Browns-Ravens: Gameballs and Goats

The fans have spoken. And this is what they have to say: "Charlie... Charlie... Charlie..."

The Week's Results: The hometown board earned the most gameballs this week as the Browns had some top draft picks who actually played like the stars they were supposed to be (and Kamerion Wimbley finished just out of the gameball running as well). That's a sign that the franchise may be headed in the right direction despite the team's 0-3 start. Meanwhile, the Browns offensive line got saddled with the biggest goathorn voting, perhaps ever... and that's not counting the third and sixth place finished for the team's guards. After next week's gameballs and goats, we'll start the year-long tracker to see who is the 2006 fan's MVP and Goat of the Year.

Player Gameballs
QB Charlie Frye 249
TE Kellen Winslow 203
WR Braylon Edwards 180
DL Simon Fraser 57
CB Leigh Bodden 34
S Sean Jones 28

 "Carthon's first half playcalling", Charlie "Superman" Frye, LeBron James, Lawrence "The Minibus" Vickers,
The Best Damn Band in the Land (Ohio State Marching Band), Eastern European chicks, The fans, for chanting "Charlie, Charlie", Fans at CBS, "Every Browns player out there Sunday", K2's Babysoft Hands!, AFC North, "Whoever took the photo of stover and whoever hugging", Dieken, "Mo and Romeo for listening to Winslow", My poor broken heart !!!, Samari Rolle's Wife, Charlie's Resilient Crustache,
Ray Lewis, Steve Mcnair, and Bart Scott, Punter/Kicker, Margeaux Robinson 


Player Goathorns
Offensive Line 198
Maurice Carthon (OC) 90
OL Joe Andruzzi 65
CB Daven Holly 50
CB Ralph Brown 30
OG Cosey Coleman 29

Carthon's second half playcalling, Whoever is responsible for the game not being televised (2), Taunting Penalties, Drunk guy in section 105, that threw a water at someone and completely missed - stupid douche bag was trying to pick fights all day, Hands on our DB's, Stover's Boyfriend: Pierre, Dropped Interceptions (2), Offensive Protection Scheme, All those who said we'd get killed by the Rats!, TV Announcers, The Head Refs Eye Doctor for making him color blind, David Modell (Boy Sherman), The entire offensive line, they were "OFFENSIVE" !!!, The Ravens: for even existing as a team, 4th quarter "defense", Art Modell: Ratbirds Founder, "Gary Baxter's man boobs"(2), Marty Schottenhomer for the "Gleam Speech", No First Day O-line Draft Picks In 2006, The guy that gave the "vs. Saints" and "vs. Bengals" play book back to Mo after half time, whoever in the hell it was covering derrick mason any time in second half, Reuben Droughns, All Baltimorons, Brian Billick, Matt Stover, Rueben Droughns Shoulder, Baxter's booby, BBO, NFL


Dawg Comments
muskiedawg01 I thought that the Frye, Edwards, and Winslow combo showed the fans that they have some talent and will be exciting for years to come. Simon Fraser had an excellent game. He came off the bench and showed us he can play. Sean Jones also had a big game, again. He's looking better and better every game.
bitbb Frye carried us today. If that was Dilfer it would of been 15-0. He got killed and never backed down
allhailshapiro Frye did well in his early game adjustments, especially in the face of the rush he faced. The defense played fairly well, they got stuck on the field in the 2nd half. Jones made some terrific tackles and really showed up today.
bigdaddy78 Our playmakers stepped up. Kellen put up so he doesn't have to shutup. BE is exciting. and Charlie made plays despite being sacked repeatedly.
ratbirdfeatherplucker Mount Washington should get a gameball just for being 90 years old and still drawing a 3 man block. That's just unreal.
skat007 Braylon bounced back nicely from all the drops and made some nice plays. He and Frye have great chemistry. - Charlie was very good when he had time to throw and continues to make gutty, instinctive plays. The interception was helped by the huge hit he took. Without that hit, I think the pass is a lot better. - Simon Fraser was everywhere today. Getting pressure on the QB, breaking up running plays, tracking down screen passes from behind. He was excellent.
srqdawg Frye, Winslow and Edwards all had an excellent game today. With a decent OLine we could have an outstanding offense for years to come. The INT was not Frye or Edwards' fault - it was the OLine.
dawg4l All, in all, I was very pleased at the players performances, and I stress players, in this game. Frye showed the toughness to be an NFL QB, and Edwards and Winslow should their great abillities. I wasnt too surprised at the general ineptness of the running game, seeing as how Droughns wasnt there. Over all, D I was pleased. They got tired and sluggish at the end but it happens. That was a great 4 and 1 stop. They blitzed and kept some presure on Mcnair, and look what happens. He gets sacked, and makes poor decisions.
savante The big 3 were the best players on the field, you can't complain about that.
bobbyflats Stewart gets the nod over Winslow for his huge 4th down stop (and Winslow's taunting penalty).
dawghowl The Entire defense showed up today and played with great intensity. They really came to play, they hit hard and made the stops needed to keep us in the game.
plumpgrizzlybear Defense was great and the crowd was loud behind them. Kudo's to the D and Grantham.
Northcutt going across the middle all day and Charlie going to him early opened up the field for Braylon and Winslow the rest of the day. Gameball for Dennis.
rutger Frye, Winslow and Edwards plus Romeo get one..
Frye did an excellent job when he had the time and even when he didn't which was almost every play..
deathbyeagle Offense:
Frye: Gutsy and accurate
K2: reliable hands--never drops
Braylon: Big play guy

