Hidden Treasure on the OBR

There's not a lot of news, you say? The Browns info clamp-down means nothing leaks, you presume? Ha! Au contraire! Auf Wiedersen! Ad Nauseum! For those of you who don't spend all day surfing the OBR - or at least that's what you tell the boss - Barry consolidates some of the lesser-seen nuggets of info that have been scattered around site the last couple of days...


One of the challenges in running a site as expansive as the OBR is that fans may have to do a lot of wandering around to be able to sample all the features, and may not see some of the good stuff (and scoops) that break in the stories and forums. In fact, I got an email this morning from a subscriber who asked why we hadn't broken any big news lately. Say what?!?

Part of that, of course, is that the Browns aren't doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff like they do in the off-season, but it got me thinking as to some of the hidden nuggets of interesting info that have been stashed around the site over the past week.

Here are some of the "scoops" and other bits of info presented on the site over the last several days that I don't think have been mentioned elsewhere.

Scoop 1: Thursday revealed that John Taylor had scooped the Patriots interest in Testaverde six weeks ahead of the rest of the media, confirmed by Testaverde's visit to New England, and also talked of the team's continuing interest despite their public statements.

Scoop 2: This same article provided a list of the quarterbacks who have visited the Browns for workout, including a couple of names I don't think have been seen elsewhere.

Scoop 3: This morning, John revealed a scouting trip by Paul Warfield to Texas El-Paso, as well as the players he was scouting.

Scoop 4: We also revealed a college scouting trip by the Browns, that you won't find out about anywhere else that we've seen at least.

Scoop 5: On Tuesday night, Jeff Schudel told the OBR radio program about the fact that the Browns KNEW Bart Scott would pop free to tag Charlie on that interception, putting that play in a whole new light (20 minutes or so into the broadcast).

Scoop 6: In that same podcast, I discussed some info passed along by Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider publisher, about Bart Scott dissing the Browns training facility as one of the reasons he passed on the team's offer in free agency.

Scoop 7: Late last week, TFY Draft Preview offered up their "Scout Sightings", including the Browns, listing games the Browns scouts were at and the most interesting college seniors involved in each.

Scoop 8: Adam Caplan dropped tidbits about how Phil Savage is viewed around the league and provided his take on an NFL coach who might surprisingly vanish at the end of this year.

As you can see, some of this info is scattered all over the site, inside a podcast, in the forums, in chats, and in both premium and free stories. Since a lot of fans don't have the time to read, listen, or participate in all of it, we hope you got some value out of consolidating some of these interesting tidbits.

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