Adam Caplan Chat Transcript (9/25)

Here is the transcript of all the questions Adam answered during his chat on Monday night. Get insight into the Browns and how they are perceived around the league from the and Sirius Radio NFL expert!

Butzmark: Any news today?
Adam Caplan: Nothing other than Droughns said he'll be back, Roye probably
Adam Caplan: though he could be limited in practice this week

nybrownie: so how do the Browns fix the OL(this yr)?
Adam Caplan: NYB: No one out there really
Adam Caplan: The OLS that are out there are journeymen types like Ron Stone

nybrownie: Can freidman be better than andruzzi?
Adam Caplan: NYB: Doubt it
Adam Caplan: he's a backup who can play a few positions

artbtz: Any scuttlebutt in league circles about Mo Carthon or Phil Savage? Both have gotten some heat recently.
Adam Caplan: ART: As I've said many times, they need a president over Phil know knows the NFL well
Adam Caplan: I did like the game plan for BAL mostly but they needed to get Harrison the ball more

nybrownie: Will Ephraim make the team after his suspension?
Adam Caplan: NYB: Haven't heard anything

jdailey23: what do you really think of Winslow, and Bodden??
Adam Caplan: Winslow is solid, looks good so far, I don't have a problem with him calling out the coaches for the most part
jdailey23: What about Bodden?
Adam Caplan: JD: Good overachiver

nybrownie: Who's the biggest suprise so far this yr?
Butzmark: Do you think Savage has been impulsive with some things and needs someone to talk to?
Adam Caplan: BUTZ: He needs to handle himself better with saying the right things to the media
Adam Caplan: That's something he'll have to learn on his own over time

artbtz: Any head coaches you think will be gone inside the month?
Adam Caplan: ART: at the end of the season, could be Gibbs, Green, Shell
Butzmark: Would Gibbs quit or get fired?
Adam Caplan: Gibbs may quit

Guest64: is there any truth the browns might sign rogers the wr from detroit
Adam Caplan: 64: Can't see it
Adam Caplan: Jurevicius has a chance to play this week
Adam Caplan: must practice though

Guest232: Adam Caplan : what do you think of sowells as a viable long term guard?
Adam Caplan: 232: Developmental project for down the road

nybrownie: Hows Baxter, McGuinest?
Adam Caplan: Baxter is improving but 50-50 at best

Guest64: do you think the browns will replace both guards positions at end of the year
Adam Caplan: 18:No but this could be it for Andruzzi
Adam Caplan: They still have to upgrade there next season

ramllov: Mr. Caplan, do you see any guards/centers on other teams practice squads that the Browns would want to sign?
Adam Caplan: Ram: No one of note

Guest232: what about demario minter ?
Adam Caplan: 232: We'll see what they say as it gets closer to the PUP deadline

Guest160: Sorry if already asked - how is Droughns - will he play next week?
Adam Caplan: 160: He says yes

ramllov: AC do you like the play of the Browns new center?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Not bad, work in progress
Adam Caplan: Fraley isn't a good run blocker, that was his problem in Philly

jdailey23: Odds Carthon getting canned before the season is over?
Adam Caplan: JD: Not strong

Guest160: Browns biggest need?
Adam Caplan: `60: Upgrades at G, pass rush help next year

ramllov: AC is it your feeling that the Cleveland Browns all season will be a work in progress, with a chance of a good upside?
Adam Caplan: RAm: Offense will get better with Edwards and Winslow healthy.
Adam Caplan: But they must run better and get a better pass rush
Adam Caplan: They should play Wimley and McGinest more together if he's healthy

Guest160: Is Shaffer good enough at LT?
Adam Caplan: 160: I thought Shaffer would play better

Guest160: Can Shaffer play guard?
Adam Caplan: 160: He's better off at LT

Guest129: do you feel the browns will have a new oc next year and if so who do you like?
Adam Caplan: 129: Possibly, ask me as we get closer to the end of the season on OC

Guest160: Will Friedman be starting in the near future?
Adam Caplan: 160: Doubt it

Guest160: How is Roye?
Adam Caplan: 160: He says he'll play but could be limited in pratice.

nybrownie: How do u feel DQ is progressing?
Adam Caplan: I like what DQ and run D is doing
Adam Caplan: so far
Adam Caplan: They need to get Baxter back ASAP though
Adam Caplan: OAK won't pose much to the secondary but after that they really need him
Adam Caplan: Andrew Walter QB for OAK had a bad preseason

Butzmark: What did you think of Holly at cb?
Adam Caplan: Butz: He's best in dime

ramllov: Pittsburgh has lost two, do they hae a problem? Just an injured QB?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Ben R really is struggling

Guest129: is frys arm ok i notice he was looking hurt from being tossed around ?
Adam Caplan: 129: Ok, just banged up. He's doing as well as he can so far, played fairly well against BAL, that's very impressive
Adam Caplan: and Edwards looks good
Adam Caplan: they do need JJ back though
Adam Caplan: and get the running game going

ramllov: What is your impression of the Browns two rookie LBs, they are getting playing time.
Adam Caplan: Ram: Wimbley should be starting every week, they need to make the move ASAP

ramllov: Yes, how come so many sacks, is he still holding the ball too long?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Indecisive

Guest129: speaking of jj are the ribs brok or not ???????????
Adam Caplan: 129: All I can say is he's ahead of schedule

Butzmark: Why do they keep Northcutt at 2?
Adam Caplan: Butz: JJ starts when he's 100%%
Adam Caplan: 129: If he had broken ribs he wouldn't be playing this week
Adam Caplan: or have a good chance

Butzmark: Is JJ a 2? seems like they played him at 3 before the injury.
Adam Caplan: Butz: They're paying him to start, Nortcutt is much better as a slot WR

Guest160: Still believe Frye will be a bona fide NFL QB?
Adam Caplan: 160: We need to see much more from him to get an idea

Guest141: Travis Wilson?
Adam Caplan: Wilson really won't be needed much when JJ gets back

Guest129: are opinions of fry through out the nfl starting to change about fry and his talent level?
Adam Caplan: 129: Most believe he's a work in progress

Guest141: so Wilson is just wasting a tear because he reported 2 days late?
Adam Caplan: 141: Where would he play with the top three healthy? At best #4
Adam Caplan: teams generally don't use 4 WR sets
Adam Caplan: Northcutt is a better slot WR

Guest160: Who got the better of the deal - Browns/Wimbley or Ravens/Ngata?
Adam Caplan: 160: Long-term Wimbley.

Guest160: How many years does Ted Washington have left?
Adam Caplan: 160: Maybe one more but they need to groom someone to replace him

Butzmark: DO you know what coach said ""Washingon's already retired but dosn't know it""?
Adam Caplan: Butz: Not sure what you're referring to
Adam Caplan: Other than he can only be on the field for a certain amout of plays
Adam Caplan: that has been the case for most of his career due to his size

Guest141: well it took 3 guys to block him on one play, not bad for an old man
Adam Caplan: 141: He's a two-gap DT, one of the best

Adam Caplan: All: That's all the time I have, see you in a few weeks

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