S. Jones: getting better every week
Wimbley: getting better every week
DQ: getting better yada yada yada

Something to build on...
elracko Gutsy performances from these guys. Should have won.
angstrl Finally some positives. Charlie took a pounding; kudos to the fans for chanting for him. K2 gets one for telling it how it is, even if the venue was poor. Fraser showed up; just another THE Ohio State fine product.
ngbrownie There weren't enough I needed 4
pgile They lost again and I really hate losing. But from where a sat up in the nosebleed seats, I saw the Browns play a hell of a game. Even the OL that was seriously outmanned gave Charlie enough time often enough to put up nearly 300 yards against one of the best defenses in the NFL. And when I heard that starting defense announced before the game with the missing starters, I thought we might see the Ratbirds arguing amongst themselves as to whether they should run over us or pick us apart in the secondary. But those guys sucked it up and played their hearts out. They've got a long way to go but I couldn't stand to listen to the post-game show on drive home because I didn't want to hear a single complaint about that team.
dk Carthon actually called a decent game, gotta give him props
didget Winslow is a gamer
dawgdc You can't say enough about our BIG 3 Frye/Winslow/Edwards. I think they all say the potential first hand this week. Winslow is a Warrior, Frye is the heart beat of Ohio and Edwards for 3 straight weeks has beaten corners for long gains.
The other people I mention in gameball write in's are all young players. Simon Fraser made big strides in playing on the defensive line more. The sack of McNair and the 3rd down play where he stopped Heap 2 yards short of a first down was one helluva play. I can't say enough about Sean, Brodney, Leigh, Kam and D'Qwell. Sean and Brodney are our future safeties no doubt about that because they both were all over the field. Kam and DQ played there best games as pros and there future looks so bright it's scary!!!

playbrowns McGinest looked fired up all game, actually made a play. Stewart was in the backfield on the 4th down stop. Winslow had some nice plays, and it looked like his words got him noticed as he was in on almost all third downs from what I saw.
skreemandawg It was great to see K2 step up for the third time in a row. Consistancy is so key right now. Frye is a ROCK!!! Braylon rounds out the "Triplets"... we just might have us an offense! DQ showed up and killed their 2-point play - NICE!
zorik19 Fraser stepped it up, and Frye took the beating of his life, that pick wasn't necessarily his fault either.
chico1227 Charlie carried this team on his shoulders, even though he spent three-quarters of it on his back.

Fraser had a great game. Ol' Roy wasn't even missed. Let's hope this is another major score from the '05 UDFA class.
fgm Charlie Frye- Gutsy performance amidst all the blitzing the Ravens did. Made some mistakes including the interception (which I don't completely fault him for) but still managed to hold his own in almost getting his first 300-yard passing game.

Kellen Winslow-Other than the stupid taunting call, he played a solid game. As much as I disliked Winslow last year with the Evil Keneval stuff and the fake apology, I have now changed my tune and proclaim, "I love you, man!!!"

