Browns Uncensored / Brian Brennan Chat

Here's the transcript from last nights Browns Uncensored / Brian Brennan combo chat. Get the scoop on the latest from the Browns and catch up with Bernie's glue-fingered target in the latest chat transcript.

vbf So, when's McKinnie coming? LOL
Lane He isn't
vbf didn't think so
ArtBtz It's a nice rumor, though. Nothing to it, but nice rumor.
newdawg I think Mckinnie would be useless this year. missed too much camp.
vbf was Green wimpin over the shoulder thing?
Lane No, Green wanted to practice
newdawg Green isn't going to be a walking MASH unit is he?
Lane I don't believe so, he could have played if necessary
Lane The kid really wants to play and make a good impression on the field
newdawg London said that Green complained to him his arm was dead.
ArtBtz He looked rusty this morning... dropping swing passes...
newdawg Green wasn't supposed to be a good receiver anyway.
Lane Green has a bit of rust to knock off
Lane What I really like about Green is that he always appears to moving forward, his feet keep moving and he drives with his legs
KJ as he did at BC
vbf Lane, wassup with the fullback position and why the heck aren't we out shopping for one?
Lane VBF.........I wish I had an answer. The FB position appears to be a weakness, but they indeed think highly of Shea. I am surprised that they stated such a loss in JJ Johnson
vbf I'm surprised as well. Ariens spoke as if we lost a key piece of the O
vbf I hadn't heard JJJ's name called very often until after he got hurt
newdawg I am worried that Tre Johnson may have lost a lot to the multitude of injuries he has had. How has he looked while out there?
Lane Tre' has looked pretty good. Keeping him healthy will always be an issue. The Browns are going to have to weigh that in their decison on who to keep along the line.
ArtBtz David! Welcome!
DavidCarducci Hi AB ... just back from my meeting
Lane Hey Dave...........
DavidCarducci Hi Lane and Greg
BhamFan Has Sam Gash been signed by anyone?
Lane Gash is still available
BhamFan Gash want too much $$?
DavidCarducci Several media members have an idea that Gash may already have a handshake deal to return to Baltimore in the near future
Greg How's the depth chart at LB shaking out so far?
DXDawg Who has looked the best thus far?
DavidCarducci The depth chart right now probably has little to do with who will finally make the team
DPG hey Dawgs
Lane I really feel good about Bentley............Davis has had his moments
newdawg The word on Bentley is that he wasn't very good in pass defense. he seems to be putting that concern to rest.
Greg Lane- talk a little about Bentley if you can...
Greg and David :-)
DavidCarducci Bentley does look very good. I think the Browns may have found a real second-day gem
ArtBtz Bentley picked off a pass this morning in camp.
DavidCarducci Bentley's speed knocked me out right on day one when the rookies were in Berea. He flows to the ball. He made a very nice play today to drop a back - I think Green - in the backfield on a sweep
Lane He is a high-motor guy that has found his way thus far. He is aggressive, has dropped in coverage better than advertised, but really sticks and plays the run better than most rooks
newdawg Bentley is the only one of the rookie LBers that has real speed.
Greg very nice... thanks both (and AB too.. :-)
vbf Has dropcutt ben able to hold onto teh ball lately after being hit?
BhamFan Thanks David
Lane Don't put it past Northcutt to make this team..............
vbf ughhhh
BryanK If Northcutt makes it, is Sanders out?
Greg Rudd can be extremely effective if we've got a decent backup to give him an occasional blow, IMO
DavidCarducci Another guy who has impressed me is Anthony Denman.
Lane The Browns really need to have a LB that can give Rudd a blow
DavidCarducci Denman can play inside and out
Lane Denman is a kid that they really liked last season and he was extremely happy to come to Cleveland.
Lane He has shown the ability to play inside or out
newdawg well, I see bentley as a poor man's Rudd.
Greg How about the Smith twins at LB? Either going to make the final cut?
