Crennel: Not Many Changes

After a week of reflection, Browns head coach Romeo Crennel met with the media today and vowed to largely stay the course. With no major changes in the offing, Crennel pins the team's hopes on continued improvement in execution and a reduction in turnovers...

With the 4-1 Denver Broncos coming to town on Sunday, the schedule might not be providing exactly what the 1-4 Browns need. Especially for the Browns beleaguered offense.

The Broncos defense has given up only one touchdown to date.

Romeo Crennel confirmed that there will be no changes on the coaching staff and said there will be no changes in the play calling—other than the fact that he will possibly change the plays from time to time.

"I have confidence in my guys and I believe we can get this thing turned around," he said. "I believe I have good coaches and guys on the team and believe we can develop some consistency and be productive."

Crennel said, as he did last week, that he believes most of the Browns problems have been self-inflicted.

"If you look at our games, we keep shooting ourselves in the foot," he said.

"The turnover ratio impacts the whole team. What the defense takes and the offense gives. We're minus nine and I know if we can improve that, we'll win some games. If we can improve in that area, we can improve our chances."

Crennel was asked about Maurice Carthon and his role, and Crennel insists it will be the same.

"There's been a lot of talk about the offensive coordinator," he said. "We're not going to make any changes. We're going to try and emphasize our strong points and push forward. We're going to try to get some things done. We don't think we're that far away, when you look at the Baltimore game.

"We wanted to focus on our strengths and identify them and we've done that," he said. "We found a couple of running plays and pass plays that have been productive and we want to continue with them."

Crennel has repeatedly taken the blame on play calling by saying he takes the blame for calling the plays when they didn't work. However, he did say on Monday, that he would change plays if he didn't like them, seemingly indicating that he hasn't done that very often in the past.

"All of our offensive staff have input into the game plan," he said. "We are going to emphasize that. Some of that is over riding plays and if I think a certain play needs to be called, I'll change it."

"When we come out of the room, we'll all follow the game plan," he said. "If I want to change (the play), I'll change it. If I think I have a good reason for making the call, I'll make it."

Crennel said he talked with players and coaches in making his decision on relative to offensive personnel changes.


Injury Update: Crennel said he is hopeful most of the injured players will be back.

"We should be in pretty good physical shape," Crennel said. "Hopefully, (Gary) Baxter and (Leigh) Bodden will be ready to go.

"Hopefully, (Brian) Russell will be ready to go," he said. "We'll have to see how (Justin) Hamilton is. (Kellen) Winslow and Baxter, hopefully, he can do more and play some this week."

Joe Jurevicius is expected to move into the starting lineup ahead of Dennis Northcutt, who injured his ribs against Carolina.

"If Dennis isn't able to get back, that pushes Jurevicius forward into more playing time," he said. "It might be a pain management situation with Dennis."

Some people think Jurevicius should be the starter ahead of Northcutt, even if Northcutt is healthy.

"We thought at the X position, Dennis should be the starter in the slot," he said. "Trying to figure who is the best to go in the slot, whether it be Braylon Edwards, Joe or Dennis."

Personnel Changes: Other than Jurevicius over Northcutt, the only personnel change Crennel talked about was giving Lennie Friedman a chance to work into the offensive line.

"We looked at Lennie Friedman and we might rotate him in there," Crennel said. "He plays both center and guard and see if he's able to help and relieve some stress on the other guys in the game.

Crennel hinted that Friedman might rotate with either Hank Fraley at center and/or Cosey Coleman or Joe Andruzzi at guard.

"Maybe those guys in front of Friedman might be able to play better if they're given some rest."

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