Bye Week: Expect Changes

The OBR will be reporting on some of what's happening behind-the-scenes, but first here is Scout's take on what to expect when the Browns take the field again in a week-and-a-half...

Look for the Browns to make some personnel changes when they return from their bye week on Oct. 22.

The most likely change will be at receiver, where Dennis Northcutt has struggled. It seems likely that Joe Jurevicius will move into the starting lineup.

"That's part of the bye-week process," coach Romeo Crennel said. "We'll look at personnel and how they're playing and see if we need to make some changes."

Northcutt has struggled ever since Maurice Carthon was named offensive coordinator. He does not seem comfortable in the offense, and he also is not being used the way he was under Bruce Arians.

Then the Browns used Northcutt in the slot, and ran him on a lot of reverses and end-arounds. Now, he's outside, on one of the top corners, and lost.

His drop against Carolina led to an interception and Panthers touchdown.

Jurevicius is reliable and trustworthy. Nobody on the Browns uses his body better to position himself to make a catch.

It's logical that the Browns move Jurevicius into the starting lineup and use Northcutt as the third receiver, where he can take advantage of matchups that are more in his favor.


  • QB Charlie Frye has thrown nine interceptions in the first five games, but four of them were on balls that were tipped. One was tipped at the line when he was hit, and three others went off the hands of Browns receivers into opposing hands.
  • RB Reuben Droughns does not have the same explosion this season. Droughns injured his shoulder in the second game against Cincinnati, and appears to be favoring the shoulder and running to protect it. The bye week should help him heal.
  • WR Braylon Edwards was nearly invisible after challenging the Carolina corners verbally prior to Sunday's game. Edwards has talent but would be smart to talk after the game as opposed to before.
  • WR Joe Jurevicius did not look happy standing on the sidelines for much of the first half against Carolina. Jurevicius is too dependable to be a situational player. He needs to be on the field with Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow.
  • TE Kellen Winslow remains a bright spot with a team-high 30 catches in five games. Winslow leads the league in catches by a tight end. Baltimore's Todd Heap is a distant second with 22 catches.
  • CB Daven Holly has done a credible job stepping in for the injured Gary Baxter. Holly has not brought back memories of Deion Sanders, but he has not given up the big play, which is vital in the Browns scheme.
  • LB D'Qwell Jackson was credited with 16 tackles in the game in Carolina. Not many were for a loss, though. Jackson, a rookie second-round pick, only had one tackle for a loss.
  • LB Willie McGinest has been playing with a calf injury that does not allow him to run full speed. McGinest will welcome the bye week since it will allow the injury time to heal.
  • KR Joshua Cribbs has been one of the Browns brightest spots this short season. Cribbs is averaging 28.2 yards per return and has three longer than 50 yards. As a rookie, Cribbs just ran. He now is running just as hard, but finding the holes in the return scheme.
  • RB Jerome Harrison has found few opportunities early in the season. Harrison was expected to be the change of pace back to Reuben Droughns, but he has just 10 carries for 26 yards the first five games.

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