Officials Discount Stadium Threats

The Browns and law enforcement officials are vigilant, but don't believe threats to NFL games...

Earlier today, the Associated Press reported on threats which have been made on a number of NFL stadiums for this weekend, including Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The threats were reported on what was called an "internet conversation" by the FBI and suggested that radiological "dirty bombs" were going to be used in the attacks.

For those of us who have been on the 'net for years, it's pretty easy for anyone to write any foolish thing on the Internet. The FBI and Homeland Security are, as they put, viewing the threats "with strong skepticism".

Anyhow, here is the link to an Associated Press story on the subject:

This afternoon, the Browns released a brief statement to the media, suggesting that they take any threat seriously but encourage folks to attend the game with the knowledge that they will be safe.

Here is the statement:

"We are aware of the report and have met with the appropriate federal and local authorities. We take the safety of our fans very seriously and will remain vigilant with all of our security procedures. We would like to emphasize that our fans should continue to feel comfortable attending Cleveland Browns Stadium"

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