Ted Washington- Nice of you to finally show up for a game. You actually played like a Pro Bowler today. Keep it up, you old fart.

Kamerion Wimbley- Had a few good pressures on McNair. Played the run pretty well. He's still learning the pro game, but he's coming along very nicely.
mdr Winslow is a man among boys - he absolutely has to be on the field for every offensive play. He is the real deal.

Chuck Frye - this kid was hammered all day and still continued to do everything possible to try to win.

Bodden - best DB the browns have had since the 1980's.
tomahawkdawg Frye - Played tough.
Braylon - Another 100 yard game.
KW2 - Playing with a nice chip on the ol' shoulder. I like it.
AFN - Thanks for finally showing a Browns' game.
indybones The Stewart sack was one to remember. Looked like he came up barking!
copdawg This has to be Sean Jones best game period.
topdawg29 I think Willie's sack was the fuse that fired the whole team up. Finally a game to cheer about. Now we have to build on it.
shrooney Frye is tough as nails!! Winslow backs up his mouth. Leigh is so damn good. THey all deserved to win.
cbusdawgzone Hell of an effort by a defense that is finally maturing!!! The offense put left them on the field for most of the game, and for the most part they really played well!!! Not perfect or anything, but I thought they showed a lot today!
clevelandfan Charlie Frye - Considering the amout of time he was given, he had a tremendous game. I don't put the last interception on him, that should have been a running play anyway---stupid playcalling.

Braylon Edwards - Braylon proved why he was a 1st rd draft pick last year.

Kellen Winslow - Backed up his words and proved why he should be out there on 3rd down.
dndii When was the last time in the NFL u saw a QB has Frye's halftime stats while being litterally crushed on evry throw???

The combo of Frye & Edwards & Winslow is going to be a thing of beauty on the Lakefront!!!
brwnsy2k Winslow is an absolute beast, he walked the walk and is the best player on the team. Hopefully he doesn't break his other leg.

Frye put together a tremendous first half and played his best game to date. If he only had time to throw.

The entire defensive unit was great and played inspired football. Solid contributions were made my many, including Sean Jones, Matt Stewart, Simon Fraser, Wimbley and McGinest
fog dawg Diek had the right call on the second review of Derrick Mason's catch. Mason's foot was out-of-bounds before the catch, and it should have been called a penalty.
kastncrew Winslow is a soldja, Charlie is a Warrior, Edwards is a Star... and together they are the Heart and Soul of The Cleveland Browns. Because of these outstanding young men, I am PROUD to call The Browns MY TEAM once again. These are the guys that will fight their way through losing, heartbreak, good times, and bad...and after all of it, they will emerge as CHAMPIONS. Only the Heart and Soul of a Cleveland Browns Fan can take this city to the Promise Land, and that Browns Fan wears an Orange Helmet, a Number 9 jersey, and is the toughest S.O.B on the planet. That Browns Fan is Charlie Frye and he will forever be remembered as "The Quarterback of the Super Bowl Champion Cleveland Browns".
r22weiss Frye showed a lot of grit on Sunday. It's just too bad it ended the way it did. Whoda thunk that he would have passed for 298 against Baltimore??
vintage1974 Playmakers making plays. If the rest of the team had the intensity of these 3, we'd be in better shape. Braylon gets an exemption on his earlier drops for getting back on the field so early.
omarvizquel The big three - Frye, Edwards, Winslow - showed why they will be great assets for winning Browns teams in the years to come. Don't give up on this team this year though, guys. Once this O-line starts to gel and we get some players back healthy, I think we've still got a real shot. Frye has everything we need in a quarterback, and he's a lifelong Browns fan. Winslow drops nothing and runs like a freight train. Edwards can burn and out-jump any corner in the league.
dimoko tough gritty effort by a team that in my book has turned a corner
bomeister Frye is a trooper and for the first time I was impressed with Winslow doing rather than talking. Edwards was big too but again had some dropsies. Big money should = make ALL catches.
muskiedawg01 I will tell you this much - Thank god we signed Dave Zastidul - Much improved over last year.
fhanson Finally we saw a hint of what is possible with Charlie and his receivers.
phelix17 Wish we had a W, but a lot of guys played really hard. If we had any OL at all we would have handled the Rats easily.
chas dawg Braylon gets a gameball nod too, lots of guys played great, one unit of five "men" didn't.
number1brownsfan Charlie Frye was AWSOME!!! He needs to make better decisions, but that will come with more experience and protection.

