards again dropping passes that hit him in the hands. So far this year he looks like a freaky athletic version of our old friend Quincy. His lack of concentration is going to getting old quickly.
shrooney Once again the Browns looked ill prepared, confused and I believe that blame falls at the feet of the coaching staff. Once again we can't stop the run or get the stop on third down.
clevelandfan Romeo Crennel - I have nothing but respect for Romeo, but I have a problem that this team seems to be in the early training camp mindset...they looked a tiny bit better yesterday, but after 7 years, this team should not be getting pushed around the way it has been. O-Line - This unit seems to still be stunned by the injury of Bentley...they need to get their heads out of the sand, and start playing up to the potential in which they were paid. The Whole Browns Organization - I will never give up on this team, but I have a problem with a team thats been around for 7 years that are still playing like a 1st year excuses for that. I don't know where the problem lies, but Randy Lerner needs to figure out where that problem is, and correct it...immediately!
mistofdeath67 No one on this team looks good!
pissonpitt A #3 pick should not drop 1, let alone 3 passes in a game. No fluidity on offense. Crennel might of hit the nail on the head after the game too many choices, time to simplify things and do them well, to bad it took him two games to figure it out.
tpostdawg We lost to a very good team but this lack of a game plan is getting real old/td>
mmjo7777777 Maurice Carthon is not qualified to coach a high school team. Kellen Winslow is, if nothing else, the perfect third down option. Here's an idea, lets take him out and put Josh Cribbs in. Cribbs is a hard worker, but he wouldn't make the roster on 28 of the 32 teams. I'm a life long Browns fan, but this team is hard to watch./td>
cashmoney216 You need to add the entire team as an option.
sschehlk I thought we fixed the running game? Well it started off this way last year too. I'll try to give them time./td>
ttmhart Ralph Brown, Where did we get this clown! Can't tackle terrible in coverage! We should know anyone named Ralph will not be a good Football Player. Maybe Curling or Bowling or maybe the corner bar shooting darts!/td>
mmgrizut I don't care that some of my favorite players come to his defense. I don't care that Romeo is taking some of his heat. Maurice Carthon is not a good offensive coordinator in the NFL. Keeping K2 off the field on third downs, running predictable draw plays on 3rd and long, installing Jason Wright instead of Droughns or Harrison on the opening drive of the second half... it really upsets me. I don't see how we average more than 13-17 points a game with this guy calling the>
Braylon Edwards. I want to love you. I really do. #3 overall. Great upside. I love that you worked so hard to come back from injury. I love that you've shown game breaker potential in both games this year. But for the love of God, catch the damn ball, man. This is the second week in a row I've typed this. And it's freaking depressing. CATCH THE BALL. You're killing me.

Defense - Are you serious? Big Ted? You there? Linebackers? Consider attacking the ball carrier. It's encouraged to tackle guys at the line of scrimmage, not seven yards deep. Baxter, I know you're hurt. But... Ugh. Bodden, Wimbley, Thompson, Russell's big hit on Chad, and about 60 percent of Andra Davis' play deserves a pat on the back. Otherwise, you guys sort of look pathetic. Like an overmatched I-AA team getting rolled by a Top 10 team on Saturday. Like a bad college team. I need a drink.
muddydawg67 Ralph Brown needs to call Kurt Warner and find out if that supermarket is hiring baggers.
fffas23 Growing really tired of the same old crap play by the Browns. Get rid of Carlton already!!/td>
ffroggy60 Maurice must GO!!!!!!!!!!! To many tackles made by secondary. We need better tackling skills. He looks lost.....
bfan99 Ralph Brown needs to be cut and Frye and Edwards have to play better.
optidawg Ralph Brown...worst CB in Brown's history. Mo - unimaginative predictable play calling. Romeo - Needs to override or replace his OC and also play some new about least he catches the ball. I'd keep changing players until the effort and execution match fans intensity.
glennchannell Two simple mantras for practice this week: CATCH THE @*&%*^! BALL for the offense and TACKLE THE @#*&^*@! BALL CARRIER for the defense.
deathbyeagle Mo C has to script those plays better--First three drive were all 3-and-outs for the second game in a row....freakin unacceptable!! Droughns gotta break some tackles---I know the o-line sucks but do something!!
