Reuben Looking to Run

The Browns running back is looking to get back on the field, and on track...

No team wants its quarterback to be its leading rusher, so the Browns know if they are to win a game this season they need to get Reuben Droughns untracked.

Droughns struggled in two games and missed a third with an injury. He has just 59 yards on 25 carries, a terrible start for a back coming off consecutive 1,200-yard seasons.

The Browns rewarded Droughns in the offseason with a new contract, and Droughns has said he needs to prove he deserves it.

The Saints bottled him up with aggressive play up front. Cincinnati's David Pollack almost knocked Droughns out of the game with a shot to his shoulder.

"That one shocked my whole body," Droughns said.

He missed the Ravens game.

If the Browns are looking for an opponent to get the running game going, Oakland is a good one. The Raiders have given up 332 yards in two games, 4.5 yards per carry.

Oakland bottled Droughns up pretty well last season - including stopping him four times when the Browns had first-and-goal at the four-yard-line. Droughns has not forgotten, which is why even though he's listed as questionable on the injury report he promised to count him in for the game.

"I'm definitely motivated to go back out there and prove myself to them again," Droughns said.

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