Braylon Edwards is fast becoming the BEST WR in football!!!

Kellen Winslow puts his money were his mouth is! This guy is simply the best playmaker on our team, period!
gabrownsfan Winslow backed up his words, and two gameballs for him. We need to use him even more. Well done Braylon! Kamerion spent as much time in the Ravens backfield as McNair. Great effort by our defense. If this team can turn the corner, we can look at this game. An extra gameball to Chris Simms of the Bucs.
dp10451 Charlie,BE,and K2! Need I say more?
gotocjrwin frye did a hell of ajob with that o line and it was nice to see 55 gettin some on mcnair
apvic Well it ain't bitching if you can back it up.. way to go K2!!!!
oldkentuckydawg To the ref who tried to make the right call on Mason's non-catch.
floucka As long as fans keep buying tickets and showing up to support this team they will get my vote.
caser09 charlie frye now has all my respect for what he did on sunday and i think he proved all his haters wrong
pitbullterrier I nominate Samari Rolle's wife, Tootsie, for a gameball. You knew after Samari gave up that long pass play TD to BE that that woman was going to receive her Valentine's Day beating earlier than usual.
matyiac84 What a game! Charlie left his spleen on the field. The "D" sold out every play. I can't get upset with a game like that. Romeo FINALLY showed some emotion. The fans finally showed up and STAYED. Fraser, Pool, Jones, Wright, Jackson, THEY ALL PLAYED! Give that kind of intensity every week and we're on our way!
Please sign me DAWGALONG
mgrizut Our Big Three on offense really delivered. Losing sucks, but this was one you could walk away from with your head up.

Frye, Winslow and Edwards can lead this offense to the playoffs and beyond if we can find a way to make the O-line and defense work they way they're supposed to. I was really proud of our playmakers on Sunday.
confuseddog we have playmakers??? YES WE DO!
dazedawg Can you give more than one game ball to Frye? Can you give him ten?
sg2431 Simon Fraser really played well.
Charlie Fyre is a true leader.
Ted Washington finally stepped up.
K2's a stud.
mjo7777777 The announcers actually treated the Browns like a professional football team.
jdavis KW is easily the best offensive player since the return; Charlie, despite the interception, played hard all day; the entire defense came to play - especially Pro Bowl DB Leigh Bodden.
dirtydave98 The team hung tough against a good Rat bird squad. We should of won, bit we did get a glimpse of what the future might hold.
raine Winslow would have had a gameball, but I suspect he was the guy at fault on the interception. I think he shit the bed on his protection read.
strobedog Ok, i gotta give extra game balls to Frye and Jim Donovan. Charlie played a great game despite getting pounded. And Jim, he has to be stud to do those "Pizza Hut...hut hut" promos. Any normal person would be afraid of sounding ridiculous.
brownsdawgfan Sounds like it was a great game. Wish I could have seen it! (stupid NFL rules)