hanleyj2002 Braylon couldn't catch a cold./td>
gov135 RRalph Brown... I know there we're not totally healthy in the DB department, but jeez... I'm gonna put his job up in the Plain Dealer help wanted ads this week...
jdavis Edwards needs to CATCH THE DAMN BALL! Ralph brown got smoked like a cheap cigar; baxter - see brown, ralph.
gregtng Note to receivers who drop passes because of trying to run after the catch- the pass likely was off target and too late getting there so you won't get any YAC anyways... Just concentrate on catching the ball and taking the 3 yard gain and associated crunching that goes with this offense's inability to threaten more than 6 yards downfield...
hollywooddawg Come the heck on Jammies... Where are you??? Spanking it over your soccer team... Get your money-soaked butt to Cleveland or sell to someone who cares!
sakjdk the rest of the team
jldrews Ralph Brown doesn't deserve a roster spot at Brunswick High.
sfratianne Carthon - Do you even have a game plan?
srqdawg Braylon had too many drops and he knows it. Baxter and Brown - ugh! Bodden can't do it alone. Can someone tell me why when no one else can catch a pass we can't play the self-proclaimed "best receiver of the 2006 draft" Travis Wilson?
hounddog409 Mo must go. Even my 8 year old knows enough not to keep running against 9-10 in the box or to keep KII on the sidelines during ANY play.
easternk9 This could be almost any Monday in the past 10 years and the comments are all of the same vain. How much longer will we be subjected to this pile of dog's crap (apologies to dogs everywhere for comparing your excrement to this team)?
dboots Head Coach Crennel & the coordinators bear the responsibility for this latest debacle.
glabonne Coach Crennel gets his GOAT on for not knowing his team. His suggestion that he needs to scale back the plays being called is inexcusable. First I don't think they can get much more conservative and secondly, how in the world can he not know what he has in the second game of the second season. The majority of this years version of a team was brought in by Savage and Crennel. Seems like at this point someone should know who they have.
youngtmac21/td> PPretty cute to start the game with 5 runs, Carthon. Pack your bags.
gingerdeadman RALPH BROWN RALPH BROWN RALPH BROWN.....oh my god ralph brown. There is no way he's better than Perkins or Holly
kooz67/td> Ralph Brown is leading the league in air tackles and whiffs....he sucks.
bbleming Carthon has GOT TO GO! Play to the TEAMS' strength, not the coach's. Crennel gets a goathorn because he won't get rid of Carthon and is he really getting this team turned around?. Brown couldn't cover a table if he were made of cloth.
lehrjet Burnt toast! Stinks!!/td>
ddirtydave98 Carthon SUCKS at play calling, use your talent, Ralph Brown can't even cover himself with a blanket, the D-line just got blown up
jonnyrockit Once again, the team looked ill-prepared, sloppy, flat, and played uninspired football. This falls on the coaches. What is Ralph Brown doing in the NFL? He reminds me of a fruit of the loom commercial, where he dressed up as a mascot to get in the locker room.
pitbullterrier Man, there are so many people that should get this award that there weren't enough boxes for me to fill in. We need more boxes, Barry.
browns1974/td> BBraylon Edwards should be able to catch a ball that hits him in the hands. He dropped 4 passes... Ralph Brown sucks. Period.
grinquisit I'm tired of the media being so passive and afraid of coaches and players during the Press. Conf. When Romeo gives attitude, they all seem to back off. The media ought to do justice at representing the best fans in sports. Talk back and tell him to stop lecturing and asking the press questions. Tell him it is the media's job to ask questions, not his. Nobody asked Q's about Ralph Brown, no Q's about Carthon, no Q's about Dilfer's departure as forewarning about Carthon . . . Put some heat on the guy in person, to his face!!!!! Please!!!!
three sewers gone Where the heck are Fat Ted and Willie?
muskiedoug Their tailgate in cincy is a picnic. people showing up right before gametime, every saying good luck today... Weird!
coxdaddy brown and Baxter can both go take a seat they both smell like burnt toast
dcsherman Is it possible? But yes--we are a much worse football team than last year. Imagine that!
matyiac84 Uhhhh, let's see....oh yeah! MO gets a goat. Once again, a pathetic display of nothing. The most Putrid, vile, uninspired garbage, rancid, predictable, lame, sorry, unintelligent, sickening, moronic, display of crap I have witnessed to date. HEY ROMEO, WAKE THE HELL UP!!! SHOW SOME EMOTION ON THE SIDELINE YOU SLUG. I feel as though I'm watching Art Shell blink and nod at the microphone. Todd, I think you're a great coach, perhaps the best coach in this mix of idiots, but man, will you please go after the QB? It worked in the second half. BRING THE HEAT!!! I'm sick to my stomach. 1k for season tickets, 300 for the superfan package, 5k for a 60 inch Sony with high def, listening to my wife rightfully complain every month when the $160 bill comes and this is what I get? SOMEBODY OWES ME AN APOLOGY!
