Fan View: It Really Stinks...

Jeff Biletnikoff offers his thoughts about the state of Browns fandom as of 10/06...

First, I guess I should analyze the Carolina game.

It stunk.  It was painful to watch.  I hated every second of it.

The only thing that made it palatable were the 2 night games (Sunday and Monday) where the Steelers and Ravens got beat.

Ok, now that's out of the way, let's get to the meat of the article.

How much more can we expect to endure?

When the team returned in '99 I prayed for meaningful games in January.

Now, I'll settle for games that count in October.

As bad as the team is on the field, I get more incensed by the "Twilight Zone" comments I hear coming out of Berea from players and coaches.

Has the ghost of Rod Serling replaced John Collins as President?

Winslow was laughing and joking after the Baltimore loss.  Crennel thought the team is doing everything asked of them after the Carolina loss.

You guys are 1-4.

You stink.

Can you please just admit as much?

I get that they get to go back to the big mansions no matter how the team performs but I would like them to stop insulting our intelligence with comments like that.

Maybe press conferences have just become a waste of time.  You don't get any real information.  All of these coaches and players have a media advisor for their media advisor. 

You only end up with pablum-like comments that tell you nothing at best or talk down to you at worst.

Today's NFL certainly seems different from the one I grew up with.

I'm not old at the age of 38 but I remember when you could count on seeing the same players year after year and those players seemed to care about winning and losing.

It was more like a game than a business back then.

It is what it is.  The genie is out of the bottle.  I know we can't go back but I wish we could move forward.

Since the rebirth we've witnessed Baltimore and Pittsburgh hoist the Lombardi Trophy and seen our Ohio neighbors zoom past the Browns to a division title.

All while we've seen one wildcard berth and lots of seasons where coaches and players tell us that they're getting better all the time.

It really stinks to be a Browns fan.

I couldn't love any other team though.

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