Fanview: A Tale of Two Halves

Jeff Biletnikoff discusses the Browns bi-half-al disorder...

The first 30 minutes of the NFL "have nots" meeting, better known as the Cleveland-Oakland game, was all Raiders.

You could say it was more Cleveland giving the points to Oakland but either way, the Browns were absent in the first half.

It looked like another Dawg implosion as Oakland dominated and raced to a 21-10 halftime lead.

Well, a different Browns squad emerged from the locker room at the end of halftime and had enough to squeak out a 24-21 victory as you well know.

I say, thank God the Raiders are so inept!

The 2nd half was all Cleveland.  Give Coach Crennel and his staff credit for keeping the team focused and in the game. 

They could have given up, but didn't.

Frye, Winslow, Jurevicius, Edwards and especially Cribbs and Northcutt had nice performances in the 2nd half.

Droughns and the O. line had their best 30 minutes of the season.

The D. make Oakland look pathetic in half two.

There was a sickening moment at the end of the game.  In Baltimore deja vu fashion Frye rolled to the right, threw across his body to the opposite side of the end zone and was picked off.

It could have been a 10 point lead with the game almost out of reach but Oakland had a chance to come back.

I say, thank God the Raiders are so inept!

It didn't hurt that the Browns got a generous spot on Oakland's final drive.

The 3rd down completion by Oakland QB Andrew Walter looked like a 1st down but the refs disagreed and it was a short 4th.

When Lamont Jordan got stuffed it was game over.

Finally the Browns got a break!

Give the D. credit for holding on the road when they really had to.

Can Cleveland build on that 2nd half?

Is this a team that is on the rise and just a few steps away from being truly competitive as Winslow II and others say?

We'll see.  Especially when they travel to Carolina this weekend.

A win moves them to 2-3 at the bye week with a legitimate shot to get healthy and carry momentum for the rest of the season.

A loss takes them to 1-4, at which point Phil Savage and his staff better start seriously considering which top 5 draft pick they want in the 2007 lottery.

Just A Thought

Did I miss it or was this the first time they didn't give us at least one shot of Oakland Owner Al Davis sitting alone in the shadows?

He didn't look good at the Hall of Fame induction for John Madden.  I heard he was ailing and it looks like those rumors might be true.

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