Please sign me DAWGALONG/td>
redright None... too many of the coaches and players are trying too hard to get them.
clayrocks Carthon for his play calling. Edwards for the dropped balls. Brown for just being on the team.
reddawgonbtng Edwards dropped a big pass in the OSU/Michigan game, and still hasn't got over it. Ralph Brown should charge money for letting the Bengals use him one by one. Anyone that can't draw plays up in the dirt to get the Soldier the ball needs to be ridiculed, then released.
mrgrinch waiting on the Carthon Countdown...
pboydawgin My goathorns go to Antonio Perkins. If he can't beat out Ralph Brown for a spot on Sunday's, he HAS to be terrible! F*CK RALPH BROWN!!!
pincushion/td> II had to listen to Bengals fans laugh at Mo's calling of a 3rd and 8 draw. It's plays like those that drive me to drink. I'm glad he decides to open up the offense and go downfield when were only down 17. Ralph Brown might be the worst cornerback I have ever seen in my life. He couldn't start for an AFL team. Washington was non-existent in the run game.
k2scar/td> RRalph Brown is more terrible than Ray Mickens which is almost like something being colder than absolute Zero. It's theoretically impossible but somehow it happened...
markfranzen Now he is buying a soccer team? What do they say about having to many irons in the fire? He needs to decide what type of football team he wants to own and stick with it, that's all the Browns need, an owner who cares less about his team than he already does..
oldeguard Our receivers run routes and catch like they're coached by a running back and the offenselooks like it's run by a fullback. Oh wait, they are! I don't know who coaches the D backfield, it looks like the DB's don't know either.
Dear Phil Savage, please start getting a contract ready for Troy Smith, a new O coordinator and a new receivers coach (maybe someone who actually played the position). Brian Brennan & Linde Infante, where are you now?
i4browns991/td> sshould throw the ball to MR Edwards big mouth then he wouldn't drop it. Those lineman early in the draft last year sure look good now don't they Phil!!!
dazedawg Between Carthon and Robiskie, we have bad play calls offset by inability to catch the ball, anyway. I'm sick.
section 527 dawg BRAYLON - CATCH THE BALL!!!! Fire Maurice Carthon NOW!!!!!/td>
mmastilak Edwards has to learn to catch across the middle when the ball hits him in the hands. He can make the catch ten feet in the air or 75 yards downfield but he has to be a reliable player every down. The offense was terrible -- only one pass longer than 15 yards when the Bengals weren't blitzing all game. And Romeo has no place being a head coach in the NFL. Just a terrible job overall. He even tried to challenge down-by-contact. Schoolgirls in Guatemala know you can't challenge down-by-contact. What a buffoon.
rutger Carthon and Grantham get my only goats. If your going to go down at least go down swinging. The hell with this sit back and wait crap on both sides of the ball. A running attack can be aggressive if it's used that way. Attack with it and stick with it through out the game. This teams efforts have been a HUGE disappointment to date and not only to Savage and Crennel. Get Kosar onto that Offensive coaching staff and someone/anyone on the Defense staff with the balls to coach an attacking style.
shostetler3 The nightmare continues./td>
ttellimad Frye needs to take Evelyn Woods speed reading course and hit a hot read instead of looking like a flag football player.../td>
brownsman2002 TThat's right. Ralph Brown gets two votes. He's a piece of garbage. Carthon and Crennel get the Goathorns for being morons and not making any good adjustments.
resash Carthon MUST GO!!
clevelandcraig I just want to know where the FIRE is on this team. I have more passion then 99% of the guys on the sideline AND I PAY TO WATCH THEM...they are the ones lucky enough to get paid to play football.
tutorofthestudents Playcalling continues to be awful. Edwards needs to catch the football. Ralph Brown is the biggest weakness of the defense.


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