The Unbearable Lightness of Practice

David Carducci reports in with some notes from this morning's abbreviated practice at Training Camp. There was only a light practice as the team prepares for Saturday night's initial pre-season game with the Vikings.

BEREA - A brief practice yielded little new information about which players are moving up and down the depth chart as the team prepares for its first preseason game on Saturday night.

The practice was very light, and was meant to simulate a typical last practice before a game. The Browns didn't appear on the practice field until 9:30 and left an hour later. The team went over some very basic plays and schemes they expect from the Vikings, and did a very limited amount of work with walkthroughs as if the first and second units were going against a scout team.

Tim Couch was at practice, but did not take part in any drills. William Green worked only with the second team offense.

Several players appear to be destined for the sidelines next Saturday night. Davis offered that Tre Johnson probably will not play. Davis also hinted that Earl Holmes and Rickey Dudley may not play. With the game being played on the nasty artificial turf in Minnesota, fans should anticipate seeing these three on the sidelines next Saturday night.

Art Bietz will provide a full report on Wednesday's training camp when and if the FotoPlaceShack is able to process the film from his BTNG Hat-Camera(TM).

(Reporting by David Carducci. Compiled into article by Arthur B. Bietz, who should be blamed for the inept grammar and the overly cute and obscure article title.)

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