Dawg Comments
muskiedawg01 Overall we had a good game. Andruzzi continues to look old and slow. He needs to be replaced next year. Daven Holly was just picked on all game long. I don't want to give Carthon a goat because his play call definitely improved but the play call on 1st and goal needs to be run, run, and run. Take off time, if you score great, if not, you get a field goal and make the Ravens beat you with a touchdown and very little time left.
alaskanbrownsfan The O-line proved once again they SUCK
bitbb 1st half we suck. This week we light it up in the 1st. Then we suck in the 2nd. Mo must go
crunkadelic The interior of our offensive line is terrible.
allhailshapiro Winslow's antics cost the offense early; he needs to shut up and play. And he didn't seem to learn his lesson- he was running his yap later at the official and Northcutt had to pull him away. Frye's interception was huge.
bigdaddy78 O-line. I'm sure they will lead the balloting this week. Pathetic.
ratbirdfeatherplucker The OL reeked of suckiness and Mo, although he did open it up a little, still blew it in my opinion.
skat007 The offensive line just continues to get pushed around by everyone they play. Joe Andruzzi is a joke. This line is embarrassing - Charlie Frye and Braylon Edwards made Carthon look good in the first half, but Maurice has got to make adjustments at the half. Everyone in the stadium, except Carthon, knew Baltimore was going to change up and stop what was working for the Browns in the first half. - Sean Jones didn't play bad overall, but he has got to catch that freaking ball. That was the game.
srqdawg All aspects of the Browns seemed to to play better today than the weeks before but the OLine seemed to take a step backwards. If this line could give Frye another 2 seconds of time and open a few running seams we could really see this team start to grow.
dawg4l Carthon still gets two goathorns, because well he in inept, he cant call plays. I mean come on, when the running game is not working and you keep running is getting ridiculous. Jeff Davidson, or some one needs to start calling the plays. It was all in all bad on his part. It was Butch Davis bad in a way. I will also give the O line a goat horn. They do need to run block and pass block a little better, and not give up 7 sacks. Some of it is because Frye is running around like a Chicken with its head cut off, but behind that line, I can see why.
matt_rowk-seat18 Can I have some more goats to give to the offensive line?
savante Droughns being available probably means we run the ball a little bit better which may have been the key to a win.
bobbyflats Both coordinators - the offense couldn't score when it counted, and the defense couldn't stop them when it counted.
dawghowl The Blocking was horrible throughout the game. They almost got Frye killed and we had no running game whatsoever in this game. Good thing we have a tough as nails qb that just keeps battling, but I feel bad for him, we really need to get him some protection.
plumpgrizzlybear Too many sacks and no push in the run game. The second corner is gonna be a weakness all year. Coverage was too soft on that side all day long. hmmm only two goats for me this week.
rutger The OL, TV Announcers (those guys SUCKED!!), and the Officiating Crew (how can you NOT see his heal was on the white line before the catch and that Wimbley wasn't off sides on the same play and still rule it a catch??), get the goat votes today..
deathbyeagle The o-line has been lousy for the 3rd straight week.

Time to call each of them out:
Shaffer sucks!
Andruzzi is washed up!!
Coleman will be gone after this year! Bye bye!!
Tucker is hurt so he gets a pass
Fraley looks more like Farley
elracko With even a decent OL, this is a blowout victory for the Browns.
All we really needed at the end was 3 - you have to insure you get that. Coaches got greedy with the playcall - bad news.
TV guys were awful, as usual - McNair is terrible, yet these guys love him. "Air McNair" - you have to be kidding me.
angstrl Holly is the second coming of Brown. OL sent Charlie to the meat market. Why are they always overriding the nearest official's call?
ngbrownie I had to give the entire defense a goat horn for letting the raturds drive into field goal position on that last possession. Bend but don't break doesn't did not work the ate us alive with dump passes that last drive and got 10 yards too many out of us!!
berto If we don't start blocking, Frye's shoulder/elbow is going to end up worse than Couch's
dk The coverage by CBS was GAWD AWFUL, they went to commercial instead of showing us controversial replays, or when something was being reviewed by a red flag they went to commercial instead of letting us dissect the play and let us make up our own minds.
sneilw Lousy offensive game plan, but the game was lost in the 3rd quarter by changing the style of play that got the lead. This team is not good enough to sit on a lead.
If the offense does not stretch the field it will continue losing.
didget The negativity of the Cleveland fans is getting tiresome and makes me think the average age must be around 14.
woodydawg sucks, what else is there to comment on.
dawgdc Coleman and the whole 0-line deserve an F for the beating Charlie took today. Holly did hang in there, but he got beat like a rented mule and anytime McNair needed a first down he picked on Holly. Evan though Mo Carthon called a great game during the first half.....there are 4 quarters of football last time I checked and I think he needs to be more intune with John Davidson Asst Head Coach/O-Line coach so Charlie can play a full 16 game schedule!!!
playbrowns Who? Sean Jooones! If he hangs onto the ball we win the game no doubt in my mind. Carthon's playcalling in the second half went back to the same mind-boggling effect of the previous two games. Daven Holly was almost as bad as Ralph Brown. Please join him at Petland.
skreemandawg We whine when they are conservative, but we moan when they get wild for the third TD and it becomes an interception. It's what makes us crazy... so goats to us fans for being so impatient on a day when they kicked some butt for once!
zorik19 Mo Carthon opened it up for a quarter then sucked it up again.
chico1227 Andra needs to hit someone and show some force. He looks like he tries to play too fine

With Fraser having a big game and Mt. Washington finally taking double and triple teams and still getting push, McKinley was this games biggest disappointment on defense.