DavidCarducci I don't believe so
Lane I don't think either Smith makes the cut
ArtBtz As an FYI, Marquis is currently #2 behind Jamir on the ""Official"" depth chart. Shows you what that's worth.
DavidCarducci both might get a chance somewhere. With the 3 LB picks this year and Boyer, it's tough to find a spot for all of those guys.
Lane I'm not scout, but I don't see it
newdawg There seems to be real competition for the backup LBer spots, but there isn't one of them I would feel comfortable starting.
vbf Are Q's dropsies nerves or bad habits?
Lane I believe it is both
crazydog What about Miller's attitude? Is he over the contract?
vbf I hope overcomes
vbf we need Q big this year
DavidCarducci I think the drops are a matter of concentration. Plus, I think he's hit a bit of a camp wall. Just a guess there, but it was such a dramatic change. He looked better today
Ramllov Any new news on the offensive line and its depth?
DavidCarducci Hi Ram. Stokes appears to be playiing well right now. The coaches at least like what they are seeing out of him. Gonzalez has improved and moved up from 2 to 3 on the depth chart at right tackle. I'm a bit concerned with the idea of O'Hara at right guard as a replacement for Tre, should he go down. That's the lineup right now and the likely lineup at Minnesota. I see O'Hara more as a left-side guy]
Lane Let me add.........Gonzalez has been told that he will get an increased number of reps at LT as well.
Ramllov I thought Ohara as a left side guy also
Ramllov I was wondering who would be a run blocker on the Right side at guard when Tre goes down for the season?
Dboots Any word on Kevin Johnson's extension talks? Have they begun?
vbf thanks
Lane Condon and the Browns have had further discussions on KJ
Lane To what extent, I don't have that information at this time.
vbf We've not heard much on he struggling or quietly doing his thang?
Dboots Thanks Lane
Lane Welcome
Greg Someone feel free to shut me up if I'm rambling too much... Lane & Dave- Griff is a lock at one safety- How's Bush doing in the face of competition at the other and who are looking like the primary backups there?
DavidCarducci Spriggs is a guy Davis always seams to be challenging. I've heard him trying to encourage Spriggs from the sideline several times. Alvin McKinley has been getting several more reps lately, including some with the first time while Warren has had a chance to rest
vbf thanks, Dave
Ramllov Oh Thanks Dave
Lane For you Kenard Lang fans.............He is loving the atmosphere in Cleveland
DavidCarducci Ram, it could end up being Fowler by the end of the year. He has been the best, in my opinion, when Tre has been held out of practice. I was amazed early at how well he adjusted to guard
vbf Really Lane, so?
Ramllov What about Z........?
Lane The knock on Fowler that he wasn't strong or physical enough, he had disspelled those reports quickly.
Lane He is like a............fireplug that will smash you in the mouth
newdawg Fowler had a real strong bench at the combines.
Dboots What was up with James Jackson's case of ""dropsy"" at the scrimmage? Has he fumbled that much in practice?
DavidCarducci both might get a chance somewhere. With the 3 LB picks this year and Boyer, it's tough to find a spot for all
DavidCarducci excuse me, I don't know what happened there
Lane The fans that show up for the practices are vocal and into it, also the buzz about the team
DavidCarducci I hit the arrow down button, and an old message showed up
vbf S W E E T
Ramllov It sounds like Denman may be a guy out due to numbers?
ArtBtz Maybe Lenoy Jones, Ram? Lenoy is now on the fourth team, it seems.
vbf Greg, how was that beer store in NY?
Lane In would agree with you, AB........
Ramllov What about the receivers, is it still wide open at 4, 5, 6 and maybe seven?
Sheba Dave...What's your honest opinion of Stokes...the man has been RELEASED about 11 times in 6 or 7 years...sometimes THREE times in a year and two times he was released TWICE in TWO you think he can be a starting lineman on this team???
