Browns Optimistic After Narrow Loss

Romeo Crennel and the team's players feel things are looking up after the Browns narrowly missed upsetting the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Here's the latest from Berea...

Even though the Browns are 0-3 for the first time since 1999 they are in good spirits because they came within 20 seconds of stunning their rivals from Baltimore Sunday.

After the game nose tackle Ted Washington was singing like a crooner. Orpheus Roye looked at Washington as though Washington flipped his wig, but the big nose tackle did not seem upset, and on Monday his teammates talked about good vibrations in the locker room.

"We're keeping our heads high after that loss," Kellen Winslow said. "It really wasn't a loss. That's the way we feel around here. We're laughing and joking around.

"We're 0-3, but that doesn't tell all the tale. We hung with one of the best teams in the NFL. We're a team on the rise. Our record doesn't show that, but we'll be back."

The Browns will try to snap their winless streak this Sunday in Oakland. The Raiders will probably be in a foul mood. No one is smug - how can an 0-3 team be smug - but the offense feels good after churning out close to 300 yet yards and the defense is feeling pretty good after holding the Ravens run offense to 86 yards.

"With the way we played yesterday, there's more reason for optimism," Coach Romeo Crennel said Monday. "You have to be consistent in the NFL. The challenge is to see if we can play as hard and better the next week."

Blind Side Boo Boo: Kevin Shaffer was blocking the man across from him and Winslow was blocking Terrell Suggs on the fateful play on second-and-goal from the Ravens 4. Ravens linebacker Bart Scott rushed unhindered and crashed into Charlie Frye's back just as Frye was throwing the ball. The result was an interception by Chris McAllister, the Ravens cornerback in front of Braylon Edwards, the intended receiver.

Crennel said a breakdown in communication resulted in Scott not being blocked.

Crennel has drawn some criticism for not milking the clock and having Phil Dawson kick a field goal. That would have put the Browns up by five points, 17-12.

"We wanted a score down there," Crennel said. "If we could have scored a touchdown, that would have helped us more than a field goal. We were trying to score."

Droughns, Roye Eager: Reuben Droughns and Orpheus Roye hope to play against the Raiders. Both missed the game against the Ravens because of shoulder injuries.

Roye, the left defensive end, has a strained rotator cuff. Droughns has a bruised clavicle, a bruised chest muscle and a bruised shoulder. He practiced Friday and wanted to play against Baltimore but was in too much pain. He figures with a few more days resting he'll be ready. An ice bag was taped to his right shoulder Monday.

"Oh yeah, you can count me in," Droughns said. "I want to play Oakland because of last year. We were down on the goal line four times and didn't get in. You want to get that back."


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