Browns-Raiders: Gameballs and Goats

Today, in a very special GB&G, your webmaster screws up again. Oh, and Cribbs gets props while Charlie Frye gets both the gameball and the horns. Neat trick.

The Week's Results: In the phraseology of the Afterschool Special and Blossom: "Tonight, in a very special Gameballs and Goats, our hero, a chunky webmaster, learns a valuable lesson by not putting a link to the Gameballs and Goats voting on the front page. (Cut to clip of surprised webmaster looking at paltry vote totals and with an audience going 'awwwwwwww' and making surprised sounds). Will Barry learn from this experience? Or will he continue to go down the wrong path?"

Thanks to those of you who found the voting booth on the forums. Josh Cribbs and Kam Wimbley were the stars, while Charlie Frye managed the Couch and Holcomb-esque stunt of being both gameball winner and goathorn recipient.

Player Gameballs
WR Joshua Cribbs 43
LB Kamerion Wimbley 40
WR Joe Jurevicius 27
QB Charlie Frye 26
RB Reuben Droughns 25
Special Teams 23

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Richard "T-Rick" Felsen, Droughns w/out the fumble, My fantasy football team, "Our backup CB's, for steping up and keeping Moss in check", "Carolina Cheerleaders---now thats team spirit!!", Art Shell, The fans for putting up with this crap


Player Goathorns
Charlie Frye 32
Maurice Carthon 29
Defensive Line 11

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Pete Priola, Deathbyeagle, "The Defense in the first half", Gary "Porcelain Doll" Baxter, "The team in the first half", Stover's Boyfriend: Pierre-Jean Luc, End zone Hail Marys with the lead, God for messing with Leigh Bodden's ankle, The NFL on CBS - definition of suck, Bruce Arians


Dawg Comments
chico1227 Once again, Frye LEADS this team, orchestrating a splendid come-from-behind victory. It's too bad he a made few mistakes, as this will allow for people to continue their abuse of him in the 'cooler.
lynxis Sean Jones is the best player on defense right now. Wimbley had a breakout day against a terrible Robert Gallery. Kellen for dropping laying out the secondary on more than one occasion.
dawgdc Joe Vicius gets a gameball because he made 3 outstanding catches...he is the veteran offensive leader that this team needs. He is the X factor that needs Carthon has to us to open it for BEasy and K2. I can't say enough about the energy that Kamerion plays with and him pulling down 2 sacks during the game shows how much he has grown as a rookie. BEasy is a beast pure and simple...along with K2 and if Mo Carthon can't figure how to get him the freaking ball he needs to be shot in Public Square. Each week Sean Jones impresses me and he's a fearless hitter and always around the ball. Simon Fraser is hustling out there and always making a play...loved the sack.
Charlie is tough SOB and I love his grit....he just has to make better decisions at crunch time.

phelix17 Way to go Brownies. We're off the schnide.
muskiedawg01 Sean Jones is having a breakout year. Reuben rushed for 100 tough yards and Kellen continues to prove that 90% IS probably better than any other TE in the league. Roye had a huge stop on fourth down and the special teams put us into good position to win the game.
kclefty Cribbs lit a spark under this team twice today. No doubt he was the game MVP.
naxos 21 point come back. Great job by the team as a whole and welcome back, Joe, we missed ya.
dawghowl Wimbley is just a beast! he just goes all out on every play. Love his explosiveness and ability to get to the qb! I have a feeling we are gonna see alot more of what he saw today from him.
skat007 Cribbs was a difference maker today - Braylon really shows a feel for the game. Don't look now, but he's turning into a big-time receiver - Wimbley is showing us why he should not be off the field. He makes plays.
playbrowns Wimbley continues to impress.. thank god it looks like we might have hit on a 1st rounder.

JJ with hid first TD as a Brown. Boy that was a sweet catch.

Rosburg and his ST units have looked pretty damn good this year, and only a couple lucky kicker/punter tackles saved touchdowns. Plus Mason Unck had a great hit.
jrcorral Cribbs was outstanding today.
clevelandfan Reuben Droughns - Nice to have Reub back, 100 yards rushing...and I don't think that was a fumble.

Joshua Cribbs - Should have had a TD, he did not step out. Nice game anyway, gave us great field position.

Kamerion Wimbley - Kam was a beast, what more can you ask from the guy. He is what I hoped Courtney Brown would be.
deathbyeagle --Special teams were special today>>>No Penalties!!!!!!!!!!
--Frye played tough today and was clutch on 3rd and 4th downs!
--Braylon did not drop the ball..again
--K2 is the real deal...lovin his play
--Sean Jones keeps improving
--Wimbley: 2 more sacks and constant pressure.
whotemp The special teams were awesome, JJ is a Red Zone threat, and Sean Jones looks very solid. A Win is Win!
section 527 dawg Props to Art Shell for NOT challenging that HORRIBLE spot in the 4th Quarter. What an idiot! And of course props to the refs (for a change) for making that horrible Spot - finally, props to Romeo - whatever he said @ halftime, certainly worked to perfection!
bigdaddy78 A win is a win, and these guys made the plays that got us into and won the game, KUDOS.
rutger Gave them to Droughns, Holly and Cribbs with write in's for Jones and Northcutt as well as the Special Teams..
plumpgrizzlybear Special teams was fantastic. Coverage and returns changed this ballgame.
mdr Winslow - best player since the return.