DavidCarducci Sheba, I think you have to be concerned with Stokes for those reasons. At the same time, there have been cases where journeymen offensive linemen blossom at around this stage of their career. Stokes is a guy who has been around, had enough talent to get looks at various places, had the benefit of different coaches and different styles. He just has never quite made it as a regular. I'm waiting to see what happens during the pre-season. It's hard to get a feel from watching O-linemen in camp. So far, he looks ok
Lane It is definitely wide open............too early on the number
Sheba LANE...sorry, didn't see you were here...can you comment on Stokes also
crazydog Lane & Dave what is the biggest surprise so far in TC?
Lane Frisman Jackson, Melvin Fowler, and Bentley
Sheba actually this is KJ
Lane Also, Joaquin Gonzalez is doing well
Sheba my daughter wanted to use the dobermans name tonight
Ramllov Is any backup DT or DE showing sparks?
DavidCarducci Biggest surprise ... Well, the media votes on the best rookie of training camp at the end of camp, and my vote will most likely go to Frisman Jackson, at least to this point, he has been a very nice surprise. if you have come to Berea at any time to watch a practice session, you saw Frisman Jackson make a play
ArtBtz I'd cast a nomination for Kalvin Pearson as a surprise.
Lane You have to be concerned about Stokes, but he did come into his own in 2001 and the Packers are extremely disappointed that he didn't return. he is a better G than T from what people in GB have told me. He is better than average and dependable, a late bloomer
DavidCarducci Kalvin Pearson would probably get my No. 2 vote ... he had a very nice pick today
BuzzardBlaster Lane/ do either Frisman Jackson or Kalvin Pearson have a chance to make the team?
Lane Well, hello KJ / Sheba
crazydog Thanks guys
Ramllov Pearson is playing corner, can he also play safety?
vbf Is Pearson the big hitter?
Lane I believe that both have a chance to make the team
Lane BTW........Dave it it on the head, Pearson has done well
ArtBtz Either of you think that Kwame Cavil has a chance. He was catching everything thrown to him today.
Lane I don't believe that Cavil sticks
Dboots Would Jackson (Frisman) have a chance as the 3rd QB and as a wr?
MadDawgJimmyMac Evening Dawgs.
ArtBtz NOTE: I am going to drop the hammer at 9:35 or so before Brian gets here. Let me know if you want in line to ask him a question.
DavidCarducci Buzzard, yes they do.... Many people think Frisman is similar to Lenzie Jackson in that he'll impress in camp and preseason, then get cut. Jackson and Pearson may not be on the final 53, but if they are not, I guarantee the Browns will try to get them on the practice squad. The difference with Frisman and Lenzie is height. At 6-3, the Browns might do everything they can to find a way to keep him around.
Lane His versatility and athleticism have to be noticed
Sheba just get us some SURE-HANDED wide-outs
Guest24 With Green missing so many practices this far in training camp why doesnt butch give white more reps with the first team?
DavidCarducci White is getting a good number of reps with the first team. I think Davis wants to give all three of the main backs an opportunity to run with the No. 1 line.
ArtBtz Shout out if you want in line to talk to Brian Brennan. I bring the hammer down in a few minutes.
newdawg How has Couch looked?
DavidCarducci Couch has looked fine. I would say that Monday morning was the best I've ever seen Tim throw the ball. He hit KJ on three spectacular deep throws.
vbf that's great to hear, Dave
Ramllov Has it been established in this years camp that Couch can make all the throws?
MadDawgJimmyMac lol
DavidCarducci Honestly. I've never had a doubt that Couch can make all of the throws.
ArtBtz It was established this morning that none of the QBs can throw the ball into a trash can from 30 yards away.
Sheba Bring It Dave
MadDawgJimmyMac Damn Bernie, where are ya?
vbf he still looked indecisive at TC..have you seen that Dave and lane?
newdawg Not even Frishman?
