A.M. Practice: The Prodigal Draft Choice Returns

William Green returns to practice, Butch Davis talks about who get what time, Frisman cranks it up into the air, and Ross and Anthony make folks nervous. All this, and Wednesday Afternoon Party Time, in this morning's practice report.

BEREA - After missing five practice sessions and Saturday's scrimmage with Buffalo due to a sore shoulder and a difficulty in getting an MRI exam, William Green was back on the practice field Wednesday morning.

The rookie running back re-claimed his position working with the first team offense.

"Because of the fact that there is not anything wrong, he has just jumped right in with his regular repetitions," said Butch Davis. "He is frustrated at having to (miss practice). He certainly would have liked to jump back out to practice Monday. Hopefully that is something we can put behind us and keep moving forward."

The Browns expect to have Green in uniform for Saturday's preseason opener in Minnesota. How much he plays will depend on how he practices over the next few days.

"Today's practice was a little bit of an indicator," said Davis. "We'll see tomorrow. And we'll just keep going through the practices and as long as there is no adverse effect. Any time anyone has any kind of injury, you want to make sure he doesn't have any adverse effect. If he's healthy and 100-percent ready to go, he'll probably get the same amount of repetitions as everyone else on the team. We are hoping to get everyone between 12, 15 or 18 plays."

"There are somewhere between 60 and 65 plays in a ball game, and we try to pretty much divide it equally, with probably the two's and three's getting maybe slightly more than the one's since they are trying to make the team and we are trying to find out what they can do."


The Browns had a few brief scares over the last few days.

Ross Verba appeared to have his right arm stepped on during a running drill Tuesday morning. Verba was very slow to get up. He held his arm as he was helped to the sideline by the training staff.

By the afternoon, Verba was back on the practice field showing no ill effects..

This morning's scare came on an alley-oop pass into the end zone near the end of practice. While leaping for the jump ball, Anthony Henry knocked knees with a wide receiver. Henry came out of the pile with a limp. A few minutes later he said the knee was fine.


One of the early surprises of training camp has been the play of wide receiver Frisman Jackson. The Browns like Jackson's size at 6-foot-3. They also like the consistency he has shown catching the ball and making big plays.

Now the team seams to like Jackson's arm, too. The converted college quarterback showed just how powerful his right arm is after Tuesday's afternoon practice.

"A bunch of guys were challenging him about how far he could throw the ball, and I think the official throw yesterday was 82 yards," said Davis.

So, did Jackson's arm give Davis any ideas for moving Jackson?

"Absolutely, yeah. I'm going to move him onto this football team, probably," Davis said.


The Browns will not practice Wednesday afternoon. Instead, Davis will take his team for an afternoon of fun at Dave and Buster's in Westlake. Last year, Davis took the players for a field trip to a Strongsville swimming pool in the middle of camp.

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