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Word is, a legend could be leaving town. Word is, there may or may not be any information in this story that would be of interest. Word is, somebody bought or sold a house. Word is, the phrase "word is" is like fingernailing a chalkboard while chewing on tin foil. Either way, just click and read.

This morning in the Lake County News Herald, Jeff Schudel throws down the spike strips and attempts to slow down the "Dump Mo Carthon" bandwagon as it careens down the highway.

In the piece, Schudel lays the majority of the blame for the club's offensive struggles at the feet of the offensive line, and offers a couple of suggestions as to how to correct it, both now and in the future.

One suggestion is to replace the struggling Joe Andruzzi with Lennie Friedman, which is actually under consideration in Berea even as we speak.

(Although, as Schudel correctly points out, that'd be like the captain of the Titanic putting Super Glue on the hole in the boat.)

(And speaking of water vessels, Jeff: if the Titanic is a "boat" to you, what the hell kind of yacht do you own? I'm thinking I need to talk to Barry about a raise.)

Andruzzi continues to struggle with the wear and tear of ten years of interior line play wreaking havoc with his body. He's perhaps the gutsiest member of the Cleveland Browns, but his tank is nearing "E".

Schudel goes on to suggest drafting an interior lineman in the second round of next year's draft and signing Bengals guard Eric Steinbach in free agency.

That's all well and good, and would most definitely help the talent level of the line, but I have a couple of questions regarding the suggestions.

Would they help Charlie Frye in his decision-making?

Would they help Frye get rid of the ball quicker?

Help him put his players into better positions to make plays?

Yes, the offensive line needs help in the form of an infusion of talent, but it also needs help from the homegrown, above-criticism quarterback as well.

At the end of the 2006 season, several members of the Browns will be eligible to test the free agent market, including starting safety Brian Russell.

If he continues to play at the level of the first five games of the season, he will hit the open market coming off a solid year and could be in line for a semi-big pay day. However, if it's up to Russell, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

"The only thing that's fair for me to say is that my wife and I really like it here, and we're hoping for the best, because I want to be a Brown," Russell told The Canton Repository.

"There's a whole business aspect of it. I don't know what people upstairs are thinking. I know I want to be here."

The only problem with that, though, is that the Browns are very high on fellow safeties Brodney Pool and Sean Jones. And, not only are they high on the talent of the former second-round picks, they're also high on their salaries.

Pool is slated to make $503,000 next season, while Jones and his soon-to-be-Pro Bowl-level talent is an utter bargain—barring a renegotiation—at a paltry $460,000.

Russell, on the other hand, is coming off a two-year deal that paid him $895,000 in the second season and, at the age of 28, will likely be in line for a multi-million dollar free-agent deal.

The economic realities of the salary cap would seem to dictate that Russell could very well be the odd-man out in the Browns defensive backfield come 2007.

Word is, there are rumors floating around town that Plain Dealer "columnist" "Radio" Roger Brown is out of a job.

Word is, the controversial "columnist" was either fired or accepted a buyout or was forced to accept a buyout instead of being fired.

What a shame. If true, it'd be a great loss to the Cleveland journalistic community.


Browns scout and senior advisor to the general manager Paul Warfield was in Tallahassee on Monday to take in a Florida State practice. From what we've been told, the ex-Browns wide receiver paid particular attention to defensive tackle Andre Fluellen.

Former Browns running back Lee Suggs, cut by the club during the final round of cuts, was released by the Dolphins after rushing for just 26 yards on six carries in five games this season. There is no truth to the rumor that Suggs pulled a hamstring after tripping over the waiver wire.

FAST FACT: It's 9:45 a.m. EST on Wednesday morning and the Browns, at 1-4, are still a bad football team.

SPORTSWRITER LINE OF THE DAY: "I'm one Lawrence Vickers' halfback pass away from spending my Sundays watching Lifetime. Man laws be damned."Tom Reed of the Akron Beacon Journal.

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