Lane The only thing that Couch does that concerns me is that he continues to hold the ball too long at times. His competitive nature to wait till the last moment occasionally gets him into trouble
newdawg hey Teco. Long time no see.
vbf I was afraid of that
Lane Overall, Couch is throwing the ball well, and probably better than at any time since he has been in Cleveland
DavidCarducci The only real problems I see in Tim are that he does have a tendency to lock onto his primary receiver. He has, however, shown the ability to go through his progressions and find the right man, so we know he can do it.
vbf holding on like that is gonna get him killed one of these days
MadDawgJimmyMac Is Tim having trouble reading the defenses Lane?
DavidCarducci He also has a bat habit of trying to do too much. That's part of being an aggressive young quarterback. He's admitted that it's a big reason for his struggling in preseason games. He's out there for 12 to 15 plays, knows he's going to get pulled, and wants to try to do too much. He said today, that he would try to be more mature.
BhamFan Is it his competitve nature or lack of confidence in WRs?
vbf interestng slant, Dave
ArtBtz Brian Brennan will be here in about 5-10 minutes. Let me know if you want to talk to him. Hammer coming down in a few.
DavidCarducci thanks
Sheba Lane...but when we finally develope a decent OL, that waiting till the last second will bring BIG PLAYS
Lane I believe that Couch has developed a confidence in the receivers as time as gone on......If the OL gets it together, which I believe they will, Couch will do many spectacular things
crazydog Is this Courtney Brown's year to step it up?
Lane Courtney needs to step it up this season. Keeping him healthy and getting him past the injuries in his mind has been important.
vbf CB needs to flat kick ass this year
teco is Tre's knee on its way out again?
DavidCarducci I hope not. I want Tre around. 1. he's a heck of a guard if healthy. 2. He's great in the locker room. No better quote in town
teco tks
vbf how about Dawson? wassup with him?
DavidCarducci Dawson hasn't had a great camp, but I still believe he is a very valuable receiver. I think the Browns are resigned to the fact that they will give Northcutt every chance to show he can play during this camp. THat's the reason he is the third receiver right now.
vbf is it Dawson or Dropcutt?
Lane Well, I don't think that Couch will be drawing up plays in the dirt, like they did in Kentucky (or like a former Browns QB). he is expected to carry the team, just lead the team and make plays.
vbf one or the other will make it?
BhamFan Couch had a great go to TE at Kentucky, tho.
Lane Like Dave said, I believe they are giving Northcutt every opportunity
Ramllov How about Dudley and D,.
Ramllov Sanders TE?
Lane He may shortly with Darnell Sanders as well
DavidCarducci Maybe. Maybe not. Davis has said he'd keep a no-name over a big-contract guy if he thinks that is the guy who will help him win. Who knows. If Frisman continues to flash, maybe it is Frisman and not Northcutt. Or maybe it is Frisman and not Dawson. There is also Andre King, who I think is a lock to make this team.
Lane Couldn't have said it any better
vbf If Frisman can thrown on gadget plays AND hold onto the ball, Frisman gots my vote
newdawg It doesn't seem like Andre King is doing much.
Ramllov Could you say that Andre King does a lot of little things beside being a good receiver?
DavidCarducci Dudley looks very good. I think he is a bit concerned about this weekend, playing on turf for his first game back. When I talked with him today, he appeared to be a bit uncomfortable with the idea. He said he and Davis will talk about it. He said he will play, but how much and in what situation, that all could be altered
Greg Lane/Dave... how is the safety spot opposite Griff shaping up and how are the backups shaking out?
Ramllov Has D. Sander progressed in camp?
DavidCarducci You certainly could say that Ramllov. He is a very sure-handed receiver. More importantly, he is a very good special teams player. He is currently on first team kickoff return. He can be a gunner, a punt returner. He can fill all kinds of roles
DavidCarducci Ram. Sanders has progressed. He is still young and learning. I think he can be valuable as a blocking tight end even now
vbf Butch shuld sit Dudley and Holmes
vbf the game ain't worth losing these guys
teco how's Jamal handling the growing saga between him and JJ?
