Fan View: We Lost. Let's Party!

Jeff Biletnikoff opines on the Browns seeming happiness despite going to 0-3, and how NFL owners laugh all the way to the bank regardless... Remember, as always, that opinions expressed by fan commentators may not neccessarily reflect those of the OBR, Fox Sports, on anyone else. Honest. That's the way we roll.

Good teams, bad teams and a Cleveland owner that says "so what."

Good teams are consistent winners.

Bad teams find a way to lose.

Cleveland played inconsistent Sunday and blew the game.


I started writing this when Cleveland blew the game for what seems like the 4,000th time since they've been back (ok, that isn't accurate, they haven't played that many games... it just feels like 3,999).

2nd Down on the Ravens 3-yard line leading by 2.

Instead of burning some clock and getting at least 3 points they throw the ball up for grabs and it's intercepted.

Every long-time Cleveland fan knew in their bones they would find a way to lose.

In thousands of living rooms across the world, Browns faithful were thinking the same thing.

They blew it.


The post game comments are just as frustrating to listen to as the last 100 were.

Memo to Cleveland's coaches, front office and players.

We don't care that you think the team is improving.

It means nothing to us that you "hung with one of the best teams in the NFL"

(according to Kellen Winslow II)



Particularly sickening was this gem from Winslow:

"We're keeping our heads high after that loss," Kellen Winslow said. "It really wasn't a loss. That's the way we feel around here. We're laughing and joking around."

It wasn't a loss?  This is a time for levity?

What was it?

Help me define this.

I see a 0 in the win column for the Browns and a 3 in the loss column after 3 games.  

Every Browns fan in the bar I was in felt like they were kicked in the gut and Winslow II and his mates are laughing and joking.


Don't give me the "were close and improving" speech any longer.

I don't buy it.  What has Baltimore proven anyway this year?  3 wins against 3 winless teams after coming off a losing 2005.

This reminds me of the press conference run by Butch Davis after Jamal Lewis rolled the Browns for 295 yards.

Davis said something to the effect of "if not for those 4 or 5 runs we might had a good day."

Excuse me?

Those 4 or 5 runs gave him the best rushing performance in NFL history.

I've been a Cleveland Browns fan for over 25 years and am as loyal as they come.  The drive, the interception, red right 88, the betrayal and even the Carmen Policy/Butch Davis years.

My reward?

Watching the Steelers get "one for the thumb" as I keep hearing how much the Browns are "improving" season after season after season during the Lerner era.

Spare me the bright spots.  I've been to that opera too many times.

Let's bottom line this.

If you or I did as bad on our everyday job we would be long gone.

You say sports are different?

You're right.  Sports franchises are different.

They're the sole property of the owners.  If you don't like it, tough.

You think not?

Check the prices at the next Cleveland game for parking, food and tickets- will they be reduced?

Hell, even Wal-Mart will drop the prices on something that's not selling and their prices are already low.

Note, before anyone points it out, I know coaches are fired and players are let go.

That's not my point.

How many owners have to pay the price for losing teams?  None.

I know.

I know.

It's their ball and team, but where's the accountability?

It's a joke.  They're laughing all the way to the bank, win or lose.

And it's not going to change.

Fantasy football anyone?

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