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Hello. (knock knock knock) Hello, Mr. Lerner? You there? Hellooooo. (knock knock knock) Anybody home? Anyone? Can you please come out and talk to us? Hello?

Do you hear that?

Of course you don't, because it's the sound of Randy Lerner not assuaging the fans and calming the anxieties over yet another sorry start to a season going nowhere but straight into the gutter.

It's the sound of a billionaire mime pantomiming inside of a steel vault as his bank crumbles all around him.

It's the sound of Lerner with his hand on his own personal mute button, giving the impression, by his silence, that he could care less about his "beloved" Browns.

Would a public statement from Lerner change the course of the season? Of course it wouldn't.

But, in some small way, it would at least give the impression that the ownership cares just as much about its fans being given a winning team as it does about gussying up the official site or ensuring that a family-friendly environment exists at sterile Cleveland Browns Stadium.

(Motto: We Keep F-Bombs and Wins To The Barest Of Minimums)

While it's admirable that Lerner prefers to remain in the background and allow his football personnel to be the face of the franchise, there comes a time when the owner needs to step in front of the podium and address the situation.

Now's that time.

To be fair, though, he does have his hands full making comments and being seen around his newest futbol acquisition. So, it's not as if he's ignoring the paying customers of each of his burgeoning sports empire's entities.

Perhaps he just doesn't have the time for "now's that time", given his intercontinental duties.

Gotta keep at least one fan base happy, right Mr. Lerner?

Obviously, the most intriguing news to come out of head coach Romeo Crennel's press conference yesterday was his response to the question of whether there could be some changes to the coaching staff during the bye week.

His response was somewhat surprising, if only because it comes in the midst of mounting criticism of offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon.

"We're going to evaluate that and we'll see what happens."

We are hearing some rumblings as to what exactly is going on and being discussed behind Berea's Iron Curtain, but, as of now, we will refrain from running with them. However, expect—hopefully—to see something on these pages in the next day or two regarding the hint made by Crennel and what changes/changes of responsibilities they could entail.

As a tease, though, we will offer the following clue as to what we are hearing: a certain member of the coaching staff should not sign anything longer than a three-month lease in the coming weeks.

There are three other issues—at least—on the personnel side that will also be discussed over the course of the bye week, with two of the three involving changes in starters.

The first is one that Crennel hinted at yesterday, with the head coach acknowledging that starting Joe Jurevicius over Dennis Northcutt at one of the wide receiver positions is a possibility.

Another possible change involves the offensive line, with Lennie Friedman replacing Joe Andruzzi at left guard.

The third issue revolves around Brodney Pool and what position is best for him and the team; although, for this season, where he plays will likely depend on the health of those around him.

Once again, stay tuned to these pages in the coming days for more 411.

Just a guess here, but I'm thinking that the agent for Josh Cribbs is chomping at the bit over the potential for a new contract for his client.

Cribbs is not only second in the league in kickoff returns at 28.1, he is tied for the club lead in special teams tackles with nine.

The second-year veteran has put his club into scoring positions several times over the past two games, only to see Charlie Frye & Company shotgun the gift horse in the mouth. Obviously, his play hasn't gone unnoticed by the head coach.

"This guy's a good football player, and he's good for the Browns," Crennel said at his Monday press conference.

I don't keep up on the hip-hop culture like I used to, yo, so don't ask me how I happened to stumble upon a website entitled

Dubbing itself as "The World's Most Dangerous Site!", the website features news and rumors and shizzle from the wonderful world of hip-hop. If it's happening in hip-hop, it's reported on their pages.

At least, that's what my fourteen-year-old daughter informs me.

So, just how does this all relate to the Cleveland Browns?

According to one rumor posted on the site—and I have no idea as to the voracity of what was posted—cornerback Gary Baxter is dating Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams.

I don't know about you, but I will sleep better tonight knowing that, as the season goes down the loo and he battles a second straight injury-plagued campaign in a Browns uniform, Baxter will have the lovely and talented Ms. Williams to fall back on his time of need.

FAST FACT: The Browns, at 1-4, are a bad football team.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I don't even think hope is the right word. We expect to get this thing in the right direction."—safety Brian Russell, proving that sometimes words speak stronger than actions.

QUOTE OF THE DAY, THE SEQUEL: "I love playing football. I'd play 17 straight weeks if I could."—linebacker Andra Davis, before realizing that yet another loss would likely be involved with that extra game.

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