Maurice Carthon- Playcalling was a lot better this week, especially in the first half. However, where was this improved playcalling in the second half? And what the hell was that playcall on second and goal where Frye was intercepted? Did you think maybe you should have had Frye roll out of the pocket away from the pressure where he at least would've had better options? Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!!!!!!

Brodney Pool- Simply for failing to cover Todd Heap on that TD. And for other breakdowns in coverage in the fourth quarter.

Cosey Coleman- Once again, a washer-dryer unit could block better.
mdr I don't care if Andruzzi has 84 SB rings, he's a liability on the O-line.

MoC will always be on my list until he shows me something less predictable and more imaginative.
tomahawkdawg OL - Get it together. I know the Ravens' D is good, but it's time to shore up. 3 games, 2 1/2 questionable performances.
Fans - Why boo the team at the end of the game. Even though the Browns lost, they played their butts off.
darthearmuffs Gotta give the fans a kick for not being able to see an improvement in the team. Gotta jab the OL and RBs for not letting us control the clock at all.
indybones We need some guards
copdawg When will they finally get rid of MoC???
topdawg29 Our guards are going to get Frye killed.
cbusdawgzone I know that Baltimore was sending the house, but some where along the line you have to pick up the blitzes and give Charlie more than a second and a half to make his reads.
clevelandfan O-line - I put this loss on the O-line, blocking was horrible from the beginning of the game to the end. They should be lucky that Charlie didn't leave the game in a body cast.
dndii Bodden has got to come up with the pick when he gets his hands on a throw...U cannot continually here "Almost Intercepted"...
caryncbrownsbacker Travis Wilson gets the horns for holding out and getting on RAC bad side from the start.
brwnsy2k The offensive line makes the list again as it has every game for the last 7 years and going. The interior line play is brutal and needs to be replaced next year. The RB situation needs to be addresses next year as depth is a major issue.
kastncrew The Browns are a young team with coaches that are learning on the fly. They know how to be competitive, but the entire second half showed that this team (coaches especially) does not yet know how to win. I was sick after yesterday's game, but if everyone in the organization learned something and can get one step closer to winning, then it may have been a necessary "step". But you've GOT TO FIND A WAY TO WIN SOON!! (like next week, not next year)
tbusic11 Charlie is going to get killed if they don't get their sh*t together.
r22weiss We need to get better depth at O-line. This has to be addressed in the draft.
vintage1974 O line...what can I say, swiss cheese. Frye will be in traction by week 6.

Defense...can you ever come up with a big play when it counts the most. (For example of BIG PLAY please reference game film of Bart Scott and Chris McAlister). Isn't this why we signed WM?

Lerner...must have angered the football gods. I have never seen a team invent so many odd ways of losing games. It almost seems planned.
omarvizquel Offensive line - wow. I realize that's a great defense, but come on. We don't have as many games as you want to get your act together. Gel now, and gel quickly. Mo Carthon, I HATE YOU. Get out of Cleveland and never come back. You did okay for most of the game (though the lack of Jerome Harrison is infuriating), but when it mattered, you blew it. Charlie should have been able to audible to a roll-out or more quickly developing play on that interception play. You hung him out to dry. Congratulations, you've worked with Parcells. I heard he's looking for a waterboy. GO.
bomeister Just sick after that loss! That late INT put the dagger in the heart but was probably the only glaring mistake by Frye yesterday. Can't say the same for the O-line. I am GLAD I sold my PSLs 2 years decision I have made!

TV announcers suck at CBS...I say we string 'em up in the town square til the anti-Cleveland ones are purged!!
muskiedawg01 PLEASE SANTA SEND US SOME DB'S - Leigh Bodden cant cover everyone
fhanson With a soli OL protecting #9 we win this game hands down.
chris5hollingsworth Romeo Crennel - for throwing away two time outs with very poor challenges. Our Guards for stealing oxygen that the tackles could have used because they were actually blocking somebody. Bad Guards, Bad Guards.
madelph If you start a sentence with "I probably shouldn't say this, but..." DON'T!!! Thanks for the Turn Over Jinx, you moronic talking head!
phelix17 No goats for me this week. If the players feel as badly about this loss as I do they don't need me hammering them after the fact. Play hard. Get better. Draft Linemen.
chas dawg Alvin McKinley gets a goat horn for not blocking the kick. I mean, that's his job on the team right?