Lane Jamel is a player and will do what it takes. He would like the starting job and thus far deserves the opportunity. He has styated on numerous occasions that all a player can do is have the opportunity to compete, and he is doing that and quite well. There is no doubt that Green will be given every opportunity to win the RB battle.
Sheba VBF...agreed
Sheba how many games do we play on turf this year?
DavidCarducci New Orleans is the only regular season
DavidCarducci game on turf
vbf Is Holmes more injured that BD is letting on?
Sheba sit duds and holmes this weekend
Sheba Both are Vets and only need TIMING
Lane No, Davis is getting vets like Holmes and Johnson who have had injury issues ready for the opener, not for Minnesota and Detroit
DavidCarducci I don't think so vbf. Holmes looked pretty good in Buffalo, I thought. I was impressed with two plays in particular where he worked very well in tandem with Rudd against the run. He also had a very nice fill in the goal line drill at the end of Buffalo's first series
vbf GREAT, thanks Lane and Dave.
Lane BTW............Holmes is showing in these early stages to be a huge improvement at MLB
Sheba Good
Sheba that's what I mean
vbf Greg, hear that?
DavidCarducci I have to admit, Holmes, when he's been out there recently, has looked better than I thought he would
vbf ""when I'm well, I'm hell""
Sheba Where's Wali ""The Weeble"" nowadays???
ArtBtz Jacksonville
DavidCarducci If you'll remember, I was against signing Holmes. I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong at the end of the season ... and I'll do it happily
Lane If healthy, Holmes should put to rest the theory that a Browns MLB can only touch an opposing RB 5-yards downfield
vbf lol Lane
Sheba {:]
vbf At least Percy is gone too
vbf He was the Wali of the secondary..only with no heart
DavidCarducci Percy was in the VIP tent when the Browns had their intra-squad scrimmage
Greg Lane- c'mon, dude... Cicely Tyson would have been an improvement at MLB... :-)
DavidCarducci Percy is a really good guy, though.
Lane LOL...........Greg
vbf I'm sure he is
vbf now I feel bad
Sheba So would OPRAH
vbf NOT!
DavidCarducci don't feel bad. I just like the guy
MadDawgJimmyMac Rosie would make a better MLB than Cicely Greg.
vbf Who do you guys like at BU QB?
Lane The Griffith signing could prove to be huge. He has looked very good thus far, with the exception of meeting Green head on and getting run-down
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. I have several stories I'm working on
Lane Holcomb
Sheba later Dave...and thx
Ramllov bye Dave
MadDawgJimmyMac Take care dave.
ArtBtz See you later David. Thanks for coming by!
vbf thanks Dave
Lane Later Dave
DavidCarducci Have a great night, and enjoy talking with Brian Brennan. I wish I could stay. I loved watching Brian play. He played with great heart
Greg Thanks Senor Carducci...
DavidCarducci good night
vbf Lane, how is Booty stacking up to, oh crap, what's hi sname..the Penn State kid?
Greg Kevin Thompson
DavidCarducci Lane, do you want to talk about it now on person to person chat?
vbf thatns
Lane Booty is doing better than I expected and is the third QB
Lane LOL..........
vbf so it's Couch, Holcomb, Booty, Thompson?
Lane Yes.
Lane I am comfortable with Holcomb
Ramllov Either of these full backs show anything this week?
vbf Is Shea projected at FB/HB or TE?
Lane Actually, I didn't view practice this morning or yesterday, so I can't add much on the FB's
Ramllov Is Jameson showing enough to be a threat to start later in the year?
Lane I don't think that Jameson steps in in 2002, he will need that season on the field to get that feel back. In 2003 he could make some noise. He is athletic and aggressive, he fits into that quick type player that Pagano likes in the secondary
Ramllov Thanks Lane
Lane The duo of Griffith and Bush has gelled nicely, the communication in the secondary has been good from all accounts
Lane Welcome, Ram
Ramllov I have not heard anything about the backup DEs an DTs any look any good?