Jones - He gets better every week - needs to work on catching the ball, but he brings 100% every play.

Cribbs - gotta give props to the small school guys - he'll break one soon.



Dawg Comments
19kosar19 The run defense was laughable (again). I don't see how a team that cannot throw the ball manages to run all over you. That QB was were we letting them run like that?
lynxis Russell played poorly today. Holly played worse. Perkins gets a horn for consistently being one of the worst athletes on the field. Huge disappointment. Would give one to both Charlie and Rueben but cant because Charlie threw 3tds and rueb had 100.
dawgdc Charlie gets a Goat only because he has to learn not to try to anything stupid when we are at the goal line about the score. RAC will talk to him I hope because we should have won the game 31 to 21

Northcutt gets a goat because there is no way in hell he should have been tackled by the PUNTER!!!! Mo Carthon has no clue how to use the weapons at his disposal. Please can someone teach him how to use Kellen PLEASE!!!!
phelix17 I look at the offensive skill players and cannot help but feel that we would be terrorizing other teams if not for Carthon. We have a really talented QB and lots of receivers and an OC that, on his best day, is below average. Winslow should be opposing LBs worst nightmare but he is under used. The passes to Terrell Smith in key 3rd down situations just underscores the problem. I don't know of too many OCs who would have that option in the playbook, yet we did it twice today.
muskiedawg01 Terrelle Smith didn't have a terrible game, he just has no business touching the ball more than once a game. Romeo did a nice job keeping his team focused after falling behind early but he has to know what to challenge. Whether the refs overturn the call or not, you have to challenge the fumble NOT THE FREAKIN CALL...
naxos Got to challenge that alleged fumble early in the game and Mo still has no clue how to use Winslow.
dawghowl The defense in the first half was just awful. They looked flat, unprepared, out of position and couldn't make a tackle to save their lives. Terrible job of filling the gaps and defending the run
bobbyflats This team never looks like it is prepared coming out of the gate - that falls on Romeo. And how can Carthon call the same number of passes for Terrelle Smith as Kellen Winslow. Just plain dumb. And if Grantham can get the D to play like that in the 2nd half why the hell couldn't they do it in the 1st?
confuseddog for being hurt again, get healthy or we'll have to tag you with the dreaded 'boo boo' tag.... be warned
skat007 While the officials mistakes help the Browns, I still give them goat horns because they sucked. - Gary Baxter gets the horns for selling himself as a shutdown corner and then not doing a thing for this team. - Carthon is going to keep getting the horns every week from me until he can finally understand that there is no reason to ever take Kellen Winslow off the field. EVER.
playbrowns I thought Ed Hochuli was doing his best Jeff Triplette impression at the start and I am glad I was watching with my parents or else I would have went apesh*t.

Frye continues to make it interesting until the end. Still thinking we should be 2-2 right now.

Reuben comes back and promptly carries the football like a loaf of bread. You aren't at the goal line Reub.
caryncbrownsbacker Maurice Carthon is the most inept offensive coordinator in the NFL ... Winslow not being played in critical positions and negative yardage passes called for T. Smith ... FIRE this CLOWN NOW!!!!
clevelandfan Charlie Frye - Charlie had a good game, but he has got to learn when to throw the ball away, and NOT throw the ball across his body to the other side of the field. But I think he'll learn from it, and only get better.

O-Line - I missed a couple chunks of the game, but this line still is getting beat at an alarming rate.

D-Line - Run defense was horrible...this has got to get straightened out.
deathbyeagle --LeCharles for getting hurt
--Baxter for always being hurt
--McCutcheon for getting hurt
--Bodden!! Nooooo!!! Who is going to cover Steve Smith????
--Those passes to Terrelle Smith were waste of plays
whotemp Tucker looked very bad on a lot of plays. Charlie needs to get the ball out quicker. We gave up 107 yards on two running plays. The Run D needs to be more consistent.
section 527 dawg Charlie...Charlie...Charlie!! You CANNOT THROW THAT BALL INTHE ENDZONE LIKE THAT!! But he'll learn from this - but he gets both a gameball and a goat in my opinion.
bigdaddy78 I know Charlie is the man, but you can't continue to make boneheaded plays at the end of games you are winning. At least he did tell Romeo, "I Know, I Know"" before he got reamed coming off the field. Lets hope he does. The D, giving up big runs, is a no no. Mr. McKinley, would you care to show us your arm tackling techniques again?
jdailey23 Frye almost lost us the game again, he is gonna be good, don't get me wrong, but that was a dumb decision to throw that ball!  Andruzzi you need to take a backseat and Baxter, what's wrong with your tits!
rutger Giving one not to Frye (because without him we don't win anyway), but to his decision to make that IDIOTIC int. throw in the fourth quarter from the Oak. 6 yd. line giving away a min. of 3 points.. You can't make a throw like that on any level of football and hopefully he learned that on Sunday and it'll never happen again or we'll be looking for another QB. in a few years once again..
plumpgrizzlybear McKinley was the only player with mistakes that never really redeemed himself. Stupid penalty.
mdr As long as Andruzzi is in the lineup - goat horns for him.

MoC - same as last week - took him 25 minutes into the game to wake up. Get the ball to the playmakers - how hard is that?

1/2 goat - Chuck Frye - You've got to learn from your mistakes. You did redeem yourself, but you gotta THINK before you throw.
dixiedawg Not many horns to go around in my book.


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