Charlie Frye had a hell of a game with a definitive goat horn play. Good job overall but you can't make that throw unless it's a given. Toss it away, or take the 73rd sack of the day.
number1brownsfan O-Line, for not opening holes and bad pass protection, but I can't blame them too much, you can only block so many guys, and sometimes Frye held the ball too long.

Sean Jones played good ALMOST the whole game, but that INT he dropped would have won the game.

Maurice Carthon graduated from kindergarten today, but still needs to learn some basics, like calling play-action passes when you have no running game or when they know you're passing (3rd and 16).
gabrownsfan Nice call, Maurice. Here's a thought: Line up Vickers behind Terrell Smith and pound it in three times. If that doesn't work, get the sure 3. Best called game of the year and you managed to screw it up anyway. O-line is just horrible, so Phil gets some goathorns. Why'd we draft Travis Wilson if we aren't going to use him?
dp10451 The only thing I can single out is the O-line. They have to knock somebody on their ass. They're gonna get Charlie killed.
apvic I really cannot believe the assholes on the o-line are going to put out their hands for a paycheck this week !!
oldkentuckydawg To the Vegas-paid ref who overruled the right call on Mason's non-catch, and then as much as admitted it with his microphone left on, saying "I don't know why he's (Billick) challenging this - we gave them the yards they needed" (paraphrased)
pitbullterrier Big game, Droughns and Roye are out? You have to be kidding me. Tough it up, cupcakes.
Dawgalong I'm giving MO one, not for the play calls in this game. Not even at the end. I'll take a loss trying to win any day. I'm giving him a goat for not bringing his "A" game the first two weeks. The "O" line could have been better. They should kiss Charlies butt for still being alive. They have to get better. The Baxter experiment should end.
mgrizut Ralph Brown. Hell, I had to pick on someone. Sorry buddy.>
Officiating crew for blowing the call at the end. Would four yards have made a difference on the Stover kick? Probably not. Doesn't mean the refs shouldn't get the call right.

The offensive line continues to be garbage. I hate feeling like I could get the five fattest guys I know to play and they would just as poorly protect Frye and open up running lanes.

YouYou guys are all veterans. There's really no excuse for all the sacks. It's kind of pathetic.
indianzimm Jason Frickin Wright!!! This is the Brandon Phillips situation with the Browns. The Tribe decided on Javier Vasquez and we picked Jason Wright over a personal problem guy (William Green) and a perpetual injury (Lee Suggs). At least Suggs and Green are legitimate NFL players, Wright IS NOT. I'm sure Jason is a great guy and the move made sense as long as he doesn't have to play. Unfortunately he did have to play. Jason Wright should not be in the NFL. He is not an NFL caliber player. Way to go Phil and Romeo you made a team strength a team liability!! I say again Jason frickin Wright-make sense.
confuseddog someone please take Carthon out back and don't return with him..thanks
dazedawg MoC or Romeo -- whoever's keeping Harrison on the bench.
sg2431 Is there a worse line? Probably in the CFL.
mikegalion Wouldn't a pass interference and 15yard penalty leaving us in field goal range been better than Edwards letting McAllister intercept without any effort to grab him or push him or whatever? Steve Tasker is a Raven blowing douche bag; Charlie - you can't throw that INT; Billick is a complete turd. The O-line has to protect Charlie better or we'll end up with Dorsey and the 1st pick in the 07 draft!
raine I picked Sean Jones, even though he had a good game, because of his drop of a sure interception- it would have won the game.

I picked Phil Savage for letting Suggs go- we could have used him now! Wright would have made it to the practice squad, there was no reason to sacrifice our RB situation.
impulse Pool - Watch the damn playfake!!!
ds_42 Baxter gets a set of horns for being the second coming of Courtney Brown!!!
brownsdawgfan You know, most organizations do all they can to get their product to their customers. The NFL, in its infinite wisdom, limits a market with 2 (some argue 3) NFL teams (I'm talking about the Columbus area) to 1 game. So, instead of everyone seeing their team play (which is normally possible), 2/3 or more have to suffer...d>


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