GMD Lane, great news on the safeties. A far cry from Percy and Marquis
ArizonaBrownsFan Percy Ellsworth....LMAO what a joke....the James Jackson of DB's
Ramllov the run defense looks like it has gone up a few notches
Ramllov What is with James Jackson???
Lane I like how Rogers has progressed. He has gotten bigger and stronger.........
Lane Davis believes that Aaron Shea can and will be an effective FB if they go in that direction.
Lane The Browns front-seven can compete with any in the game. I believe that people are going to be surprised how good of a player Lang is and how well he fits here.
vbf WIll ROgers spell Lang or CB or both?
Lane He has been lining up behind CB
Greg (I'm not going to be surprised... I like Lang a lot)... :-)
BrownsFEVA the bengal board is full of div champ talk...i say 7-9 tops IF that
live4thebrowns i dont understand the big deal all of a sudden about getting a fullback. Why ignore the position all off season until now?
Lane lang is solid
GMD Agree live4thebrowns. The FB situation is kinda weird
ArizonaBrownsFan How did Green look in practice today?
Lane Considering that the Browns were not really shopping for a FB until they knew the nature of JJ Johnson's injury, it leads me to believe that they thought that they had the position covered with him and Shea.
Lane I didn't attend practice today, sorry
Guest259 he's having trouble getting in but will hopefully be in shortly. artbtz is walking him through it right now.
GMD But Lane, it's still weird. JJJ was a reclamation project by all accounts.
Lane I thought so as well, GMD
live4thebrowns that just really surprises me. especially with jj johnson's history of injuries and lack luster performances
Lane Likewise, live4thebrowns
GMD Lane. How'
GMD How's Qasim doing?
Lane He looked good in the early stages of camp, but has leveled off. Guys are getting into better shape, playing shape and his enormous size advantage isn't as enormous any longer. He is a kid that looks like he has a future in the league.
GMD thanks, lane
redright read they wanted someone who could hit a lb and then catch a pass. How about a guy who can block? run?
Guest24 Whats up with the talk about getting the rights to Mckinnie?
BrownsFEVA what...mckinnie?
GMD there we go!
live4thebrowns is there any substance to the mckinnie rumors?
ArizonaBrownsFan yay
Lane I don't think anything will come of McKinnie
ArizonaBrownsFan Hey Lane, what is the deal with Mark Campbell? Is he toast? Ever since we drafted Darnell Sanders, we haven't heard anything about him.
Lane Campbell has an uphill climb to make this roster.
ArizonaBrownsFan good, i never liked Campbell much:)
BrownsFEVA the mckinne would be a costly coup
ArtBtz Aqib will be the first person up.
MadDawgJimmyMac Evening Brian and thanks for coming!
brianbrennan Happy to be here
BrownsFEVA heya glue fingers!
Lane Good evening Brian
brianbrennan Hi
Aqib Hey Brian, first off thanks for the memories. What are you up to these days
ArtBtz Arizona Browns fan is up next... let me know via person-to-person if you want in line.
brianbrennan Glad to have played for Browns... Still living in Clev
ArtBtz (ZonaBrownsFan next, followed by Teco)
Aqib who would you say was the best coach you played for?\
brianbrennan Lindy Infante O/C in the late 80's... Head coach prob. Marty
Aqib thanks for the time, I'll bow out so everyone else gets a chance
brianbrennan Thank you best wishes
ArtBtz Go 259
Guest259 what do you think of Quincy Morgan and his chances of having a good year?
brianbrennan like that Browns are surrounding Coach w/ talent ... QM needs more consistency... needs more reps
Guest259 can Northcutt play at this level? do you think he will make the team?
brianbrennan oops Couch
brianbrennan yes and yes doing great in camp.. hooking up w/ Holcomb best
Guest259 could there be a qb controversy given holcomb's good play in camp?
brianbrennan Couch is the man... but 4th year.. needs to improve and win.. interesting quest. I do like Holcomb
Guest259 thank you. you were the greatest. sorry ARE the greatest!
ArizonaBrownsFan Hello Brian:)
brianbrennan Hello
ArizonaBrownsFan How did you take it when Modell packed it up and moved to Baltimore?
brianbrennan Like every fan.. Anger and disappointment... But glad he won, Ozzie and Byner are friends.. But now its our turn
ArizonaBrownsFan You should make a comeback, the Browns need a PROVEN solid receiver to compliment KJ:)
brianbrennan I need retirement.. Cant even run a comeback pattern anymore let alone a comeback!
ArizonaBrownsFan Also do you keep in touch with Eddie Johnson? If so, how has he been doing?
brianbrennan EJ needs our prayers.. Great great person..
ArizonaBrownsFan One last question.....What do you think a realistic goal is for this team record being a little cautious and saying 9-7, what about you?
brianbrennan Right On my prediction... Again Couch needs a year, D is tuff
teco I loved you going over the middle for us time and time again Brian. My question is how was it practicing against Hanford and Minni? Did they actively help you to improve your presentation to opposing defenses?
brianbrennan They were the best in the league.. reggie web and I had to battle daily
teco which defensive player tried to make you pay the most for going over the middle?
brianbrennan Atwater, Lott, D.Shell, Fulcher, and E. Turner
teco thanks for your time Brian
brianbrennan peace
live4thebrowns hi brian. what was the one thing you would do differently in your career?
brianbrennan told Belichick a thing or two, really wouldnt have changed much except the Belichick thing and tell Marty no more prevent D
live4thebrowns i think we can all express those same sentiments!!!!
live4thebrowns since the last two sb champs came out of nowhere, what do you thinks our chances are?
brianbrennan Well... Next few years we'll have a chance need some good rb and qb play..
live4thebrowns yep, thanks brian go browns
brianbrennan peace
ArtBtz You're up Harley, followed by beanpot
HarleyD Brian, going from a high profile life as a Cleveland Brown with a hero-like status to a life after NFL football has to be a tremendous change of pace. Was it a shock or letdown of sorts or was it a relief to be able to step back out of the public eye and enjoy a little anonymity? Thanks for stopping by, Brian. Thanks for the memories. I'm done Art.
brianbrennan Good to be retired change can be difficult but anonimity is nice
beanpot Thanks for taking the time, Brian. Joe Jurevicius has mentioned you a few times here in Tampa. In particular, he credits Richard Mann as a wonderful teacher...and you as an equally wonderful influence.
beanpot Care to share your thoughts on Richard Mann?
brianbrennan Wow i'm happy that Joe mentioned me .. He has size and talent and can make the tuff catch.. Go Bucs go joe and Go Tom Tupa... Richard Mann is the Best!!
beanpot Last words...WAR Barry Gallup. Thanks again for taking the time, Brian. I'm done Art
redright Can a Screaming Eagle make it in the NFL with the Browns? Green? Thanks for signing my kids #86 jersey a few years ago at Foxboro. If you watched Green, how good can he be?
brianbrennan Barry Gallup is the man... Was that u BG (beanpot) .. Its up to Green Many Eagles have played in NFL today and years past
redright Enjoyed y0our career Still remember sone of your catches. Thanks Im done
brianbrennan peace
ArtBtz Ore is the last dawg up tonight! Go
Ore Brian, I apologize for the following question, but I just have to know
Ore Is it true that Bernie once punched Belichick after a game? If he did, just nod your head
ArtBtz LOL!
brianbrennan not sure but Bernie was once a
brianbrennan gold
brianbrennan gloves champ
Ore Well, in that case, I hope he did! lol
ArtBtz LOL... thanks guys. Good questions, all.
Ore Thank you Brian
brianbrennan peace out!
ArtBtz Thanks for coming by Brian!

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